Fruithurst, Alabama

Submitted & Transcribed by Eric Stack
Source: Cleburne County Chamber of Commerce
Photo by Rivers Langley; SaveRivers (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons


- Coordinates: 33°43′51″N 85°25′54″W

- Land: 1.0 sq mi Water: 0.0 sq mi | Population(2010): 284 Density: 284/sq mi

- Small rural community called Summitt Cut was the beginning of Fruithurst

- Summitt Cut was settled around 1880

- Primarily settled by farmers from Carolinas & Georgia of Scotch-Irish descent

- Cotton was primary crop

- When cotton declined farmers sold to investors from the North (approx. 20,000 acres)

- Investors divided the land into town and vineyard lots and encouraged migration from the North

- Investors named town Fruithurst which became incorporated in 1896

- 1898 Fruithurst became a boomtown with the envision of fruit trees and grape vineyards

After the reconstruction period Fruithurst began making a name for it. Numerous businesses were established with the city being laid out of diagonal streets and parallel avenues linking the city. One of the city’s landmarks was the Fruithurst Inn that became possibly one of the finest Southern hotels in the area. At one point in time Fruithurst had an experimental station containing an orchard, berry patches, rose and vegetable gardens along with 105 varieties of grapes. The prohibition affected Fruithurst tremendously due to the city prospering around wine making. Following the prohibition the Great Depression forced many of the immigrants to abandon the city and move away while a handful of successful transplants stayed. The town shows very little sign of its fertile and booming past, but you can still find a handful of Victorian houses along with grave markers showing the people that prospered in the ones great city of the northern Alabama hills.

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