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Calhoun County Cemeteries

Source: GNIS
Submitted by: C Anthony
Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude City Intermets Details Photos
Alexander Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Alexandria Cemetery 334622N 0855257W
Anniston Cemetery 334357N 0855250W
Antioch Cemetery 333619N 0855845W
Bain Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Bethel Cemetery 334657N 0855147W
Bethlehem Cemetery 333449N 0854611W
Bishop Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Boozer Cemetery 335214N 0854444W
Broughton Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Buckalew Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Cane Creek Cemetery    
Carpenter Cemetery 335026N 0854615W
Cemetery Hill 334407N 0854638W
Coker Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Coldwater Cemetery 333517N 0855513W
Community Cemetery 335207N 0854355W
Congregational Methodist Cemetery    
Creswell Cemetery 334005N 0860244W
Crooks Cemetery 334701N 0855600W
Crow Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Crow Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Crystal Springs Cemetery 335124N 0855433W
Cunningham-Pyles Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Davistown Cemetery 333858N 0853949W
Dickinson Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Driskell Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Dudley Snow Cemetery    
Duke Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Edgemont Cemetery 334126N 0854943W
Fort McClellan Military Cemetery 3373010 08578230

Fort McClellan Cemetery (Civilian Burials)

Forestlawn Gardens Cemetery 333803N 0854719W
Fourmile Cemetery 334535N 0854629W
German - Italian Memorial Cemetery 3371780 08581030
Gladden Cemetery 334601N 0855444W
Green Cemetery 334124N 0860435W
Green Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Green Cemetery 335207N 0854355W
Greenlawn Cemetery 334931N 0854620W
Halls Chapel Cemetery 334459N 0855050W
Hampton Cemetery 334454N 0855544W
Hanks Cemetery 335445N 0853435W
Hanna Cemetery 334138N 0854008W
Hebron Cemetery 335020N 0855629W
Highland Cemetery 333927N 0854855W
Highland Cemetery 335559N 0853655W
Hillcrest Cemetery 334918N 0854621W
Hillside Cemetery 333927N 0854903W
Hudson Cemetery 334318N 0853937W
Iron City Cemetery 334017N 0854001W
Jacksonville Cemetery 334822N 0854533W
Johnston Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Ladiga Cemetery 335624N 0853429W
Landers Cemetery 335543N 0854914W
Lead Mines Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Littlejohn Cemetery 335539N 0854234W
Lloyds Chapel Baptist Cemetery 334130N 0855259W
McCain Cemetery 335117N 0854444W
Memorial Garden Cemetery 335524N 0853538W
Middleton Cemetery 334612N 0855901W
Moore Cemetery 335039N 0854833W
Morrisville Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Mount Zion Cemetery 334528N 0855333W
Munger Cemetery 335030N 0854708W
Nances Creek Cemetery 335102N 0854023W
New Bethel Cemetery 334114N 0855746W
New Mount Sellers Cemetery 334436N 0855505W
New Prospect Cemetery 333924N 0854201W
Newton Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Oconee Cemetery 333655N 0854743W
Ohatchee Cemetery 334802N 0860014W
Ohatchee Number 2 Cemetery 335358N 0854750W
Oxford Memorial Gardens Cemetery 333703N 0855032W
Prisoner of War Cemetery 334304N 0854837W
Ragan Chapel Cemetery 334504N 0860246W
Robinson-Dickson Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Rolands Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Seven Springs Cemetery 335053N 0855127W
Ten Island Cemetery 334800N 0860214W
Thomas Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Tredagar-Boozer Cemetery 334952N 0854756W
Union Grove Cemetery 333746N 0854657W
Wellborn Cemetery 335210N 0854420W
Westview Gardens Cemetery 334042N 0855213W
Whites Gap Cemetery 334645N 0854420W
Williamson-Little Cemetery 334507N 0854118W
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