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Cherokee County


1891 Minutes of the Cherokee County Sunday school Assocation (Baptist)


This may not be a complete listing of the Churches of Cherokee County.
If you know of another or if you have any information you wish to share, please let us know.


Name Latitude Longitude Map
Alexis Baptist Church 341043N 0853139W Cedar Bluff
Antioch Church of Christ 340137N 0853808W Weisner Mountain
Arrington Chapel Congregational Methodist Church 335751N 0852729W Borden Springs
Barrets Chapel 341910N 0853731W Little River
Berea Church of Christ 342443N 0853044W Jamestown
Bethel Church 340503N 0852741W Indian Mountain
Bethel Methodist Church 342452N 0853338W Jamestown
Black Oak Baptist Church 341838N 0854137W Little River
Blanche Methodist Church 342157N 0853631W Gaylesville
Bothwell Methodist Church 340825N 0854435W Centre
Calcedonia Baptist Church 341016N 0853422W Cedar Bluff
Carmel Presbyterian Church 335736N 0853435W Piedmont
Cedar Bluff Church 341344N 0853325W Cedar Bluff
Cedar Hill Methodist Church 341052N 0854511W Leesburg
Centre Church 340930N 0854228W Centre
Chesterfield Baptist Church 342656N 0853122W Jamestown
Christian Mission Church 340034N 0853206W Ellisville
Daniels Chapel Methodist Church 341642N 0854030W Little River
Davis Chapel Methodist Church 340151N 0854232W Weisner Mountain
Demaris Baptist Church 341421N 0853235W Cedar Bluff
Dixon Memorial Church 341728N 0853554W Gaylesville
Ebenezer Methodist Church 341055N 0853118W Cedar Bluff
Ellisville Church 340317N 0853545W Ellisville
Enon Grove Baptist Church 341253N 0853616W Cedar Bluff
Exie Church 340306N 0853302W Ellisville
Fair Haven Baptist Church 341241N 0852914W Melson
Fairview Methodist Church 341012N 0854345W Centre
Faith Church 341940N 0853424W Gaylesville
Faith Church 335745N 0853325W Piedmont
Farill Baptist Church 341449N 0852933W Melson
First Baptist Church of Centre 340905N 0854035W Centre
Flint Hill Church 341740N 0853154W Gaylesville
Forest Hill Church 341832N 0853218W Gaylesville
Free Pentecost Church 342027N 0853732W Little River
Freedom Church 341749N 0853545W Gaylesville
Friendship Baptist Church 340755N 0853027W Cedar Bluff
Friendship Baptist Church 342450N 0853043W Jamestown
Frog Mountain Church (historical) 340040N 0853411W Ellisville
Gaylesville Baptist Church 341554N 0853338W Gaylesville
Goshen United Methodist Church 335818N 0853702W Piedmont
Goshen Valley Church 335855N 0853701W Piedmont
Hebron Methodist Church 340629N 0853318W Ellisville
Hopewell Church 340658N 0852736W Indian Mountain
Hunt Chapel 341327N 0854852W Leesburg
Jamestown Tabernacle Church 342158N 0853435W Gaylesville
Jenning Chapel 340603N 0853020W Ellisville
Kingdom Hall Church 340807N 0854216W Centre
Lebanon Campground Church 340022N 0853308W Ellisville
Lebanon Church of Christ 335942N 0854333W Piedmont NW
Liberty Baptist Church 335911N 0853239W Piedmont
Lighthouse Church 340528N 0854035W Weisner Mountain
Little River Baptist Church 341621N 0854035W Little River
Macedonia Baptist Church 341001N 0853300W Cedar Bluff
Melrose Baptist Church 340645N 0854338W Weisner Mountain
Mill Creek Missionary Baptist Church 341814N 0852941W Chattoogaville
Missionary Church 340808N 0854824W Leesburg
Moshat Baptist Church 340710N 0853704W Ellisville
Mount Bethel Missionary Baptist Church 342218N 0853053W Gaylesville
Mount Calvary Baptist Church 342936N 0853104W Jamestown
