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This may not be a complete listing of the Churches of Covington County.

Source: GNIS 

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Adellum Baptist Church 311716N 0863121W River Falls
Andalusia Bible Church 311744N 0862950W Andalusia
Andalusia Missionary Baptist Church 311829N 0862822W Andalusia
Andalusia Seventh Day Church 311803N 0862814W Andalusia
Antioch Church 312306N 0862301W Gantt
Babbie Baptist Church 311632N 0861945W Opp West
Beda Church 310307N 0863457W Wing
Bethany Baptist Church 311731N 0861426W Opp East
Bethany Church 311539N 0861304W Opp East
Bethany Missionary Baptist Church 312139N 0862822W Andalusia
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church 311848N 0865857W Nymph
Bethel Church 311013N 0861237W Kinston
Bethel Church 312637N 0862053W Dozier
Bethel Methodist Church 311844N 0865854W Nymph
Bethesda Primitive Baptist Church 311741N 0864001W Loango
Beulah Church 311342N 0861352W Kinston
Blue Lake Assembly Church 310640N 0863301W Wing
Blue Springs Baptist Church 311233N 0861848W Onycha
Brooks Church 312850N 0864110W Brooks
Buck Creek Church 312510N 0863444W Red Level
Calvery Church 311634N 0862615W Andalusia
Capitol Hill Baptist Church 311553N 0861403W Opp East
Carolina Baptist Church 311325N 0863031W Carolina
Carolina Church 311419N 0863125W Carolina
Cedar Grove Church 312106N 0861947W Opp West
Cedar Grove Church of Christ 311649N 0863237W River Falls
Centerville Church 312107N 0863506W River Falls
Central Church of Christ 311822N 0862858W Andalusia
Chapel Hill Missionary Baptist Church 310143N 0861401W Hacoda
Christ the King Catholic Church 311839N 0862725W Andalusia
Christian Church 311701N 0861522W Opp West
Christian Home Church 310017N 0862442W Watkins Bridge
Church of Christ 310003N 0861948W Florala
Church of Christ 311813N 0862813W Andalusia
Church of Christ 311659N 0861426W Opp East
Church of God in Christ 311845N 0862855W Andalusia
Church of the Living God 311805N 0862831W Andalusia
Clear Creek Church (historical) 311246N 0862832W Libertyville
Cold Spring Church 312604N 0862512W Gantt
Cold Water Church 312604N 0862449W Gantt
Conecuh River Baptist Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Conecuh River Missionary Baptist Church 311234N 0863748W Dixie
Cool Springs Church 311749N 0861419W Opp East
Corinth Church 312901N 0863715W Red Level
County Line Church 311714N 0861215W Opp East
County Line Church of Christ 312557N 0861542W Dozier
Damascus Church 310100N 0862547W Watkins Bridge
Dillon Church 311705N 0863200W River Falls
East Highland Church 311902N 0862800W Andalusia
Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Emmanuel Baptist Church 311733N 0862839W Andalusia
Enon Church 311017N 0862333W Libertyville
Fairmount Missionary Baptist Church 312400N 0863644W Red Level
Faithway Church 311446N 0862752W Libertyville
Falco Church 310226N 0863641W Wing
First African Baptist Church 310025N 0861928W Florala
First Assembly of God Church 310028N 0861956W Florala
First Assembly of God Church 311658N 0861548W Opp West
First Baptist Church 310013N 0861927W Florala
First Baptist Church 311658N 0861515W Opp West
First Baptist Church 311832N 0862858W Andalusia
First Bethlehem Baptist Church 312101N 0863430W River Falls
First Christian Church 311828N 0865859W Nymph
First Lutheran Church 305957N 0861835W Paxton
First Methodist Church 311700N 0861513W Opp West
First Methodist Church 310019N 0861938W Florala
First Pentecostal Church 311853N 0862954W Andalusia
First Presbyterian Church 310014N 0861933W Florala
First Presbyterian Church 311822N 0865900W Nymph
First United Methodist Church 311831N 0862838W Andalusia
First United Pentecostal Church 311643N 0861545W Opp West
First Unity Missionary Baptist Church 311805N 0862905W Andalusia
First Universalist Church 310010N 0861907W Florala
Five Runs Church (historical) 311441N 0862546W Libertyville
Florala Church 311129N 0863817W Dixie
Freemont Baptist Church - - Red Level
Friendship Church 312414N 0861220W Danleys Crossroads
Gantt Baptist Church 312420N 0862857W Gantt
Garden Baptist Church 313119N 0864105W McKenzie
Garden Church 313022N 0864023W McKenzie
Gardner Chapel 312217N 0861848W Opp West
Gateway Baptist Church 310034N 0861944W Florala
Good News Chapel 312511N 0862014W Dozier
Goodhope Primitive Baptist Church 313116N 0862452W Leon
Gospel Center Church 311306N 0862328W Libertyville
Grace Baptist Church 310029N 0861946W Florala
Grace Chapel 311738N 0862822W Andalusia
Green Tree Christian Fellowship Church 311854N 0862454W Andalusia
Gridertown Church 311510N 0861828W Opp West
Harmony Missionary Baptist Church 312125N 0862232W Andalusia
Hickory Grove Church 311613N 0861725W Opp West
Holiness Church 311643N 0861509W Opp West
Holy Hill Church 311721N 0862849W Andalusia
Holy Tabernacle 311759N 0862852W Andalusia
Hopewell Baptist Church 311528N 0863638W River Falls
Hopewell Church 310009N 0863028W Wing
Jernigan Church 312407N 0863612W Red Level
Jordan Grove Baptist Church 312859N 0862413W Gantt
