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by Col. James Edmonds Saunders
Lawrence County, Alabama
New Orleans, LA 1899

Transcribed and Submitted by Debra Hudson

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                JUDGE EDWARD4 MCGEHEE (born 1786, in Oglethorpe county, Ga., died 1st October, 1880), ninth child of Micajah McGehee, was one of Mississippis most remarkable men, as planter, philanthropist and financier.  (See Memories of Mississippi) Vol. I, p. 1191.)  Married (I) 6th June, 1811, Margaret Louisa Crosby, of Wilkes county, Ga.; (d. 9th January, 1821).  He married (II) 23d December, 1823, Harriet Ann Goodrich (d. 15th October, 1827).  He married (III) 15th February, 1829, Mary Hines Burruss (b. 21st March, 1812; d. 30th October, 1873), daughter of Rev. John C. Burruss and Elizabeth Brame, his wife, (Rev. John C. Burruss* was a distinguished divine in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South; came from Virginia to Lawrence county, Ala., 191, and from thence to Louisiana.  His fourth wife was Miss Nutting, of Boston, whom he married Tuscumbia, Ala., a most accomplished and lovable woman.  She lived to be quite aged; and, honored and lamented by all, died, 1894, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Claiborne Foster, of Shreveport, La.  (Mrs. Bishop Linus Parker, of New Orleans, and Mrs. Harding, of Shreveport, La., noble and intellectual women, are also daughters).

                Judge McGehee lived at Woodville, Miss., his lovely home was called Bowling Green, and he had large planting interests.  He was also founder of the Carondelet street Methodist Episcopal Church South, New Orleans, and of the Female College at Woodville, named for him; built the first railroad in Mississippi; owned the first cotton factory, the patron of Centenary College, and engaged in every enterprise for the welfare of his State.  Issue of first marriage (Cosby):

1.  Cynthia Ann5 (-----), married John S. Walton, of New Orleans; d. s. p.

2.  James Jack5, died young.

3.  Sarah5 Houston (------), married John W. Burruss, son of Rev. John C. Burruss,*  Issue:

1.  Ann McG.6 m. Judge John H. Kennard, of Baltimore.  Issue:  John, Burruss, Thomas and William.

2.  Catherine F.6 m. Henry Ginder, of Griswold & Co., New Orleans.

3.  Edward McG.6, d. unm.

4.  Mary E.6, d. unm.

5.  Sarah L.6, m. Judge Robt. Semple, of Point Coupee.  Issue:  Robert, Sarah, d.; Kate, Mary and John.  (Two infants died young.)

4.  James Hayes5, died young.

5.  Edward John5 (b. 1820; d. 1868); married (1841) Ann B. (b. 1825; d. 1879),  daughter of George Washington Carter, and Mary B. Wormley, his wife, both of Virginia and Mississippi.  The father of G. W. Carter was Charles Carter, who married Betty, daughter of Fielding Lewis and Betty Washington, sister of the President.  Issue:

1.  Edward J.6, C. S. A., Twenty-first Mississippi Regiment, m. Corinne Evans.  Six children.

2.  Harry T.6, C. S. A., m. Margaret Percy.  Three children.

3.  A. Merwin6, m. Kate Towles.  Six children.  Second marriage (Goodrich.)

6.  Charles Goodrich5, of Westwood, Miss. (b. 21st Sept. 1823).  His purity of life, and strength of character is great.  Married (I) Stella McNair, of New Orleans (who d. 1859); married (II) Anna G. McNair, her sister (b. 1831, d. 1884), by whom no issue.  Children:

1.  Robert M.6, married Selah Henderson, of Natchez, Miss.  Issue:  G. G.7, E. Putnam7, Anna7, G. McGehee7.

2.  Edward6, M. D., of New Orleans, married Anna, dau. of Col. J. H. Y. Webb (see Webb Book).  Issue:  J. Webb7, Edward L.7, L. D.7, Charles Goodrich7, Jr., and R. Micajah7 McGehee.  Dr. McGehee has greatly aided in securing family data. 

