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This may not be a complete listing of the Churches of Butler County.
Source: GNIS
Name Latitude Longitude Map
Allen Chapel 315300N 0863729W Fort Deposit
Antioch Church 315643N 0864222W Fort Dale
Antioch East Church 315258N 0863500W Fort Deposit
Antioch West Church 314404N 0864438W Georgiana East
Beaver Creek Church 314833N 0864240W Greenville West
Belmont Number 1 Church 313313N 0865016W Garland
Belmont Number 2 Church 313423N 0865037W Garland
Bethel Church 313457N 0863711W Industry
Bethel Church 313816N 0864156W Georgiana East
Bethel Methodist Church 315703N 0862758W Danielsville
Bethlehem Church 314535N 0862712W Honoraville
Bible Church 314733N 0862750W Honoraville
Boiling Church 314324N 0864215W Georgiana East
Bragg Hill Church 315414N 0864719W Ridgeville
Brushy Creek Church 314005N 0864013W Georgiana East
Buckaloo Church 314901N 0864524W Forest Home
Burning Bush Revival Center 313152N 0864229W McKenzie
Butler Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 314926N 0863729W Greenville East
Butler Springs Baptist Church 314805N 0865149W Forest Home
Calvary Church 313902N 0864523W Georgiana West
Central Church 314625N 0863355W Greenville East
Chapman Church 313940N 0864148W Georgiana East
Christian Light Church 313708N 0863528W Industry
Church of Christ (historical) 314704N 0862648W Honoraville
Church of the Living God 313232N 0864334W McKenzie
Cobb City Church 314817N 0863822W Greenville West
Consolation Primitive Baptist Church 313410N 0863300W Industry
County Line Church 314641N 0862649W Honoraville
Damascus Baptist Church 314719N 0862932W Honoraville
Damascus Church 315604N 0863806W Fort Dale
East Chapman Church 313957N 0864149W Georgiana East
East Greenville Baptist Church 314959N 0863635W Greenville East
Ebenezer East Church 314744N 0863536W Greenville East
Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church 314039N 0864524W Georgiana West
Elam Church 314558N 0864041W Greenville West
Elizabeth Church 313318N 0864251W McKenzie
First Baptist Church 313813N 0864441W Georgiana East
First Christian Church 314944N 0863714W Greenville East
First Presbyterian Church 314949N 0863718W Greenville East
First United Methodist Church 313809N 0864434W Georgiana East
Forest Home Church 315115N 0865023W Forest Home
Friendship Church 313920N 0863703W Pigeon Creek
Friendship Church 314315N 0864147W Georgiana East
Friendship Church 314703N 0862851W Honoraville
Garland Church 313340N 0864918W Garland
Georgiana Church of Christ 313822N 0864433W Georgiana East
Giddens Church 315104N 0864040W Greenville West
Gravel Hill Baptist Church 314702N 0863739W Greenville West
Green-Moore Church 314039N 0863830W Georgiana East
Herbert Temple Church 315346N 0864928W Ridgeville
Hickory Grove Church 313946N 0864340W Georgiana East
Hickory Street Church of Street 314910N 0863712W Greenville East
Holy Tabernacle Church 315049N 0862732W Honoraville
Hopewell Church 314112N 0863817W Georgiana East
Hopewell Church 315605N 0863649W Fort Deposit
House of Prayer 315146N 0864206W Greenville West
Indian Hill Church 315446N 0863251W Fort Deposit
Industry Church 313613N 0863628W Industry
Jerusalem Church 315326N 0864921W Ridgeville
Kenzie Chapel 314050N 0864322W Georgiana East
Kokomo Church 313552N 0864456W McKenzie
Liberty Church 314927N 0864219W Greenville West
Liberty Methodist Church 314900N 0864049W Greenville West
Long Church 313727N 0864935W Garland
Long Creek Temple 313645N 0864922W Garland
Macedonia Church 313416N 0863722W Industry
Macedonia Church 314121N 0863017W Pigeon Creek
Midway Church 314853N 0862750W Honoraville
Monterey Church 315406N 0865249W Pine Apple North
Moriah Primitive Baptist Church 315654N 0863505W Fort Deposit
Morrow Church 313937N 0864703W Georgiana West
Mount Carmel Church 314412N 0863157W Pigeon Creek
Mount Ida Church 314648N 0863807W Greenville West
Mount Moriah Baptist Church 315508N 0865430W Pine Apple North
