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This may not be a complete listing of the Churches of Choctaw County.

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Allen Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 314535N 0881949W Silas
Antioch Baptist Church 314402N 0881107W Bladon Springs
Aquilla United Methodist Church 314240N 0882441W Aquilla
Barrytown United Methodist Church 315010N 0881542W Silas
Belmount Methodist Church 315418N 0882454W Melvin
Bethel United Methodist Church 321041N 0882518W Yantley
Bethlehem Church (historical) 321711N 0880455W Whitfield
Bible Chapel Church 315958N 0882149W Toxey
Black Creek Baptist Church 314719N 0881504W Silas
Bladon Springs Church 314355N 0881151W Bladon Springs
Bogueloosa Baptist Church 315952N 0882008W Toxey
Bonner Tabernacle 315447N 0882019W Toxey
Boswell Tabernacle 315329N 0881639W Toxey
Branch Church of God 314841N 0881532W Silas
Brightwater Methodist Church 315819N 0882300W Melvin
Butler Church of Christ 310521N 0881218W Citronelle East
Butler First United Methodist Church 320506N 0881321W Butler
Camp Springs Church 320242N 0882308W Hinton
Chapel Hill Church 315312N 0881514W Toxey
Christ Temple Church 320829N 0881033W Jachin
Christopher Chapel United Methodist Church 321426N 0881119W Jachin
Church of God 315037N 0881603W Silas
Church of God 315239N 0882413W Melvin
Clear Creek Baptist Church 321330N 0880959W Jachin
Community Church 320713N 0882033W Land
Concord Baptist Church 321415N 0882347W Yantley
Cooper Mission Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 321602N 0881001W Gaston
Coopers Chapel 314731N 0881810W Silas
Corinth Baptist Church 315824N 0880910W Ararat
Cullomburg Baptist Church 314251N 0881747W Millry North
Cullomburg United Methodist Church 314251N 0881745W Millry North
Donald Assembly of God Church 315329N 0882720W Melvin
Ebenzer Baptist Church 321312N 0880344W Pennington
Eureka Baptist Church 321421N 0881657W Lisman
Fairfield Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 321636N 0881632W Ward
Fairview Baptist Church 320433N 0880736W Butler
Faith Chapel 320555N 0881558W Land
Full Gospel Tabernacle 314646N 0882145W Silas
Gilbertown Church of God 315200N 0881727W Silas
Gilfield Missionary Baptist Church 321108N 0882021W Lisman
Gin Creek Baptist Church 314904N 0882533W Isney
Glorious Temple Church of God 315139N 0881915W Silas
Goodwill Assembly of God Church 315214N 0881914W Silas
Goodwill Church 314342N 0881118W Bladon Springs
Grace Chapel Assembly of God Church 315356N 0881554W Toxey
Halsell Church 321807N 0881631W Ward
Halsell United Methodist Church 321704N 0881639W Ward
Hardshell Church (historical) 314928N 0882100W Silas
Hickory Grove Baptist Church 314919N 0881938W Silas
Hinton Church 320528N 0882625W Hinton
Holiness Church 321643N 0881637W Ward
Hopewell Baptist Church 320846N 0880621W Pennington
House of Prayer Church 314751N 0881350W Coffeeville Lock And Dam
Hurricane Baptist Church 315235N 0882705W Melvin
Isney Baptist Church 314654N 0882658W Isney
John the Baptist Church 321618N 0881622W Ward
Jordan Church 314241N 0882539W Aquilla
Kings Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church 314255N 0882752W Aquilla
Land Church 320129N 0881947W Land
Liberty Church (historical) 315414N 0881259W Ararat
Lilly Grove Church (historical) 320644N 0880424W Putnam
Lily Baptist Church 320253N 0880947W Butler
Little Hope Church 321322N 0881848W Lisman
Little Walker Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 320830N 0881034W Jachin
Little Zion African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 320857N 0880450W Pennington
Lusk Assembly of God Church 315603N 0881714W Toxey
Lusk Baptist Church 315817N 0881716W Toxey
Melvin United Methodist Church 315542N 0882723W Melvin
Millwood Primitive Baptist Church 311233N 0880304W Calvert
Morgan Chapel Baptist Church 320239N 0881236W Butler
Morning Star Baptist Church 320951N 0880854W Jachin
Morning Star Church 320913N 0881037W Jachin
Mosley Bridge Congregational Methodist Church 315243N 0881732W Toxey
Mount Mariah Baptist Church 315444N 0882531W Melvin
Mount Moriah Baptist Church 321618N 0882117W Ward
Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church 321828N 0880855W Gaston
