Dock Walker


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According to records (census and death) Dock Walker, aka Papa, was born April 12th sometime between 1864 and 1866 in Baldwin County, Alabama. As family history has it Dock had an older sister named Angeline who was at least two to four years older than him and a older half brother named Henry Sledge with whom he shared the same mother with.

Little is known about Dock's upbringing and his family background, on both Dock's and Angeline's death certificate a man named Handy Walker is listed as their father but there is no mother listed but on Henry's death certificate a woman named Harriet Sledge is listed as his mother. Could this be the names of Dock's parents Handy Walker and Harriet Sledge? Well I don't know. The information on death certificates are not facts; they are whatever the informant knows or thinks they know to be right but I will get back to this later.

Dock Walker married his first wife Lillie Ranzy or Ramsey on February 16th 1889 in Baldwin County, Alabama. They had eight children: Emile, James , Duffie, Cleo, Emma, Joseph, Harriet and Wilson. Lillie fell ill shortly after giving birth to Wilson and died on December 25th 1909 in Mobile, Alabama.

Dock remarried Ms. Anita Rosie Carter and added six more children to the Walker clan: Celia, Caroline, Percy, Ethel, Dock Jr. and Leon. Not only was Dock a family man, but a businessman as well. Dock owned a large amount of land in Bromley, AL which housed farmland, different types of fruit trees, cotton, along with a small general store ran by Aunt Rena (wife of James Walker) and a small school house wich some of his children and grandchildren attended. Sadly today the Walker family property in Bromley, AL is no longer owned by the Walker family.

I heard Dock Walker was a little man in size but a big man at heart who was a hard working, God fearing, family oriented businessman that didn't take any mess. On March 22nd 1953 Dock Walker passed away in Baldwin County, Alabama leaving behind his wife Rosie, his children and a host of grandchildren. Today not only does Dock Walker's surname live on but his legacy does too.

Dock's headstone can be viewed along with his first wife Lily, sons James andDuffie and sister Angelin in a small cemetery off of Hooks Road in Bromley, AL.


Headstone for Angeline Carter

Headstone for Dock Walker

Headstone for Duffie Walker

Headstone for James Walker

Headstone for Lillie Walker