Mount Moriah Church 313535N 0863300W Industry
Mount Olive Church 315338N 0864541W Ridgeville
Mount Olive East Church 314205N 0863550W Pigeon Creek
Mount Olive Methodist Church 314953N 0863301W Greenville East
Mount Olive West Baptist Church 313643N 0865252W Lyeffion
Mount Pisgah Church 314314N 0865138W Georgiana West
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church 313844N 0863558W Pigeon Creek
Mount Pleasant Church 314039N 0864315W Georgiana East
Mount Ross Church 313907N 0865238W Bethel
Mount Zion Church 314650N 0863217W Greenville East
Mount Zion Methodist Protestant Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church 314934N 0863101W Greenville East
New Bethel Christian Church 314811N 0863406W Greenville East
New Hill Church 314954N 0865336W Pine Apple South
New Home Church 313629N 0864348W McKenzie
New Hope Church 315234N 0863404W Fort Deposit
New Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church 313240N 0864253W McKenzie
New Oaky Bower Church 315514N 0862901W Danielsville
New Prospect Church 314048N 0863502W Pigeon Creek
Oak Bowery Primitive Baptist Church 315515N 0862941W Danielsville
Oak Grove Church 313735N 0864207W Georgiana East
Oak Grove Church 315400N 0863859W Fort Dale
Oak Valley Church 315626N 0865127W Ridgeville
Oaky Streak Methodist Church 313309N 0863214W Industry
Oglesby Church of Christ 314916N 0863729W Greenville East
Olive Branch Church 313608N 0863914W McKenzie
Perkins Chapel Church 315312N 0865115W Ridgeville
Pilgrims Rest Church 315137N 0863830W Greenville West
Pine Flat Church 314922N 0865152W Forest Home
Pine Flat Methodist Church 315021N 0865325W Pine Apple South
Pine Level Church 314117N 0865338W Bethel
Pine Level Church 314939N 0864155W Greenville West
Pine Top Church 315305N 0864112W Fort Dale
Pleasant Hill Church 313938N 0865412W Bethel
Pleasant Hill Church 315518N 0865428W Pine Apple North
Pleasant Home Church 313246N 0864804W Garland
Pleasant Home Church of Christ 315018N 0864319W Greenville West
Poplar Springs Church 315241N 0864256W Fort Dale
Providence Church 314323N 0864924W Georgiana West
Providence Church of Christ 315327N 0862905W Danielsville
Rhodes Chapel 314608N 0864339W Greenville West
Ridgeville Church 315531N 0865025W Ridgeville
Rock Rest Church 315210N 0864935W Forest Home
Rocky Mountain Church 314912N 0864923W Forest Home
Saint Elizabeths Roman Catholic Church 314946N 0863712W Greenville East
Saint Francis Church 314509N 0863146W Greenville East
Saint John Church 313408N 0865017W Garland
Saint Luke Church 313604N 0863002W Industry
Saint Paul Baptist Church 314941N 0863738W Greenville West
Saint Paul Methodist Church 314830N 0863334W Greenville East
Saint Thomas Episcopal Church 314941N 0863728W Greenville East
Salem Church 314921N 0864523W Forest Home
Sand Cut Church (historical) 314605N 0864340W Greenville West
Sardis Baptist Church 314050N 0863025W Pigeon Creek
Shacklesville Church 314643N 0864855W Forest Home
Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church 315236N 0864243W Fort Dale
Simpsons Chapel 314811N 0863915W Greenville West
Southside Baptist Church 314937N 0863749W Greenville West
Spring Creek Missionary Baptist Church 315512N 0862700W Danielsville
Spring Hill Church 313852N 0865224W Georgiana West
Spring Hill Church 314406N 0863448W Pigeon Creek
Spring Hill Methodist Church 315349N 0863237W Fort Deposit
Starlington Church 314025N 0864920W Georgiana West
The Church of the Lord Jesus 313814N 0863542W Pigeon Creek
The Independent Holiness Church 314914N 0864618W Forest Home
Union Church 313827N 0864151W Georgiana East
Union Church 315302N 0862923W Danielsville
Wald Church 314518N 0863946W Greenville West
Welcome Church 313327N 0863911W McKenzie
Wesley Chapel Methodist Church 313644N 0863803W McKenzie
Zion Church 315053N 0864516W Forest Home
Zion Rest Church 315207N 0865045W Forest Home




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