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This may not be a complete listing of the Cemeteries of Bibb County.
Source: GNIS
Note: Please be aware that many of these transcriptions are only Partial complete.
 Many of these cemetery transcriptions are presented here with the permission of Becky Madruga (Thanks!)





Antioch Cemetery 325650N 0865950W Randolph
Ada Chapel Cemetery
aka George Stewart
Unknown Unknown  Unknown
Acker Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ashby Cemetery 330058N 0865515W Aldrich
Avery Cemetery 325655N 0871615W Pondville
Banks Cemetery 330906N 0871149W Woodstock
Belchers Cemetery 330634N 0871156W West Blocton West
Bethel Cemetery 325337N 0871243W Centreville West
Bibbville Cemetery 331129N 0871042W Woodstock
Boyd Cemetery 330317N 0871705W Pearson
Boyd Cemetery 330352N 0871737W Pearson
Brent Cemetery 325606N 0870951W Centreville West
Brierfield Cemetery 330313N 0865438W Aldrich
Burns Cemetery 330515N 0871616W Pearson
Caffee Cemetery 330952N 0870915W Woodstock
Cahaba Valley Cemetery 330312N 0865814W Aldrich
Camp Branch Cemetery 331225N 0870408W Halfmile Shoals
Carlton Hill Cemetery 330313N 0865638W Aldrich
Cedar Grove Cemetery 330436N 0871518W Pearson
Centreville Memorial Cemetery 325631N 0870839W Centreville West
Clements Cemetery
aka Mt. Moriah
330810N 0871136W Woodstock
Community Cemetery 330322N 0865603W Aldrich
Cottingham Cemetery 330115N 0870344W West Blocton East
Cox Chapel Cemetery 325115N 0865302W Maplesville West
Crockett McKinney Cemetery 325851N 0870629W Centreville East
Daniel Cemetery 330632N 0870914W West Blocton West
Duff Cemetery 325435N 0871344W Centreville West
Ebenezer Cemetery 330057N 0865423W Aldrich
Elam Cemetery 325458N 0871502W Pondville
Enon Cemetery 325920N 0870441W Centreville East
Friday Cemetery 330304N 0871055W West Blocton West
Friendship Cemetery 325640N 0871757W Pondville
George Stewart Cemetery
aka Ada Chapel
330418N 0871458W West Blocton West
Griffin Cemetery 325058N 0865810W Maplesville West
Green #1 Family Cemetery - - Greenpond Cutoff
Greenpond Cemetery      
Haysop Cemetery 330138N 0871443W West Blocton West
Hebron Cemetery 330955N 0870425W Halfmile Shoals
Hickman Cemetery      
Hickory Hill Cemetery 330757N 0870747W Woodstock
Hillcrest Cemetery 330747N 0870742W Woodstock
Hopewell Cemetery 325602N 0871253W Centreville West
Hubbard Cemetery 330239N 0871633W Pearson
Hubbard Springs Cemetery 330137N 0871852W Pearson
Italian Catholic Cemetery 330646N 0870648W West Blocton East
James Cemetery 325542N 0871210W Centreville West
Johnstown Cemetery 330652N 0871304W West Blocton West
Kinard Cemetery 330649N 0870938W West Blocton West
Liberty Cemetery 325102N 0870158W Oakmulgee
Little Cemetery 330709N 0871040W West Blocton West
Little Hope Cemetery 330027N 0871701W Pearson
Mathis Cemetery 325420N 0871523W Pondville
McCulley Cemetery 330451N 0870736W West Blocton West
McKensey Cemetery 331021N 0870214W Halfmile Shoals
Moffat Cemetery 330312N 0871100W West Blocton West
Moore Cemetery 330135N 0865646W Aldrich
Mount Carmel Cemetery 330752N 0870749W Woodstock
Mount Gilead Cemetery 325045N 0871020W Harrisburg
Mount Moriah Cemetery
aka Clements Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery 325418N 0870707W Centreville East
Mulberry Cemetery 325425N 0872210W Pondville
Murphy Family Cemetery      
New Prospect Cemetery 325952N 0865342W Randolph
Perkins Cemetery 325210N 0871430W Harrisburg
Pineland Memorial Park 325632N 0870521W Centreville East
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 325928N 0871200W Centreville West
Pondville Cemetery 325429N 0871843W Pondville
Randolph Cemetery 325357N 0865426W Randolph
Ray Cemetery - - Woodstock
Rehobeth Cemetery 325208N 0865750W Maplesville West
Sandy Cemetery 325506N 0870636W Centreville East
Sandy Chapel Cemetery 325629N 0870446W Centreville East
Schultz Creek Cemetery 330225N 0870723W West Blocton East
Scottsville Cemetery 330207N 0871208W West Blocton West
Scottsville Cemetery 330239N 0871316W West Blocton West
Shady Grove Cemetery 331314N 0870152W Halfmile Shoals
Shady Grove Cemetery 325641N 0865509W Randolph
Shiney Rock Cemetery 330645N 0870643W West Blocton East
Six Mile Cemetery 330025N 0865958W Aldrich
Six Mile Presbyterian Cemetery 330041N 0870017W West Blocton East
Stewart Cemetery 330648N 0870941W West Blocton West
Tabernacle Cemetery 325128N 0870008W Oakmulgee
Thompson Cemetery 330028N 0870027W West Blocton East
Thrasher Cemetery 331026N 0870937W Woodstock
Union Cemetery 325742N 0872514W Payne Lake
Union Cemetery 325747N 0872229W Pondville
Vernon Cemetery 330304N 0871134W West Blocton West
Weldon Cemetery 325624N 0871259W Centreville West
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 330024N 0870212W West Blocton East
Williams Cemetery 330513N 0871430W West Blocton West





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