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Calhoun County, Alabama

See Also: Anniston Churches from "History of Anniston" by Edward Oldham - 1888
This may not be a complete listing.
Source: GNIS
Name Latitude Longitude Map
Alexandria Baptist Church 334621N 0855308W Wellington
Alexandria Church of God 334610N 0855605W Wellington
Alexandria United Methodist Church 334608N 0855258W Wellington
All Saints Catholic Church 333948N 0855041W Anniston
Allen Chapel Methodist Church 333743N 0854423W Choccolocco
Alliance Church 334011N 0854928W Anniston
Angel Grove Baptist Church 335034N 0855051W Jacksonville
Antioch African Methodist Episcopal Church 334103N 0854232W Choccolocco
Antioch Baptist Church 333627N 0855850W Munford
Asberry Baptist Church 335316N 0854435W Piedmont NW
Asberry Methodist Church (historical) 335315N 0854434W Piedmont NW
Bailey Springs Church 334243N 0860441W Francis Mill
Bethany Baptist Church 334003N 0853940W Choccolocco
Bethel Baptist Church 334656N 0855150W Jacksonville
Bethel Church 335500N 0853328W Piedmont
Bethel Methodist Church 335144N 0855900W Wellington
Bethel Missionary Baptist Church 333918N 0855057W Anniston
Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church 333450N 0854608W Oxford
Bettaview Congregational Church 333541N 0855256W Munford
Bettaview Hills Church 333535N 0855251W Munford
Bible Baptist Church 333655N 0854827W Oxford
Bible Methodist Church 333907N 0855018W Anniston
Bishop Winston Church of Christ 333949N 0855029W Anniston
Blue Mountain Baptist Church 334117N 0855012W Anniston
Blue Spring Baptist Church 333550N 0855029W Oxford
Boiling Springs Methodist Church (historical) 333656N 0854747W Oxford
Boiling Springs Missionary Baptist Church 334408N 0860231W Francis Mill
Bonnie Brook Baptist Church 334624N 0854558W Jacksonville
Bynum Baptist Church 333649N 0855755W Munford
Bynum Methodist Church 333652N 0855804W Munford
Calvary Baptist Church 333653N 0855000W Oxford
Calvary Temple 333744N 0854818W Anniston
Calvary Temple United Pentecostal Church 334031N 0854957W Anniston
Carpenter Memorial Methodist Church 333826N 0854938W Anniston
Cedar Springs Missionary Baptist Church 334901N 0854919W Jacksonville
Central Church of Christ 333953N 0854948W Anniston
Choccolocco Primitive Baptist Church 334137N 0854943W Anniston
Christian Fellowship Center 333828N 0855206W Anniston
Church of Christ 333832N 0854932W Anniston
Church of Christ 334832N 0854619W Jacksonville
Church of Christ 335517N 0853644W Piedmont
Church of God 333923N 0855213W Anniston
Church of God 334859N 0854615W Jacksonville
Church of God 335519N 0853615W Piedmont
Church of God 333552N 0855045W Oxford
Church of God 333718N 0854420W Hollis Crossroads
Church of God of Prophecy 333834N 0855219W Anniston
Church of Saint Michael and All Angels 334000N 0855037W Anniston
Church of the Cross 333748N 0854811W Anniston
Church of the Good Shepherd 333838N 0854640W Anniston
Cochrane Springs Missionary Baptist Church 335020N 0860107W Ohatchee
Coldwater Baptist Church 333518N 0855515W Munford
Coldwater United Methodist Church 333537N 0855524W Munford
Colvin Street Church of Christ 333843N 0855216W Anniston
Community Congregational Holiness Church 335208N 0854353W Jacksonville East
Covenant Presbyterian Church 334329N 0854912W Anniston
Craig Memorial United Methodist Church 333605N 0860115W Eastaboga
Dailey Street Baptist Church 335523N 0853628W Piedmont
Davisville Methodist Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
DeArmanville First Baptist Church 333717N 0854459W Hollis Crossroads
DeArmanville United Methodist Church 333733N 0854504W Anniston
Dodson Memorial Presbyterian Church 333644N 0855008W Oxford
Duke Missionary Baptist Church 335112N 0855407W Wellington
Eastaboga Baptist Church 333613N 0860113W Eastaboga
Ebenezer Baptist Church 334749N 0855806W Wellington
Edgewood Congregational Methodist Church 334125N 0855003W Anniston
Emmanuel Baptist Church 333837N 0855127W Anniston
Emmanuel Holiness Church 334931N 0854639W Jacksonville
Emmanuel Holiness Church 334021N 0854957W Anniston
Eulaton Baptist Church 333839N 0855509W Eulaton
Eulaton United Methodist Church 333844N 0855444W Eulaton
Fairview Church 333530N 0855335W Munford
Fairview Freewill Baptist Church 333909N 0855206W Anniston
