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This may not be a complete listing of the Churches of Conecuh County.

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Abundant Life Assembly Church 312610N 0865635W Evergreen
Antioch Church 313005N 0865729W Lyeffion
Antioch Church 312701N 0864334W Brooks
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church 312621N 0865237W Evergreen
Arkadelphia Church 312838N 0870342W Belleville
Asbury Church 314246N 0870010W Skinnerton
Baggetts Chapel 312203N 0870747W Range
Belleville Church 312546N 0870639W Belleville
Belleville Fork Church 312547N 0870532W Belleville
Bermuda Church 312917N 0871113W Repton
Bermuda United Methodist Church 312912N 0871120W Repton
Bethel Baptist Church 312556N 0865655W Evergreen
Bethel Church 311742N 0871304W Range
Bethel West Church 314205N 0865454W Bethel
Bethesda Baptist Church 312856N 0870805W Repton
Bower Memorial Baptist Church 312522N 0865732W Evergreen
Bowles Church 313420N 0865836W Lyeffion
Brooklyn Church 311551N 0864633W Brooklyn
Brownville Church 312804N 0865348W Evergreen
Burnt Corn Methodist Church 313301N 0870932W Burnt Corn
Castleberry United Methodist Church 311756N 0870116W Castleberry
Cedar Creek Church 311721N 0865537W Nymph
Cedar Grove African Methodist Episcopal Church 312547N 0865043W Old Town
Cenntial Church 312736N 0870215W Belleville
Centernary Methodist Church 313352N 0870237W China
Chappelle Church 312925N 0870015W Belleville
Cohassett Church 312406N 0864228W Brooks
Cohassett Church 312346N 0864141W Brooks
Coley Chapel Methodist Church 311545N 0872540W Uriah East
Concord Methodist Church 313802N 0865529W Bethel
Conecuh Baptist Association Church 312616N 0865736W Evergreen
Fairview Baptist Church 312500N 0865950W Evergreen
Fairview Church 312445N 0870023W Belleville
Fairview Church of Christ 312457N 0865924W Evergreen
First Assembly of God Church 312609N 0865650W Evergreen
First Baptist Church 312607N 0865708W Evergreen
First United Methodist Church 312557N 0865718W Evergreen
First Zion Church 311449N 0864230W Dixie
Flat Rock Church 312843N 0864938W Old Town
Grace Church 312934N 0864608W Old Town
Grace Fellowship Church 311817N 0871312W Range
Greater Nazarene Baptist Church 312018N 0865625W Nymph
Green Street Church 313457N 0870752W Burnt Corn
Hamden Ridge Church 312211N 0870454W Castleberry
Hamden Ridge Church 312233N 0870219W Belleville
Hartwood Church 312005N 0871354W Range
Holiness Church (historical) 313142N 0865328W Lyeffion
Holly Grove Church 313010N 0870035W China
Holly Grove Methodist Church 311758N 0861357W Opp East
Holy Temple Church 311709N 0865112W Brooklyn
Jones Chapel Church 312856N 0865003W Old Town
L Pond Church 311723N 0865713W Nymph
Lenox Baptist Church 312013N 0871105W Range
Little Pine Level Church 313405N 0865838W Lyeffion
Little Zion Church 312453N 0865313W Evergreen
London Baptist Church 311747N 0870500W Castleberry
Long Branch Church 312321N 0864138W Brooks
Lyeffion Baptist Church 313244N 0865853W Lyeffion
Midway Baptist Church 314259N 0870309W Skinnerton
Millieville Church 313015N 0865655W Lyeffion
Monroe Church 312529N 0871408W Repton
Mount Olive Church 312059N 0865314W Nymph
Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church 313943N 0870224W Skinnerton
Mount Sinai Baptist Church 312333N 0871805W Excel
Mount Sinai Johnson Holy Temple Number 3 311715N 0870105W Castleberry
Mount Union Church 312312N 0864606W Old Town
Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church 312603N 0865651W Evergreen
Mount Zion Church 313349N 0865834W Lyeffion
Mount Zion Church 313953N 0865651W Bethel
Mount Zion Church (historical) 313919N 0865715W Bethel
New Bethel Church 312115N 0864916W Brooklyn
New Beulah Church 312117N 0865302W Nymph
New Centennial Baptist Church 312405N 0871114W Repton
New Haven Church 312135N 0870746W Range
New Haven Church of Christ 313637N 0870432W China
New Home Church 312915N 0864408W Brooks
New Home Church 313524N 0865850W Lyeffion
New Hope African Methodist Episcopal Church 313214N 0870805W Burnt Corn
New Hope Church 313915N 0870206W Skinnerton
New Hope Church 314158N 0865700W Bethel
New Hope Church 312046N 0865824W Nymph
New Hope Church (historical) 313930N 0865714W Bethel
New Hopewell Church 311631N 0870944W Range
New Jerusalem Church 312552N 0865043W Old Town
New Providence Church 311912N 0864447W Loango
Oak Grove Church 312506N 0871102W Repton
Oak Grove Church 311827N 0871032W Range
Oakdale Assembly of God Church 312500N 0871125W Repton
Old Town Church 312540N 0865000W Old Town
Olive Branch Church 312936N 0865541W Evergreen
Paul Church 311919N 0864430W Loango
Pilgrim Rest Church 314315N 0865607W Bethel
Pilgrims Rest Church (historical) 312921N 0865013W Old Town
Pine Orchard Methodist Church 313828N 0870810W Beatrice
Pleasant Grove Church 313139N 0870214W China
Pleasant Grove Church 311952N 0864620W Brooklyn
Pleasant Hill Church 312007N 0864731W Brooklyn
Providence Church 311913N 0864356W Loango
Purnell Methodist Church 313412N 0870623W China
Ramah Church 311952N 0871046W Range
Range Church 311843N 0871413W Range
Rudolph Temple 312420N 0870614W Belleville
Saint John Church 312529N 0865028W Old Town
Saint Luke Church 311838N 0865628W Nymph
Saint Palestine Church 311633N 0864507W Brooklyn
Saint Pauls United Methodist Church 312601N 0865654W Evergreen
Sampey African Methodist Episcopal Church 312222N 0871915W Frisco City SE
Sandy Grove Church 311709N 0865103W Brooklyn
Second Brooklyn Zion Church 311413N 0864404W Dixie
Second Mount Zion Baptist Church 313106N 0865500W Lyeffion
Sepulga Baptist Church 312310N 0864510W Old Town
Shady Grove Church 311650N 0865113W Brooklyn
Skinnerton Church 314011N 0870357W Skinnerton
Sparta Hill Methodist Church 312004N 0865911W Nymph
Spring Hill Church 312149N 0864724W Brooklyn
Springhill Methodist Church 312241N 0871054W Repton
Sweet Home Church 313033N 0864226W McKenzie
Union Grove Church 311729N 0865535W Nymph
Unity in Christ Outreach Church 312556N 0865707W Evergreen
Welcome Church 312743N 0864613W Old Town
Weston Church 313115N 0870131W China
Westside Church 312801N 0865855W Evergreen





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