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Calhoun County, Alabama
Advertisers and Business Directories



The subscribers having located themselves one mile west of Jacksonville, are now prepared to execute all orders in the Mill-Wright business at the shortest notice and in the best of style.

            WILLIAM J. BEENE

            JAMES H. TEMPLETON

Those indebed to the undersigned for music tuition, are hereby requested to make immediate settelemtn, as longer indulgence cannot be given.

            WILLIAM J. BEENE, Source: Jacksonville Republican, Jacksonville, Benton (now Calhoun County, AL) March 16, 1837  - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

 WILLIAM H. ESTILL – Attorney at Law.  Having settled himself permanently in Jacksonville, Benton County, Ala. tenders his professional services to the public.  He will regularly attend the several courts in the counties of St. Clair, DeKalb, Cherokee, Randolph, Talladega, and Benton.  All business entrusted to his management shall be attended to with punctuality.  His office is in Jacksonville. Source: Jacksonville Republican, Jacksonville, Benton (now Calhoun County, AL) March 16, 1837  - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney


The Subscriber respectfully informs the public that he has lately settled in Jacksonville, and is now carrying on the Tailoring Business on the south east corner of the square, opposite Judge PENDLETON’S Hotel.  He pledges himself to keep on hand the latest and most approved fashions of the North and East and will shortly be able to set up his customers at the shortest notice.  He has likewise in the front room of his shop, a number of articles for salt consisting of Family Groceries, viz: Sugar, coffee, Rice, Molasses, Raisins, & c, &c. 

THOMAS FAYETTE - Source: Jacksonville Republican, Jacksonville, Benton (now Calhoun County, AL) March 16, 1837  - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney


The partnership heretofore existing between FLEMING and HEADDEN in the Carriage Making Business is this day dissolved by mutual consent.  Those indebted to them for work heretofore done are earnestly requested to come forward and make immediate payment. Those who fail to do so by the 21st day of April next, may expect to find their accounts in the hands of an officer.

            WM. H. FLEMING

            WM. HEADDEN

The coach making business will be continued as heretofore by the undersigned.  His shop is on the east side of Maine street about one hundred years south of the square.

            N. B. Repairing of all kinds done in the neatest and most durable manner, and upon the shortest notice.

            WM. H. FLEMING  Source: Jacksonville Republican, Jacksonville, Benton (now Calhoun County, AL) March 16, 1837  - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

MATTHEW J. TURNLEY, Attorney-At-Law, having located himself in Cherokee County, Ala will practice in all the courts of St. Clair, DeKalb, Cherokee and Benton.  He tenders his professional services to the public in general and he hopes by indefatigable attention to business, to merit the confidence of the public and meet the approbation of those who may entrust him with business.  He pledges himself that business committed to his management shall be promptly attended to. April 27, 1837.  Source: Jacksonville Republican, Benton (Calhoun) County, AL April 27, 1837 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Dr. C.J. Clark
Having permanently located himself at Jacksonville, respectfully tenders his services in the various branches of his profession to the citizens of __on and the adjoining counties.  His office is __e west side of the square, at which or __ngsworth's Tavern he may always be found, __when professionally absent.  Jacksonville, September 7th, 1837  [Jacksonville Republican, Jacksonville, Ala, Thursday, December 7, 1837 - transcribed by KT]



Jacksonville Hotel, by T. P. Renfro

Attorneys at Law, A. Woods, Heflin Forney & Martin, Wm. M. Hames, Turnley & Busley, Whatley & Ellis, B. A. Brooks, Tipton Bradford, Wm. B. Martin, J. H. Wright.

Physicians – Drs. J. C. & M. W. Francis, Dr. C. J. Clark, Dr. J. Y. Nisher, Dr. J. R. Slayton

Drug Store – T. N.Anglin

Grocery Store, Woodward & Son

Grocery Store, S. J. Stevenson

Confectioneries – Kahn & Co

Retail Groceries – Driskel & Pinson

Retail Groceries – Cobb & Farmer

Carriage Shops – W. H. Fleming

Carriage Shops – L. Weaver

Cabinet Shops – C. R. Lester

Cabinet Shops – J. H. Crawford

Cabinet Shops – T. r. Rowland

Blacksmith Shops – Andy Adams, J. Crow, & Co, T. R. Williams

Tan Yards – F. Snow, Warlick Abernathy & Co

Iron Yard – Wm Adams

Tailors – Martin & Marion

Boots and She shops – Wm C. Laird and D. B. Turner, T. C. Cannon - (Jacksonville Republican - January 24, 1861 –   - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney)


Make Home Attractive.  The mellow tones of a good piano or organ will refresh and rest the parents, amuse the children and keep them at home.  Do you want one?  You say: “Yes, but cant’ afford it.”  Send me your name and maybe I can show you how you can afford it, and a good one, too. Such as a Conover, Everett, Harvard, or Kingsbury Piano, a Chicago, Cottage or Farrard & Votey Organ.  Our catalogue of banjoes, violins, and other small instruments, showing reduced prices, will be sent on request.  Also, Bicycles, and Typewriters.  Sewing Machines from $15 up.  Catalogue and prices sent free. Write for them,  I can save you money.  Special inducements offered to farmers.  E. E. FORBES, Aniston, Ala.  Source: Vernon Courier, Lamar County, AL, March 29, 1894 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

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