Fairview Heights Baptist Church 334140N 0854932W Anniston
Fairview Missionary Baptist Church 335157N 0855301W Wellington
Faith Assembly Lighthouse Church 334354N 0860439W Francis Mill
Faith Childrens Home Mission 333518N 0855222W Oxford
First Baptist Church 333950N 0854954W Anniston
First Baptist Church 334928N 0854533W Jacksonville
First Baptist Church 335524N 0853650W Piedmont
First Baptist Church of Oxford 333659N 0855002W Oxford
First Calvary Baptist Church 334057N 0854955W Anniston
First Christian Church 334004N 0854954W Anniston
First Church of the Nazarene 334240N 0855037W Anniston
First Congregational Methodist Church 333837N 0855138W Anniston
First Missionary Baptist Church 333927N 0855042W Anniston
First Presbyterian Church 334850N 0854536W Jacksonville West
First Presbyterian Church 333925N 0854828W Anniston
First Presbyterian Church 335528N 0853638W Piedmont
First United Methodist Church 334856N 0854544W Jacksonville West
First United Methodist Church 333945N 0854948W Anniston
First United Methodist Church 335532N 0853648W Piedmont
First United Methodist Church of Saks 334220N 0855010W Anniston
First United Pentecostal Church 333949N 0855018W Anniston
Fortyninth Street Baptist Church 334234N 0855056W Anniston
Four Square Church 333826N 0855251W Eulaton
Fourmile United Methodist Church 334535N 0854629W Jacksonville West
Friendship Baptist Church 333943N 0855044W Anniston
Friendship Church 334518N 0854134W Jacksonville East
Friendship Congregational Methodist Church 334135N 0855013W Anniston
Gaines Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church 333849N 0854923W Anniston
Gladeview Baptist Church 334314N 0855002W Anniston
Glenaddie Baptist Church 333857N 0855002W Anniston
Golden Springs Baptist Church 333835N 0854637W Anniston
Grace Baptist Church 333541N 0854856W Oxford
Grace Church 333612N 0854947W Oxford
Grace Episcopal Church 333927N 0854931W Anniston
Grace Lutheran Church 333949N 0855053W Anniston
Hall Chapel Congregational Holiness Church 334502N 0855048W JacksonvilleWest
Harmony Baptist Church 333901N 0854301W Choccolocco
Hatcher Avenue Baptist Church 334752N 0854533W Jacksonville West
Haven United Methodist Church 333949N 0855046W Anniston
Hebron Baptist Church 335014N 0855620W Wellington
Hill Crest Baptist Church 334022N 0855003W Anniston
Holiness Temple of Alexandria 334548N 0855051W Jacksonville West
Holley Crossroads Missionary Baptist Church 334808N 0854107W Jacksonville East
Holly Springs Baptist Church 333907N 0854508W Anniston
Holy Apostolic Faith Church 333817N 0854920W Anniston
Hopewell Church 334909N 0855333W Wellington
House of God Saints in Christ Church 334008N 0855046W Anniston
Howard Memorial Tabernacle (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hunter Street Baptist Church 333841N 0855156W Anniston
Indian Oaks Christian Church 334302N 0855124W Anniston
Iron City Baptist Church 334002N 0854002W Choccolocco
Iron City United Methodist Church 334005N 0853958W Choccolocco
Jacksonville Baptist Temple 334857N 0854534W Jacksonville West
Jacksonville Congregational Holiness Church 334525N 0854831W Jacksonville West
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses 334945N 0854636W Jacksonville West
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses 334105N 0855001W Anniston
Knightens Chapel 335639N 0854204W Piedmont NW
Lakeview Church 333647N 0854914W Oxford
Landmark Baptist Temple 334322N 0855007W Anniston
Leatherwood Baptist Church 334259N 0855231W Eulaton
Legrand Avenue Church of Christ 334009N 0854921W Anniston
Leyden Hill Presbyterian Church 334121N 0855050W Anniston
Lighthouse Community Church 334051N 0855110W Anniston
Living Water Church 335353N 0854333W Piedmont NW
Lloyds Chapel Baptist Church 334128N 0855259W Eulaton
Macedonia Baptist Church 334045N 0855044W Anniston
Macon Quarter Church 334338N 0860438W Francis Mill
Mamre Baptist Church 335243N 0855114W Colvin Gap
Mars Hill Baptist Church 333908N 0855101W Anniston
Martins Chapel Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
McCains Chapel Methodist Church (historical) 335117N 0854437W Jacksonville East
McCoy Memorial United Methodist Church 334007N 0854959W Anniston
Meadowbrook Baptist Church 333550N 0855150W Oxford
Morrisville Baptist Church 334018N 0855340W Eulaton
