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This may not be a complete listing of the churches of Clay County

Source: GNIS 

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Antioch Church 331709N 0855820W Clairmont Springs
Antioch Church (historical) 331134N 0855649W Millerville
Antioch Church (historical) 332522N 0855502W Ironaton
Barfield Church 332130N 0854300W Lineville East
Bellview Baptist Church 332108N 0854516W Lineville West
Bethany Primitive Baptist Church 330640N 0854411W Daviston
Bethel Baptist Church 332919N 0854101W Delta
Bethel Baptist Church 331606N 0855059W Lineville West
Bethel Church 330658N 0854841W New Site
Bethel Church 331200N 0855128W Gibsonville
Bethel Church 331206N 0855344W Millerville
Bethlehem Methodist Church 331436N 0860106W Bulls Gap
Big Spring Church 331219N 0855245W Millerville
Black's Chapel United Methodist Church 332244N 0854138W Delta
Bowden Grove Baptist Church 331914N 0855110W Lineville West
Campbell Springs Church 332208N 0855137W Lineville West
Clairmont Springs Church 332124N 0855535W Clairmont Springs
Clay Community Church 331513N 0854458W Lineville East
Cole Bridge Church (historical) 331607N 0855625W Clairmont Springs
Colemans Chapel 331541N 0854310W Lineville East
Concord Church 332201N 0854914W Lineville West
Corinth Baptist Church 331221N 0854133W Mellow Valley
County Line Church 331142N 0854506W Gibsonville
Cragford Church 331515N 0853951W Lineville East
Cragford Church 331502N 0854022W Lineville East
Delta Church 332520N 0854124W Delta
Ebenezer Church (historical) 332757N 0855045W Cheaha Mountain
Fairview Church 331411N 0855502W Millerville
Fairview Church 332300N 0854507W Cheaha Mountain
Fairview Church 331959N 0855258W Clairmont Springs
First Baptist Church 331616N 0855001W Lineville West
First United Methodist Church 331624N 0855002W Lineville West
Flint Hill Church (historical) 330852N 0854454W Mellow Valley
Friendship Church 332124N 0855537W Clairmont Springs
Good Hope Church 332042N 0854759W Lineville West
Good Hope Church 332732N 0854356W Delta
Gum Spring Church (historical) 331345N 0854458W Mellow Valley
Gutheries Chapel 330807N 0855321W Millerville
Hatchett Creek Baptist Church 331431N 0860220W Bulls Gap
Hatchett Creek Presbyterian Church 330731N 0860250W Bulls Gap
High Pine Church (historical) 331507N 0855440W Clairmont Springs
Hollins Baptist Church 330654N 0860853W Hollins
Hollins Church of Christ 330706N 0860842W Hollins
Hollins Spring Church 330649N 0860927W Hollins
Hopewell Church (historical) 331312N 0860705W Bulls Gap
Horn Memorial Church 331720N 0860230W Porter Gap
Jehovah Church 331452N 0853947W Mellow Valley
Liberty Church of Christ 331619N 0855329W Clairmont Springs
Liberty Hill Methodist Church 331350N 0855200W Gibsonville
Lineville Baptist Church 331848N 0854518W Lineville West
Lystra Baptist Church 331400N 0854757W Gibsonville
Macedonia Missionary Church 332928N 0854514W Cheaha Mountain
Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church 331809N 0854755W Lineville West
Mannings Chapel 332348N 0854825W Cheaha Mountain
Marvin Chapel 331137N 0860131W Bulls Gap
McCollum Baptist Church 332042N 0854009W Lineville East
Mellow Valley Baptist Church 331105N 0854438W Mellow Valley
Millerville Church 331134N 0855554W Millerville
Mineral Springs United Methodist Church 332214N 0855238W Clairmont Springs
Mount Carmel Church 330955N 0854752W Gibsonville
Mount Gilead Church 330743N 0854035W Mellow Valley
Mount Moriah Church 332519N 0853940W Delta
Mount Moriah United Methodist Church 330950N 0854941W Gibsonville
Mount Olive Church 330911N 0854057W Mellow Valley
Mount Olive Church 332433N 0854436W Delta
Mount Pisgah Church 330718N 0854447W Daviston
Mount Tabor United Methodist Church 331238N 0855859W Millerville
Mount Zion Church 330901N 0855153W Gibsonville
Mount Zion Church 332639N 0854613W Cheaha Mountain
Mount Zion Church 331418N 0855318W Millerville
Mountain Church 330701N 0854422W Daviston
New Fellowship Church 331927N 0854407W Lineville East
New Hope Church 330633N 0855735W Hackneyville
New Hope Church 332228N 0854205W Lineville East
New Hope Church (historical) 332312N 0854140W Delta
New Prospect Primitive Baptist Church 330648N 0855933W Hackneyville
Oak Grove Church 332208N 0854648W Lineville West
Oak Hill Church 331304N 0855826W Millerville
Oaks Chapel 330754N 0855943W Millerville
Old Millerville Church 331129N 0855542W Millerville
Olive Branch Baptist Church 331828N 0854751W Lineville West
Pine Grove Church 331849N 0853901W Lineville East
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church 331914N 0854214W Lineville East
Pleasant Grove Church of Christ 331922N 0855406W Clairmont Springs
Pleasant Hill Methodist Church 331337N 0855525W Millerville
Pleasant Home Church 330739N 0855902W Millerville
Prospect Church 331215N 0854939W Gibsonville
Providence Church 332236N 0855710W Ironaton
Providence Church 332425N 0854443W Delta
Providence Primitive Baptist Church 331347N 0854504W Gibsonville
Rock Springs Church 330827N 0855924W Millerville
Rocky Mountain Church 331231N 0860717W Bulls Gap
Roseline Church 331239N 0855856W Millerville
Sardis Church 331116N 0854727W Gibsonville
Sardis Church 331956N 0855517W Clairmont Springs
Sarvis Church (historical) 330827N 0854830W Gibsonville
Shady Grove Church 331841N 0854018W Lineville East
Shady Grove Church 331009N 0860021W Bulls Gap
Shiloh Church 331547N 0854501W Lineville West
Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church 332644N 0853913W Delta
Shireys Mill Assembly of God Church 332029N 0855027W Lineville West
Spring Hill Baptist Church 331738N 0854222W Lineville East
Springhill Church 331852N 0855514W Clairmont Springs
Union Baptist Church 330646N 0853922W Daviston
Union Church 332646N 0854632W Cheaha Mountain
Valley Grove Church (historical) 330708N 0860751W Hollins
Victory Church 330704N 0855937W Hackneyville
Victory Church 331240N 0854512W Gibsonville
Wests Chapel (historical) 331107N 0861003W Sylacauga East
Wrights Chapel 331423N 0854753W Gibsonville
Youngs Chapel Church 331931N 0854136W Lineville East





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