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World War II (1939-1945) (US Entry - 1941-1945) (aka: WWII or WW2), was a military conflict on a global scale. It involved most of the world's nations and all the great powers of that era. Eventually 2 military alliances were formed, the Allies and the Axis (see table below), which would oppose one another. More than 100 million military person were mobilised making this the most widespread war in history. Germany and Slovakia's invasion into Poland on 1 September 1939 seems to be the generally accepted catalyst for the start of the war. This led to France declaring war on Germany which was soon followed by countries of the British Empire and Commonwealth.

Due to Germany's early successful military campaigns and political treaties, between 1939-early 1941 they had conquered or subdued most of continental Europe, leaving only the Soviet Union, Britain, and the Commonwealth able to continue the fight. In June 1941, the European Axis invaded the Soviet Uniion, starting the largest land theatre of war in history.

In December 1941, Japan, fresh from their attacks and successes in China, attacked the United States and European possessions in the Pacific. This marked the inclusion of the United State into the war and on the side of the Allies. Up to this point the United States was struggling with political pressures for Neutrality and / or Isolationsim. After defeating Japan in a series of navel battles, compounded by devastating defeats of European Axis troops in North Africa and at Stalingrad, by 1942 the tides were turning. In 1943, another series of German defeats in Eastern Europe, the Allied invasion of Fascist Italy, and American victories in the Pacific, resulted in the Axis loss of strategic initiatives and need to execute strategic retreat on all fronts. In 1944, the Western Allies invaded France, whereas the Soviet Union regained all territorial losses and invaded the territory of Germany and its allies. On 8 May 1945, the war in Europe ended with the capture of Berlin by Soviet troops. This resulted in Germany's unconditional surrender. By that time, the Japanese Navy was defeated by the United States, and invasion of the Japanese Archipelago ("Home Islands") became imminent. By 1945, the Allies were victorius over both Germany and Japan.

 To the men and women who served and to their families we honor in the best way we can - by remembering.

The US Department of Defence and other sources provides the following US statistics:

abt 16,113,000 Soldiers deployed over the course of the conflict


    • Some in Combat 
    • Some at Home 
    • All Heros 
  • abt 290,000 Battle Dead 
  • abt 114,000 Non-battle deaths 
  • abt 670,000 Wounded (not mortal) 

[Source: Wikipedia - World War II]

Allies (partial list) Axis (partial list Comments

United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, China, France, Yugoslavia, Belguim, Poland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Netherlands, Greece, Norway

Germany, Japan, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Bulgaria, Thailand, Iraq Not all participated at the same time. China and Japan were in fact at war as early as 1939; United States and Soviet Union did not enter war until 1941

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