Morrisville Methodist Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mount Ariah Church (historical) 334716N 0855151W Jacksonville West
Mount Gilead Baptist Church 335314N 0855200W Colvin Gap
Mount Hermond Church 334024N 0855150W Anniston
Mount Limited Church 333941N 0855241W Eulaton
Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church 334539N 0854630W Jacksonville West
Mount Olive Baptist Church 334247N 0860524W Francis Mill
Mount Olive Baptist Church 333845N 0854922W Anniston
Mount Olive Baptist Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mount Simon Baptist Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mount Spiritual Gospel Church 333955N 0855113W Anniston
Mount View Missionary Baptist Church 334752N 0855500W Wellington
Mount Zion Baptist Church 333847N 0854959W Anniston
Mount Zion Baptist Church 334528N 0855333W Wellington
Mountain View Church 335606N 0855053W Colvin Gap
Mountain View Church 333828N 0855207W Anniston
Murray Christian Methodist Episcopal Temple 333955N 0855018W Anniston
Nances Congregational Holiness Church 335132N 0854927W Jacksonville West
Nances Creek Missionary Baptist Church 335045N 0854037W Jacksonville East
Nances Creek United Methodist Church 335058N 0855017W Jacksonville West
New Bethel Baptist Church 334815N 0854602W Jacksonville West
New Bethel Baptist Church 333510N 0855655W Munford
New Canaan Missionary Baptist Church 334134N 0855025W Anniston
New Haven Baptist Church 333939N 0855044W Anniston
New Haven Baptist Church 333728N 0855505W Munford
New Hope Baptist Church 334821N 0854533W Jacksonville West
New Hope Baptist Church 333703N 0855712W Munford
New Hope Church 334228N 0855027W Anniston
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church 333710N 0855015W Oxford
New Hope Primitive Baptist Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
New Hopewell Baptist Church 335625N 0854303W Piedmont NW
New Liberty Baptist Church 333930N 0855435W Eulaton
New Liberty Baptist Church 335613N 0854859W Colvin Gap
New Life Pentecostal Holiness Church 333910N 0854944W Anniston
New Mount Silla Baptist Church (historical) 334436N 0855500W Eulaton
New Mount Zion Church of God 334008N 0855027W Anniston
New Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church 334706N 0853909W Jacksonville East
New Prospect Baptist Church 333927N 0854212W Choccolocco
Noble Street Baptist Church 334011N 0854947W Anniston
Northside Baptist Church 334018N 0854953W Anniston
Northside Baptist Church 335605N 0853617W Piedmont
Norwood Baptist Church 334100N 0855002W Anniston
Oak Bowery Missionary Baptist Church 334610N 0855902W Wellington
Oak Grove Baptist Church 335329N 0855452W Glencoe
Oak Ridge Baptist Church 333710N 0855053W Oxford
Oakridge Baptist Church 334111N 0855115W Anniston
Oconee Baptist Church (historical) 333656N 0854747W Oxford
Ohatchee Baptist Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ohatchee Church 335355N 0854740W Colvin Gap
Ohatchee Missionary Baptist Church 334754N 0855947W Wellington
Ohatchee United Methodist Church 334704N 0860028W Ohatchee
Oxford Church of Christ 333655N 0854957W Oxford
Parker Memorial Baptist Church 333936N 0854934W Anniston
Parkwin Avenue Methodist Church 333930N 0855114W Anniston
Parkwin Congregational Holiness Church 333935N 0855114W Anniston
Pattersons Chapel 335550N 0854628W Colvin Gap
Peace and Goodwill Baptist Church 334000N 0855017W Anniston
Peeks Hill United Methodist Church 335050N 0855721W Wellington
Pelham Baptist Church 334401N 0854754W Anniston
Peoples Church 333843N 0855208W Anniston
Peters Rock Apostolic Church of the Living God 333828N 0854927W Anniston
Philadelphia Baptist Church 335629N 0853248W Piedmont
Piedmont Congregational Holiness Church 335516N 0853604W Piedmont
Pilgrim Church 333846N 0854931W Anniston
Pilgrims Rest Church 335459N 0854619W Colvin Gap
Pine Ridge Church 333509N 0854808W Oxford
Pinegrove Chapel 335444N 0855119W Colvin Gap
Pioneer Church 335430N 0853813W Piedmont NW
Plainview Congregational Holiness Church 335411N 0854017W Piedmont NW
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church 334243N 0854201W Choccolocco
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church 335210N 0854928W Jacksonville West
Post Oak Springs Missionary Baptist Church 334744N 0855146W Jacksonville West