Mount Olive Church 340605N 0854152W Weisner Mountain
Mount Pleasant Church (historical) 340155N 0852954W Indian Mountain
Mount Zion Church 340250N 0853355W Ellisville
Mount Zion Church 341531N 0854452W Little River
Mount Zion Wesleyan Methodist Church 342204N 0853316W Gaylesville
Mountain Springs Methodist Church 340221N 0853746W Weisner Mountain
Nazareth Baptist Church 340657N 0852816W Indian Mountain
New Bethel Church 340412N 0854628W Ballplay
New Bethel Church 340613N 0853205W Ellisville
New Bethel Church 341413N 0854956W Leesburg
New Hope Church 341254N 0852953W Melson
New Hope Church 342542N 0853240W Jamestown
New Prospect Church 340705N 0853005W Ellisville
New Prospect Church 341936N 0853635W Gaylesville
Noah Baptist Church 340758N 0853341W Cedar Bluff
Oak Bowery Methodist Church 341743N 0853100W Gaylesville
Old Nazareth Baptist Church 340731N 0852736W Melson
Olivers Chapel Church of Christ 341427N 0854949W Leesburg
Parkers Grove Methodist Church 340650N 0854237W Weisner Mountain
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church 340304N 0852708W Indian Mountain
Pine Grove Baptist Church 340907N 0853751W Centre
Pine Grove Church 340905N 0853715W Cedar Bluff
Pisgah Baptist Church 335941N 0854037W Piedmont NW
Pleasant Arbour Baptist Church 340041N 0853059W Ellisville
Pleasant Gap Church 335842N 0853126W Piedmont
Pleasant Hill Church 341936N 0853822W Little River
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church 341233N 0855004W Leesburg
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church 342309N 0853510W Jamestown
Providence Baptist Church 340510N 0852615W Indian Mountain
Providence Baptist Church 340542N 0853820W Weisner Mountain
Providence Church 340806N 0854643W Leesburg
Rock Hill Baptist Church 341936N 0852957W Chattoogaville
Rock Run Baptist Church 340140N 0852942W Indian Mountain
Round Mountain Baptist Church 341256N 0854058W Centre
Saint Marks Methodist Church 341008N 0853344W Cedar Bluff
Salem Church 340043N 0852645W Indian Mountain
Salem Church 341453N 0852831W Melson
Sand Rock Church 341448N 0854606W Leesburg
Sand Valley Baptist Church 341103N 0853947W Centre
Sandy Creek Baptist Church 340425N 0852959W Indian Mountain
Sardis Hill Missionary Baptist Church 340216N 0854209W Weisner Mountain
Shady Grove Baptist Church 340758N 0854709W Leesburg
Shiloh Baptist Church 340822N 0854432W Centre
Slackland Baptist Church 340856N 0854938W Leesburg
Smith Chapel 340615N 0854610W Ballplay
Spring Garden Methodist Church 335831N 0853258W Piedmont
Tabernacle of Life Church 340318N 0854037W Weisner Mountain
Tates Chapel Baptist Church 341110N 0854138W Centre
Taylors Chapel 335925N 0854356W Piedmont NW
Tennala Baptist Church 340520N 0853958W Weisner Mountain
Tuckers Chapel Methodist Church 341656N 0854245W Little River
Union Church 340354N 0853636W Ellisville
Union Grove Methodist Church 340054N 0852945W Indian Mountain
Union Hill Methodist Church 342050N 0853447W Gaylesville
Union Methodist Church 341345N 0854210W Centre
Unity Hill Baptist Church 340624N 0853448W Ellisville
Unity Missionary Baptist Church 341631N 0853728W Gaylesville
Watson Chapel 341926N 0853426W Gaylesville
Welcome Hill Baptist Church 341654N 0854348W Little River
Wright Will Church 341324N 0852843W Melson
Yellow Creek Baptist Church 341123N 0854453W Centre


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