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This may not be a complete listing of the Schools of DeKalb County.

Source: GNIS


Name Latitude Longitude Map
Adamsburg Junior High School 342359N 0854024W Fort Payne
Andrews Institute (historical) 341910N 0855210W Portersville
Antioch School (historical) 342916N 0855610W Fyffe
Bell School (historical) 342339N 0853915W Fort Payne
Bethlehem School 342734N 0860048W Grove Oak
Blake School 342957N 0854531W Chavies
Brown Fell School (historical) 341759N 0854540W Portersville
Brown School (historical) 342742N 0855127W Chavies
Carter School (historical) 341459N 0855859W Keener
Center Point Junior High School 341244N 0860339W Rodentown
Collinsville High School 341512N 0855210W Portersville
Concord School (historical) 343546N 0854612W Sylvania
Cooper School (historical) 343354N 0855108W Sylvania
Council Bluff School (historical) 343520N 0853955W Dugout Valley
Crossville High School 341719N 0855943W Crossville
Davenport Chapel School 343351N 0853652W Valley Head
Deberry School (historical) 343023N 0854810W Sylvania
Deer Head School (historical) 344606N 0853455W Trenton
Deshield School (historical) 343143N 0854948W Sylvania
Emmett School (historical) 343211N 0854547W Sylvania
Fisher School 342752N 0853847W Fort Payne
Flat Rock School (historical) 342437N 0860312W Grove Oak
Forest Avenue Elementary School 342633N 0854331W Fort Payne
Fort Payne Academy (historical) 342639N 0854249W Fort Payne
Fort Payne High School 342915N 0854027W Fort Payne
Franklin Academy (historical) 341927N 0854632W Portersville
Fyffe High School 342657N 0855415W Fyffe
Geraldine School 342105N 0860010W Painter
Green Chapel School (historical) 342745N 0855824W Fyffe
Grove Oak School 342622N 0860309W Grove Oak
Halford School (historical) 341313N 0860300W Rodentown
Hawkins Chapel School (historical) 343144N 0854308W Dugout Valley
Henagar Junior High School 343803N 0854607W Henagar
High Point School (historical) 343407N 0854336W Dugout Valley
Ider School 344243N 0854032W Ider
Keith School (historical) 344042N 0854130W Ider
Kilpatrick Junior High School (historical) 341602N 0860442W Painter
Lacy School (historical) 342502N 0855707W Fyffe
Laney School (historical) 342302N 0855456W Fyffe
Lea Chapel School (historical) 343615N 0853757W Dugout Valley
Log Cabin School (historical) 342343N 0854717W Chavies
Lookout Chapel School (historical) 343915N 0853605W Sulphur Springs
Mahan School (historical) 343422N 0854637W Sylvania
Malferd School (historical) 341312N 0860304W Rodentown
Marcus School (historical) 341249N 0855951W Keener
Masters School (historical) 343042N 0853723W Valley Head
Mathes Academy (historical) 343804N 0854617W Henagar
McKestes School (historical) 342340N 0855356W Fyffe
McPherson School (historical) 341159N 0860134W Rodentown
Midway School (historical) 342219N 0855341W Crossville
Moon Lake School 343401N 0853412W Valley Head
Moore School (historical) 342448N 0853800W Fort Payne
Mount Zion School (historical) 341304N 0860459W Rodentown
New Harmony School (historical) 342340N 0860534W Grove Oak
New Home School (historical) 343605N 0854151W Dugout Valley
Oak Grove School (historical) 343925N 0853745W Ider
Orphir School (historical) 342135N 0855720W Crossville
Pea Ridge School (historical) 343717N 0854025W Dugout Valley
Peeks Corner School (historical) 342337N 0855225W Chavies
Pickens School (historical) 342251N 0855704W Fyffe
Piney School (historical) 342622N 0860451W Grove Oak
Plainview School 342858N 0854920W Chavies
Pope School (historical) 342955N 0855307W Fyffe
Ruhama Junior High School 342115N 0854417W Little River
Shiloh School (historical) 342750N 0855247W Fyffe
Skirum Junior High School (historical) 341932N 0855752W Crossville
Spring Hill School (historical) 344015N 0854405W Ider
Sulphur Springs Academy (historical) 344153N 0853428W Sulphur Springs
Sylvania School 343351N 0854853W Sylvania
Tenbroeck Junior High School (historical) 342518N 0855917W Fyffe
Tomlin School (historical) 343117N 0855602W Dutton
Traylor School (historical) 342348N 0855932W Fyffe
Whiton Junior High School (historical) 342119N 0860442W Painter
Williams Avenue Junior High School 342721N 0854224W Fort Payne
Williams School (historical) 342801N 0855616W Fyffe
Wilson School (historical) 342526N 0855548W Fyffe
Willstown Mission School     Fort Payne





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