Profile Baptist Church 334842N 0854612W Jacksonville West
Pure Holiness Church of God 334004N 0855043W Anniston
Rabbittown Missionary Baptist Church 334851N 0853855W Jacksonville East
Ragan Chapel United Methodist Church 334504N 0860242W Ohatchee
Rising Star Church 333913N 0855158W Anniston
Rising Star Methodist Church 333722N 0855014W Oxford
Roberts Chapel 335251N 0854258W Piedmont NW
Rock of Ages Baptist Church 334046N 0854959W Anniston
Rocky Mount Baptist Church 333525N 0855341W Munford
Ruhama Baptist Church 333836N 0854941W Anniston
Sacred Heart Catholic Church 333929N 0854938W Anniston
Saint Charles Catholic Church 334928N 0854528W Jacksonville West
Saint Joachim Catholic Church 335447N 0853607W Piedmont
Saint Lukes Episcopal Church 334847N 0854537W Jacksonville West
Saint Mark United Methodist Church 333746N 0854712W Anniston
Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 334839N 0854525W Jacksonville West
Saks Baptist Church 334205N 0855017W Anniston
Saks Church of God of Prophecy 334241N 0855020W Anniston
Sakston Heights Assembly of God Church 334253N 0855046W Anniston
Salem Church 335119N 0854507W Jacksonville West
Salem Presbyterian Church 335224N 0854400W Jacksonville East
Seventeenth Street Baptist Church 333959N 0855023W Anniston
Seventeenth Street Church of God 333958N 0854955W Anniston
Shady Grove Church 335719N 0853657W Piedmont
Shady Grove Congregational Methodist Church 335647N 0854205W Piedmont NW
Sharon Hill Congregational Holiness Church 335639N 0853855W Piedmont NW
Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church 335123N 0855428W Wellington
Smith Chapel Church of God 334025N 0855033W Anniston
Smith Christian Methodist Episcopal Tabernacle 333840N 0854929W Anniston
Smith Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 333943N 0855011W Anniston
Southside Baptist Church 333740N 0854958W Anniston
Springhill Baptist Church 333657N 0855713W Munford
Straight Gate Church of God 333928N 0855044W Anniston
Sulfur Springs Church 334132N 0860321W Francis Mill
Sunny Eve Baptist Church 333627N 0854503W Oxford
Temple Bethel 333940N 0854934W Anniston
Ten Island Baptist Church 334804N 0860209W Ohatchee
Thankful Baptist Church 333942N 0855153W Anniston
The Salvation Army Church of Anniston 333857N 0854948W Anniston
Tredegar Congregational Holiness Church 335045N 0854712W Jacksonville West
Trinity Baptist Church 333521N 0855223W Oxford
Trinity Lutheran Church 333924N 0854900W Anniston
Triumph Church 333952N 0855051W Anniston
Twentysecond Street Baptist Church 334023N 0854924W Anniston
Union Grove Cumberland Methodist Church 334130N 0860333W Francis Mill
Union Methodist Church 334852N 0855335W Wellington
United Freewill Baptist Church 333857N 0855208W Anniston
United House of Prayer Church 333843N 0854929W Anniston
Victory Baptist Church 334659N 0860047W Ohatchee
Walnut Springs Baptist Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Washington Heights Baptist Church 333959N 0855200W Anniston
Wayside Baptist Church 333844N 0855227W Anniston
Weaver Congregational Methodist Church 334508N 0854942W Jacksonville West
Weaver First United Methodist Church 334501N 0854843W Jacksonville West
Webster Chapel Methodist Church 335502N 0855847W Glencoe
Welcome Chapel Church 333715N 0855013W Oxford
Wellington Baptist Church 334937N 0855350W Wellington
Wellington Church 334929N 0855444W Wellington
West Anniston Baptist Church 333921N 0855145W Anniston
West Anniston Church of Christ 333927N 0855107W Anniston
West Anniston Church of God 333846N 0855154W Anniston
West Anniston Methodist Church 333947N 0855037W Anniston
West Anniston Presbyterian Church 333947N 0855047W Anniston
West Park Heights Baptist Church 333901N 0855339W Eulaton
West Point Baptist Church 334948N 0854834W Jacksonville West
West Weaver Baptist Church 334503N 0854943W Jacksonville West
Westside Baptist Church 334908N 0854625W Jacksonville West
Westview Baptist Church 334030N 0855207W Anniston
White Plains Missionary Baptist Church 334441N 0854105W Choccolocco
White Plains United Methodist Church 334445N 0854114W Choccolocco
Whites Gap Baptist Church 334642N 0854421W Jacksonville East
Wilmer Avenue Baptist Church 334034N 0854943W Anniston
Woodland Park Baptist Church 333804N 0854930W Anniston
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