1860 Census, Page No. 8

Free Inhabitants in the County of Baldwin State of Alabama enumberated by me on the 5th day of June 1860. E E Carpenter Ass't Marshal. Post Office Stockton, Alabama

Family Name Age Sex Color Profession Value of
Real Estate
Value of
Birth Place See note
  Massey McMillian 7 F         Alabama  
49 Thomas Short 55 M   Hotel Keeper 18000 1000 Pennsylvania  
  Catherine Short 23 F         Connectucut  
  Mary Dugin 31 M   Washer and Ironer     Ireland (3)
  Mary Kilkinny 19 F   Chambermaid     Ireland (3)
  Lucy Kilkinny 17 F         Ireland (3)
50 F J McCoy 27 M   Turpentine Gitter 21000 31000 N Carolina  
  F G McCoy 20 F         Alabama  
  Laura McCoy 8/12 F         Alabama  
  Mary C Smith 18 F         N Carolina  
  W E Peete 31 M   Painter     England  
  M F Bosworth 2 M   Painter     Washington D C  
51 C M Headen 41 M   Planter     Massachusettes (3)
  Martha Headen 33 F         Alabama  
  Thomas J Headen 13 M         Alabama  
  C M Headen Jr 11 M         Alabama  
  M A Headen 10 F         Alabama  
  Josephine Headen 7 F         Florida  
  W D Headen 5 M         Alabama  
  Martha E Headen 3 F         Alabama  
  James H Headen 5/12 M         Alabama  
52 Roxy A German 39 F         Alabama  
  Francis E German 7 F         Mississippi  
53 W C Threadgill 38 M   Day Laborer     Alabama  
  M A Threadgill 40 F         N Carolina  
  H Q W Threadgill 14 M         N Carolina  
  A E S Threadgill 12 F         Mississippi  
54 Thomas M Hendrick 29 F   Music Teacher 100 100 England  
  Josephine Hendrick 19 F         New York  
  Netty Hendrick 8 F         Alabama (2)
55 Hiram O McGill 31 M   Butcher 2500 1500 Alabama  
  Matilda McGill 32 F         Alabama  
  Joseph J McGill 3 M         Alabama  
  Hiram T McGill 1 M         Alabama  
  Hiram McGill 65 M   Shepard     Tennessee  
  Geral(d) B McGill 19 M   Butcher   250 Alabama  
  Patrick Nelson 45 M         Ireland  
  Amanda Edmonson 19 F       100 Alabama  
  Amiee Edmonson 17 F         Alabama  
  John Tinger 76 M   Gardner     Prussia  

(1) Married within the year

(2) Attended school within the year

(3) Person over 20 who can not read or write

(4) Deaf, dumb, blind, insane, pauper, convict