Mount Nebo Baptist Church 321002N 0882024W Lisman
Mount Nebo Church (historical) 320849N 0882142W Lisman
Mount Olive Baptist Church 320825N 0881327W Jachin
Mount Pisgah Baptist Church 321531N 0881002W Gaston
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church 315058N 0881146W Coffeeville Lock And Dam
Mount Sterling Baptist Church 320537N 0880937W Butler
Mount Sterling Methodist Church 320529N 0880949W Butler
Needham Assembly of God Church 315915N 0882007W Toxey
New Hope Church of God 315520N 0882013W Toxey
New Lusk United Methodist Church 315934N 0881745W Toxey
New Rock Missionary Baptist Church 314333N 0882550W Aquilla
Oak Grove Baptist Church 315605N 0882036W Toxey
Oak Grove Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Paragon Church (historical) 315301N 0882157W Toxey
Peaceway Assembly of God Church 320144N 0881219W Butler
Pelham United Methodist Church 321646N 0880703W Whitfield
Pine Grove African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 321740N 0881205W Gaston
Pine Grove Church 321530N 0880710W Whitfield
Pleasant Chapel Baptist Church 314750N 0881355W Coffeeville Lock And Dam
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church 315555N 0881302W Ararat
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church 321433N 0882403W Yantley
Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church 315551N 0881258W Ararat
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church 321122N 0881344W Jachin
Pushmataha United Methodist Church 321132N 0882110W Lisman
Red Springs Assembly of God Church 320134N 0881637W Land
Red Springs Baptist Church 320055N 0881604W Land
Rehoboth Baptist Church 321126N 0882112W Lisman
Riderwood Baptist Church 320843N 0882021W Lisman
Rock Springs Baptist Church 320511N 0882157W Land
Rock Springs Church 320415N 0882158W Land
Saint John Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 320526N 0880900W Butler
Saint Johns Catholic Church 310534N 0881407W Citronelle East
Saint Luke Church 315301N 0881958W Toxey
Saint Mary United Methodist Church 320700N 0880706W Putnam
Saint Paul United Methodist Church 315635N 0881817W Toxey
Saint Thomas African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 321659N 0880737W Gaston
Salem Baptist Church 320712N 0881150W Butler
Salem Church 320602N 0881505W Land
Shady Grove Baptist Church 314710N 0881520W Silas
Shady Grove Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 321445N 0881451W Jachin
Shady Grove Church 320157N 0882054W Land
Shiloh Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 321207N 0881554W Lisman
Silas Gospel Mission 314446N 0881857W Millry North
Sisters Chapel 315925N 0880859W Ararat
Slater Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 315923N 0880900W Ararat
Spring Bank Baptist Church 314644N 0882027W Silas
Spring Hill Church 315624N 0880826W Ararat
Stafford Congregational Methodist Church 315627N 0881332W Ararat
State Line Church (historical) 315906N 0882740W Melvin
Tabernacle Church 315157N 0882251W Isney
Tailawampa Church 315333N 0880930W Ararat
Tallawampa Baptist Church 315333N 0880929W Ararat
The Church of Latter Day Saints 315856N 0881723W Toxey
Thompkinsville African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 321215N 0880113W Pennington
Toxey Church 315505N 0881831W Toxey
Trinity United Methodist Church 321146N 0880318W Pennington
True Light Church 321551N 0882348W Whynot
Victory Grove Pentecostal Holiness Church 315936N 0882250W Melvin
Wahalak Baptist Church 320608N 0881924W Land
Ward Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 321727N 0880828W Gaston
Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church 320115N 0881054W Butler
West Point Church (historical) 314519N 0882638W Isney
White Chapel Baptist Church 314237N 0881731W Millry North
Wimberly Methodist Protestant Church 315457N 0881440W Ararat
Womack Hill Baptist Church 315059N 0881134W Coffeeville Lock And Dam
Womack Hill Church 315138N 0881132W Coffeeville Lock And Dam
Zion Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 314340N 0882228W Millry North
Zion Church 321714N 0880415W Whitfield





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