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This may not be a complete listing of the Schools of Covington County.

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Acre School (historical) 311505N 0862825W Andalusia
Andalusia High School 311856N 0862815W Andalusia
Babbie School (historical) 311747N 0861941W Opp West
Bass School (historical) 310851N 0863221W Carolina
Belle School (historical) 310836N 0862141W Onycha
Bula School (historical) 311340N 0861350W Kinston
Burnt Out School (historical) 312858N 0861644W Dozier
Carolina School 311341N 0863047W Carolina
Center Hill School (historical) 312101N 0863421W River Falls
Chesser School (historical) 312940N 0863544W Red Level
Church Street Elementary School 311832N 0862928W Andalusia
Cold Spring School (historical) 312604N 0862520W Gantt
Corinth School (historical) 312517N 0861834W Dozier
Douglas MacArthur State Technical Institute 311826N 0861516W Opp West
Dunn School (historical) 312005N 0862603W Andalusia
Fleeta Junior High School 311947N 0861442W Opp East
Floral School (historical) 311128N 0863821W Dixie
Florala Elementary School 310029N 0861933W Florala
Florala High School 310006N 0862014W Florala
George Washington Carver Junior High School 310056N 0861951W Florala
Grace Christian Academy 310029N 0861947W Florala
Gravel Hill School (historical) 312319N 0861300W Danleys Crossroads
Greenland School (historical) 310059N 0862508W Watkins Bridge
Hopewell School (historical) 311532N 0863633W River Falls
Liberty Hall School (historical) 310440N 0862610W Watkins Bridge
Lime Branch School (historical) 310059N 0862337W Watkins Bridge
Mason School (historical) 312326N 0863706W Red Level
Montezuma Academy 311830N 0862648W Andalusia
New Hope School (historical) 313020N 0862424W Leon
New Sweet Home School (historical) 311544N 0863357W River Falls
O'Pine School (historical) 311942N 0861714W Opp West
Opp High School 311719N 0861423W Opp East
Opp Middle School 311715N 0861506W Opp West
Pleasant Home High School 310931N 0863645W Carolina
Rawls School (historical) 312714N 0862852W Gantt
Red Level High School 312411N 0863648W Red Level
South Highlands Elementary School 311636N 0861531W Opp West
Southside Elementary School (historical) 311741N 0862848W Andalusia
Straughn High School 312319N 0862500W Gantt
Terry School (historical) 312532N 0863848W Brooks
Thompsons School (historical) 310501N 0862647W Watkins Bridge
Three Notch School 311833N 0862838W Andalusia
Tillery Creek School (historical) 310704N 0862911W Watkins Bridge
Volcano School (historical) 312817N 0862513W Gantt
W S Harlan Junior High School 310058N 0862127W Florala
Walker School (historical) 311120N 0863015W Carolina
Wallace Junior College 311919N 0862707W Andalusia
Watson School (historical) 311701N 0863950W Loango
Wiggins School (historical) 311846N 0862148W Opp West
Woodson Middle School 311941N 0862900W Andalusia





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