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Calhoun County, Alabama
School Records

This may not be a complete listing of the Schools of Calhoun County.
Source: GNIS
Name Latitude Longitude Map
Alabama Presbyterian College (historical) 333913N 0853920W Choccolocco
Alexandria High School 334627N 0855311W Wellington
All Saints Elementary School 333948N 0855040W Anniston
Anniston Academy 333911N 0854723W Anniston
Anniston Area Vocational Technical School 333935N 0854912W Anniston
Anniston Center Gadsden State Junior College 333957N 0854932W Anniston
Anniston College for Young Ladies (historical) 333950N 0854957W Anniston
Anniston High School 333940N 0854912W Anniston
Anniston Negro School (historical) 334000N 0855013W Anniston
Arthur Wellborn School (historical) 334742N 0854000W Jacksonville East
Bailey Springs School (historical) 334242N 0860440W Francis Mill
Barber Memorial School for Negro Girls (historical) 332838N 0854933W Cheaha Mountain
Bethune High School 335558N 0853637W Piedmont
Blue Mountain Elementary School 334118N 0855020W Anniston
Browns School (historical) 335651N 0853926W Piedmont NW
Bruner Valley School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Brutonville Junior High School 334721N 0855150W Jacksonville West
Burns School (historical) 335017N 0853627W Piedmont SE
Calhoun County Training School 333715N 0855043W Oxford
Calhoun County Veterans School (historical) 334807N 0854531W Jacksonville West
Cedar Springs School 334910N 0855003W Jacksonville West
Choccolocco Elementary School 333943N 0854150W Choccolocco
Chosea Springs School (historical) 334202N 0854025W Choccolocco
Cobb High School 333942N 0855032W Anniston
Cochrane Springs School (historical) 335020N 0860108W Ohatchee
Coldwater Elementary School 333608N 0855610W Munford
Coldwater School 333602N 0855608W Munford
Constantine Elementary School 333800N 0855001W Anniston
Cooper Elementary School 334016N 0855024W Anniston
DeArmanville Junior High School 333737N 0854446W Choccolocco
DeSoto Manor School 333653N 0855756W Munford
Duke Junior High School 335115N 0855401W Wellington
Eastwood High School 334833N 0854458W Jacksonville East
Eulaton Elementary School 333846N 0855447W Eulaton
Four Mile School (historical) 334536N 0854629W Jacksonville West
Friendship Elementary School 333505N 0854709W Oxford
Golden Springs Elementary School 333755N 0854633W Anniston
Grayton Junior High School 334755N 0855800W Wellington
Greenwood Elementary School (historical) 335522N 0853414W Piedmont
Harry M Ayres State Technical School 333722N 0854808W Oxford
Hawkins School 333657N 0855725W Munford
Hollingsworth School (historical) 334938N 0854147W Jacksonville East
Holly Springs School (historical) 333908N 0854508W Anniston
Jacksonville Elementary School 334857N 0854551W Jacksonville West
Jacksonville High School 334913N 0854545W Jacksonville West
Jacksonville State University 334920N 0854600W Jacksonville West
Johnson Junior High School 333914N 0854920W Anniston
Johnston Street Elementary School 333913N 0854917W Anniston
Ladiga School (historical) 335655N 0853452W Piedmont
Landers School (historical) 335613N 0854858W Colvin Gap
Lloyds School House (historical) 334129N 0855259W Eulaton
Martins Chapel School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mechanicsville Elementary School 333917N 0855143W Anniston
Merrellton School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mount Pisgah School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Nances Creek School (historical) 335057N 0853950W Jacksonville East
Noble Institute (historical) 333928N 0854947W Anniston
Norwood Elementary School 334057N 0855011W Anniston
Oconee School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ohatchee High School 334708N 0860007W Ohatchee
Old Sulphur Springs School (historical) 334124N 0860342W Francis Mill
Oxford Elementary School 333641N 0854954W Oxford
Oxford High School 333645N 0854956W Oxford
Oxford Middle School 333540N 0855206W Oxford
Parkwood Elementary School 334129N 0855155W Anniston
Peaceburg School (historical) 334343N 0855436W Eulaton
Philadelphia School (historical) 335629N 0853249W Piedmont
Piedmont High School 335544N 0853722W Piedmont
Pine Avenue Public School (historical) 333937N 0855009W Anniston
Pleasant Ridge School (historical) 334240N 0854200W Choccolocco
Pleasant Valley School 335305N 0854900W Colvin Gap
Plum Springs (historical) 333620N 0855912W Munford
Poe School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Prickett School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quintard Avenue Public School (historical) 333959N 0854934W Anniston
Randolph Park Elementary School 333956N 0855131W Anniston
Reaves School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sacred Heart Parish Educational Center 334009N 0854848W Anniston
Saks Elementary School 334207N 0854955W Anniston
Saks High School 334210N 0855012W Anniston
Saks Middle School 334210N 0855008W Anniston
Southside Elementary School 335503N 0853629W Piedmont
Studdard School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tenth Street School 333933N 0854834W Anniston
Thankful Junior High School 333945N 0855202W Anniston
Trinity Christian Academy 333520N 0855226W Oxford
Trinity School (historical) 333521N 0855223W Oxford
Walter Wellborn High School 333909N 0855254W Eulaton
Weaver Elementary School 334518N 0854853W Jacksonville West
Weaver High School 334449N 0854952W Anniston
Weaver Junior High School 334518N 0854851W Jacksonville West
Webb School 335515N 0854332W Piedmont NW
Websters Chapel Junior High School 335500N 0855122W Colvin Gap
Wellborn Elementary School 333909N 0855254W Eulaton
West Point School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Whisenant School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
White Plains High School 334448N 0854113W Choccolocco
Whites Gap School (historical) 334640N 0854425W Jacksonville East
Willard School 335537N 0853658W Piedmont
Williams Junior High School 335353N 0854743W Colvin Gap
Willingham School (historical) 335212N 0854920W Jacksonville West
Wilmer Avenue School (historical) 333947N 0854943W Anniston
Woodstock Avenue School 333927N 0854920W Anniston
Zinn Hall Public School (historical) 333852N 0855005W Anniston
Zuni School (historical) 335233N 0854337W Piedmont NW
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