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Colbert County

Cemetery Records


 This is not a complete listing of the Cemeteries of Colbert County.
If you know of another or if you have any information you wish to share, please let us know.

Source: GNIS - Submitted by C. Anthony

Adams Cemetery 344236N 0873650W Leighton
Alsobrook Cemetery 344300N 0880638W Bishop
Aycock Cemetery 343407N 0873559W Old Bethel
Aycock Cemetery 344143N 0873556W Leighton
Barton Cemetery 344411N 0875258W Barton
Basden Cemetery 343909N 0875045W Pride
Bethel Cemetery 344454N 0872749W Town Creek
Bickley Cemetery 344032N 0873715W Leighton
Blocker Cemetery 344306N 0873758W Tuscumbia
Blythe Memorial Cemetery 343918N 0873145W Leighton
Bray Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Burns Cemetery 343827N 0880638W Bishop
Burnstown Cemetery 345107N 0875747W Cherokee
Burton Cemetery 344401N 0874422W Tuscumbia
Byrd Cemetery 344015N 0874349W Tuscumbia
Cal Cemetery 344239N 0872553W Town Creek
Canaan Cemetery 344510N 0880353W Margerum
Carter Cemetery 344717N 0872957W Wheeler Dam
Carytown Cemetery 344906N 0880519W Margerum
Cherokee Cemetery 344543N 0875852W Cherokee
Cherokee Cemetery 344552N 0875817W Cherokee
Cole Cemetery 344400N 0873601W Leighton
Community Cemetery 344123N 0874450W Tuscumbia
Coondog Cemetery 343748N 0875801W Barton
County Farm Cemetery 343836N 0874247W Tuscumbia
County Memorial Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Crenshaw Cemetery 345003N 0880437W Margerum
Davis Cemetery 345156N 0880050W Margerum
Dillahunty Cemetery 344253N 0872639W Town Creek
Donley Cemetery 344123N 0874509W Pride
Douthit Cemetery 345059N 0880502W Margerum
Faircloth Cemetery 344706N 0872740W Wheeler Dam
Finley Cemetery 343820N 0880619W Bishop
Gadd Cemetery 343821N 0874233W Tuscumbia
Gargis Cemetery 343538N 0873326W Old Bethel
Gargis Cemetery 344131N 0873333W Leighton
Garrett Cemetery 344701N 0880111W Margerum
Gibbs Cemetery 344252N 0875201W Pride
Glendale Cemetery 344200N 0873453W Leighton
Greenhill Cemetery 344235N 0875229W Pride
Gunn Cemetery 344031N 0873750W Tuscumbia
Guy Cemetery 344249N 0874455W Tuscumbia
Hennigan Cemetery 344541N 0872648W Wheeler Dam
Hennigan Cemetery 344715N 0873128W Killen
Henson Cemetery 343615N 0874220W Russellville
Henson Cemetery 343948N 0874201W Tuscumbia
Holland Cemetery 343920N 0874612W Pride
Huff Cemetery 343931N 0874402W Tuscumbia
Hyde Cemetery 343414N 0874103W Russellville
Jackson Cemetery 344518N 0873807W Florence
Jackson Cemetery 344744N 0880616W Margerum
Jenkins Cemetery 343850N 0873444W Leighton
Johnson Cemetery 344017N 0880643W Bishop
Keeton Cemetery 344043N 0875057W Pride
Kernachan Cemetery 344809N 0873355W Killen
King Cemetery 343947N 0872843W Town Creek
King Cemetery 344016N 0872744W Town Creek
LaGrange Cemetery 343926N 0873346W Leighton
Lane Cemetery 344954N 0875823W Cherokee
Leigh Cemetery 344154N 0873049W Leighton
Liberty Cemetery 344344N 0880641W Bishop
Ligon Cemetery 343744N 0873730W Tuscumbia
Ligon Cemetery 343921N 0873841W Tuscumbia
Madding Cemetery 344249N 0872733W Town Creek
Malone Cemetery 344659N 0875831W Cherokee
Margerum Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mayers Cemetery 344156N 0873439W Leighton
McCaig Cemetery 343952N 0875513W Barton
McCollough Cemetery 343810N 0875458W Barton
McKiernan Cemetery 344713N 0873241W Killen
Midway Cemetery 344357N 0872628W Town Creek
Mitchell Cemetery 343803N 0874425W Tuscumbia
Morning Star Cemetery 344200N 0873916W Tuscumbia
Morris Hill Cemetery 344526N 0880516W Margerum
Mount Hester Cemetery 344342N 0880046W Bishop
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 344251N 0880037W Bishop
Mount Pleasant Cumberland Cemetery - - Muscle Shoals
Mountain Mills Cemetery 344233N 0875335W Barton
Murphy-Kemper-Cockburn Cemetery 344633N 0873916W Florence
New Bethel Memorial Cemetery 343844N 0874737W Pride
New Brick Cemetery -- -- Muscle Shoals
New Newsom Springs Cemetery 343926N 0875453W Barton
Oakwood Cemetery 344320N 0874123W Sheffield
Oakwood Cemetery 344611N 0874034W Florence
Old Mount Moriah Cemetery 343752N 0873740W Tuscumbia
Old Newsom Springs Cemetery 343913N 0875451W Barton
Osborn Hill Cemetery 343447N 0874002W Russellville
Pearsall Cemetery 344618N 0873623W Killen
Peden Cemetery 344535N 0873236W Killen
Pleasant Hill Cemetery - - Cherokee
Preuit Cemetery 344030N 0873027W Leighton
Pride Cemetery 344238N 0874635W Pride
Pride Cemetery 344813N 0875916W Cherokee
Rand Cemetery 344036N 0873347W Leighton
Ray Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Richardson Cemetery 344008N 0874424W Tuscumbia
Ricks Cemetery 343943N 0873535W Leighton
Russell Cemetery 343544N 0880759W Belmont
Rutland Cemetery 344019N 0875127W Pride
Rutland Cemetery 344519N 0875947W Cherokee
Shaw Cemetery 344345N 0872819W Town Creek
Sherrod Cemetery 344209N 0874605W Pride
Smith Cemetery 344605N 0875850W Cherokee
Spring Valley Station Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Stanley Cemetery 344444N 0872940W Town Creek
Tharp Cemetery 343517N 0874133W Russellville
Thompson Cemetery 344744N 0875534W Cherokee
Twitty Cemetery 344133N 0880631W Bishop
Underwood Cemetery 343809N 0874420W Tuscumbia
Watkins Cemetery 344457N 0875420W Barton
Whitamore Cemetery 344734N 0873424W Killen
Wilson Cemetery 344252N 0873144W Leighton
Young Cemetery 343705N 0873801W Russellville



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