Judson Baptist Church 311155N 0862708W Libertyville
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses 311753N 0861415W Opp East
Lambuth Memorial Church 310631N 0863323W Wing
Liberty Hill Church 310442N 0862612W Watkins Bridge
Liberty Home Church 311550N 0862821W Andalusia
Lindsey Bridge Baptist Church 311735N 0862729W Andalusia
Lockhart Church 310150N 0862343W Watkins Bridge
Macedonia Church 312707N 0861925W Dozier
Magnolia Church (historical) 311305N 0862025W Onycha
Mobley Creek Baptist Church 311400N 0864018W Dixie
Mount Canaan Church 313044N 0862642W Leon
Mount Chapel Baptist Church 312341N 0861852W Dozier
Mount Gilead Church 312442N 0861840W Dozier
Mount Hermon Church 310048N 0863354W Wing
Mount Moriah Church 312004N 0863011W River Falls
Mount Olive Bible Church 311411N 0861852W Onycha
Mount Olive Church 310823N 0864025W Dixie
Mount Olive Church (historical) 312156N 0863630W River Falls
Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church 311933N 0863918W Loango
Mount Pisgah Baptist Church 312042N 0862536W Andalusia
Mount Pisgah Church 312056N 0862451W Andalusia
Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church 312435N 0862850W Gantt
Mount Zion United Methodist Church 312303N 0862513W Gantt
Nazareth Baptist Church 311645N 0861509W Opp West
Nehoma Church 312756N 0864041W Brooks
New Bethel Church 311523N 0862046W Opp West
New Friendship Church 311721N 0863610W River Falls
New Home Church 311808N 0863534W River Falls
New Home Church 312852N 0863158W Red Level
New Hope Church 312344N 0863528W Red Level
New Hope Church 313024N 0862427W Leon
New Hope Lutheran Church 311815N 0862823W Andalusia
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church 310924N 0861831W Onycha
New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
New Providence Church 312358N 0862255W Gantt
New Shady Grove Church 311222N 0862508W Libertyville
North Creek Church 310548N 0862514W Watkins Bridge
Northern Heights Baptist Church 311822N 0862830W Andalusia
Northside Baptist Church 311856N 0862916W Andalusia
O'Pine Church 311937N 0861711W Opp West
Oak Grove Church 311919N 0863525W River Falls
Oak Grove Church 312958N 0862915W Gantt
Oakey Ridge Baptist Church 311454N 0862319W Libertyville
Phillips Chapel 310056N 0862927W Watkins Bridge
Pigeon Creek Church 312903N 0863659W Red Level
Pilgrim's Bible and Family Church 311655N 0861521W Opp West
Pilgrims Rest Primitive Baptist Church 312818N 0862027W Dozier
Pine Grove Church 312004N 0861322W Opp East
Pine Level Church 311727N 0863636W River Falls
Pine Level Church 310824N 0861439W Kinston
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church 311938N 0863900W Loango
Pleasant Hill Church 310534N 0862559W Watkins Bridge
Pleasant Home Church 310935N 0863623W Carolina
Presley Chapel 312022N 0863722W River Falls
Red Oak Church 310824N 0862739W Libertyville
Red Oak Church (historical) 311401N 0862728W Libertyville
River Falls Baptist Church 312104N 0863226W River Falls
Rose Hill Church 312559N 0862132W Dozier
Saint Johns Baptist Church 310033N 0861952W Florala
Saint Mary Episcopal Church 311846N 0862802W Andalusia
Saint Peters Baptist Church 311856N 0862855W Andalusia
Salem Church (historical) 310243N 0864133W Bradley
Salem Missionary Baptist Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sanford Baptist Church 311759N 0862317W Andalusia
Shady Grove Church 312540N 0862753W Gantt
Shady Grove Church 311348N 0862511W Libertyville
Shady Hill Church 310906N 0863219W Carolina
Shiloh Church (historical) 311230N 0862902W Libertyville
Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church 312332N 0862505W Gantt
Smyrna Baptist Church 310450N 0861423W Hacoda
Snowhill Church 311338N 0864130W Dixie
South Church 312719N 0863708W Red Level
Southside Baptist Church 311634N 0861541W Opp West
Southside Baptist Church 311805N 0862906W Andalusia
Stephen African Methodist Episcopal Church 311645N 0861511W Opp West
Sweet Home Baptist Church 312134N 0861633W Opp West
Sweetwater Baptist Church 311956N 0861403W Opp East
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 311744N 0862950W Andalusia
Trinity Church 311853N 0862450W Andalusia
Union Church 310138N 0863043W Wing
Union Church 311851N 0862815W Andalusia
Union Grove Church 312202N 0861421W Opp East
Valley Grove Church 312326N 0861552W Dozier
Veasey Chapel 313030N 0861655W Brantley
Vera Cruz Church 313022N 0863551W Industry
Victory Baptist Church 311841N 0862935W Andalusia
West County Line Baptist Church 311712N 0861157W Opp East
West End United Methodist Church 311912N 0862958W Andalusia
West Highland Assembly of God Church 311920N 0863022W River Falls
West Highland Baptist Church 311851N 0862948W Andalusia
Westside Baptist Church 310033N 0862020W Florala
Westview Assembly of God Church 311652N 0861629W Opp West
Wing Missionary Church 310130N 0863637W Wing
Zion Chapel 312435N 0862854W Gantt
Zion Hill Church 312351N 0862621W Gantt
Zion Rock Church 310450N 0863309W Wing





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