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Elba, Jan. 22. Mrs. Hector Blue died yesterday and the body was taken this morning to Inverness, Bullock county, for burial in the family burying ground near that place. Mrs. Blue was 74 years of age and had been in feeble health for some time. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church. Her husband, H. Blue, and daughter, Miss Minnie, survive her.  Source: Montgomery Advertiser (Montgomery, AL) Sunday, 23 Jan. 1910; transcribed by FoFG mz



Capt. John S. Burch, a gallant old Confederate veteran died at Columbia, Ala., December 16th at the ripe old age of 77 year.  He was a captain of the Thirty-fourth Alabama regiment Company I. He fought four years in the civil war and received one wound  through  the right shoulder.  After the war he engaged in extensive farming in Russell county, Ala. for several years. He was then elected sheriff of Russell county, which he served eight years, after which he moved to Bullock county where he still engaged in farming. About seven years ago he retired from farming and visited his children.

He is survived by his wife and ten children, six daughters and four sons. His sons are T G. Burch, of Hurtsboro, Ala.; B. W. Burch, of Midway, Ala.; B. F, and Jno. C. Burch, of Montgomery, Ala. His daughters are Mrs. A. E. Brooks, of Macon, Ga.; Mrs. S. R. O'Neal, of Pensacola, Fla,; Mrs. C. S. Mayes, of Columbia, Ala.; Mrs. A. C. Morton,or Midway, Ala.;  Mrs. Jula Bath, and Mrs. Maggie Detwilder, of Montgomery, Ala. He also has five grandsons and one granddaughter In Macon, Messrs. J. B., J. S. W. C. and T. B. Brooks, and Miss Maggie Brooks.

The funeral took place at the family burial grounds at Sealy, Ala,, yesterday at 10 o'clock from his former home, "None knew him but to love, none knew him but to praise." Source: Date: 1909-12-19; Paper: Macon Telegraph; Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer.

Union Springs, Ala., Jan. 21 - (Special) - D. A. Cameron, aged Confederate Veteran, died at his home at Bethel near here this morning. (Source: Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, Ala, January 22, 1929 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney)

At Union Springs on last Friday about noon, Carrie Christian, colored was found dead in the field of Mr. F. C. Hall.   Vernon Courier, Lamar County AL, October 22, 1891 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

COWAN, Mrs. J. G.

AGED WOMAN DIES IN UNION SPRINGS - Funeral Services Will Be Held Wednesday Afternoon for Mrs. J. G. COWAN - News has been received here of the death of Mrs. J. G. Cowan, widow of the late Major James G. Cowan, at the home of her niece, Mrs. Eva Haynes, in Union Springs  yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

             Major and Mrs. Cowan made their home in Montgomery for many years until the death of Maj. Cowan several years ago, when she moved to her old home in Union Springs.  During their residence in Montgomery, Major and Mrs. Cowan made many friends who will be grieved to learn of her death.  They took a leading part in the activities of the First Presbyterian Church of this city, of which they were for many years consistent and faithful members.

            Mrs. Cowan was 81 years of age and the larger part of her life was spent in Montgomery.  Besides her niece, Mrs. Haynes, with whom she made her home for the past few years, she is survived by several other nieces and nephews.  The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the First Presbyterian Church in Union Springs and internement will be in Union Springs. - (Source: Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, Ala.  March 14, 1929 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney)


MR. ROBERT EVANS, a good citizen of this county, who lives near the Montgomery line, met his death in a very singular manner of Wednesday of last week.  he had been employed in hauling seed cotton and was returning with an empty wagon, when his team suddenly took fright, throwing him forward over the end of the wagon, the projecting handle, used in raising the front gate of the wagon, striking him in the abdomen, while his hands barely touched the double-tree below.  Unable to extricate himself, he hung helpless in this position until the now thoroughly frightened mules had run some distance.  A negro man, who assisted in hauling, finally succeeded in stopping the team and releasing Mr. EVANS from his painful position.  Mr. E. was severally injured internally and he died the next day.  He was a useful and consistent member of the M. E. Church and leaves a wife and five small children to mourn his loss. - [Union Springs Pantagraph]   Vernon Clipper, Lamar County AL, October 3, 1879 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney


Dr. William S. Harris died at Union Springs.  He was a physician in high standing.

Marion County News, Marion County AL, May 20, 1897 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney


ANOTHER FRATRICIDE. - At Union Springs, Alabama, a few days ago, Augustus Paulk, after breakfasting with his brother, Thomas A. Paulk, at the residence of their mother, left the house, and returning shortly afterward with a double-barreled gun, and entering a room in which Thos. was quietly conversing with another brother, said, `You have threatened to kill me; I will kill you first,' and, leveling his piece, fired, killing the former instantly. The murderer and his wife then fled and effected his escape. The two brothers had previously quarreled. It is stated that no less than three out of six brothers have come to an untimely end.   [Douglas Monthly, Rochester, N.Y., May 1861 - Contributed by a Friend of Free Genealogy]


Henry Robinson, the negro murderer who cruelly murdered an old negro man named Adam Owen, in Bullock county last June was hanged at Union Springs, Ala on 4th Inst.  Robinson was given a fair and impartial trial before twelve of his countrymen as jurors, and they returned a verdict of guilty and fixed the penalty of death by handing. the sentence set apart the 7th Oct as the day for the execution but the Gov. granted a respite of thirty days. Robinson met his fate cool and undaunted, protesting to the last moment that the killing was wholly accidental. (Marion Herald, Marion County, AL, Nov 17, 1887 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney)


BOILED IN MOLASSES - Union Springs, Dec. 14 Handy Walters and his 19-year old son were last night engaged at their home hear here in boiling cane syrup in a huge old-fashioned molasses kettle. The boy was leaving over the kettle to sniff the aroma, which grew more and more welcome as the cane juice thickened into molasses, when suddenly his balance was lost and he tumbled heard foremost into the boiling liquid.  He was taken literally preserved to death, and though alive, he soon breathed his last in great agony.   Vernon Courier, Lamar County AL, December 19, 1889 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

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