3.  Laura6, m. Hugo Davis, of Austin, Texas, nephew of President Davis.  Issue:  Hugo Jefferson7 Davis.

*Rev. John Crenschaw Burruss was secretary, 26th November, 1814, to a Methodist quarterly meeting of the Gloucester (Va.) Circuit.  James Body, the presiding elder; John C. Ballew, the assistant preacher, and Mr. Burruss the helper.  In May following he was Allowed $40, quarterage for two quarters, and Sister Burrus, $7.66, as part of her quarterage.  Parsons in those days preached for love only.  The circuit extended through King and Queen and Mathews counties, and the appointments were for Shakelfords Chapel, the old colonial churches of the counties, Coles Chapel, Sheppards, Paces Chapel, Manns, Olive Branch, Bellamys, Bethlehem, Abingdon Church, Bethel, Point Comfort, Mathews Chapel, Thrifts, Mount Zion, Providence, Billups and New Hope.  Later, Rev. Ethelbert Drake was presiding elder, John C. Burruss, assistant, and John Lattimore, helper.  In 1816 he was Local Deacon, and Samuel B. White, assistant.  He appears for the last time in November of that year at the quarterly conference held at Providence Meeting House, in Mathews county.  (Copied from the old Circuit Book of Bellamys Church, Gloucester county, Va.)

Edward McGehee married in Middlesex county, Va. (1801), Caroline C. Jones; Sarah McGehee married in Middlesex county, Va. (1801), William C. Humphries.  Daniel Dejarnette married in Middlesex county, Va. (1775), May Davis; George Dejarnette, married in Middlesex county, Va. (1793), Ann Walker of Sussex county; Nancy Dejarnette married in Middlesex county, Va. (1801), Berrien Abbot (Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex county, Va.).



4.  Stella6, married Mr. Adams.

5.  Charles6, d. y.

6.  Howard B.6, m. Hattie, dau. of Bishop Galloway of the M. E. Church Southl Issue:  H. B.7, Jr., and Stella F. McNair7.

7.  Micajah5 (b. 1826; d. 1880); had an eventful life; never married.   Was in General Fremonts expedition in 1848, across the Rockies, and member of the California Legislature (see article in Century Magazine, March, 1891).

8.  Harriet Ann5, d. y.  Issue of the third marriage(Burruss).

9.  William5, d. y.

10.  Francis5, d. y.

11.  George Thomas5, of Woodville, Miss. (b. 1833); A. M. of Yale College; C. S. A., Captain Twenty-first Mississippi, and on General Kershaws staff.  Married Lily McNair.  No issue.  Adopted in 1880 the two young daughters of General Hood, of the C. S. A.Odile and Ida Hood.

12.  John Burruss5, of Laurel Hill, La. (b. 1835); C. S. A., and planter, of Louisiana; President West Feliciana Railroad; member of Legislature.  Bright and humorous.  His quaint wit and charming ease endear him to many friends.  Married (1839) Catherine Elizabeth Stewart.  Issue:

J. Stewart6 McGehee, of St. Louis, only child, married Miss L. C. Johnson.

13.  Caroline Eliz.5, married Duncan Stewart, of Louisiana.  Issue:  George6, Mary6, Louise6, Ida6, Henry4, Edward6, Catherine6.

14.  Wilbur Fisk5 McGehee (b. 1839, d. 1859).

15.  Mary Louisa5, married S. H. Snowden.  Issue:  Wilbur Fisk6, d. y., Mason6, married Eliz., dau. of R. M. McGehee, and had Samuel7.

16.  Scott5 (    ), of New Orleans, C. S. A., Third Louisiana (Colonel Ogden); married (1872) Louise (b. St. Louis, 31st January, 1850; d. New Orleans, 19th June, 1896), daughter of Charles W. and Orleanna (Wright) Schaumberg, of St. Louis.  A charming friend and wife, and a most devoted mother, and a great promoter of social good.  Issue:  1. Louise6; 2. Ethel6;  3. Schaumberg6;  and two d. infants.

17.  Abner5, d. y.; 18. Harriet5,  d. y.; 19. Augusta Eugenia5, b. 1854, d. 1882, unmarried, in lovely young womanhood.




Lord Brooks came to Virginia early.  His daughter married an Englishman named Hodnett, and had two sons and two daughters.  The sons and father fought in Rev. War, and lived in Charlottesville, Va.

The youngest daughter, Jane, m. Daniel MacGehee, much to the opposition of her family, who thought his position not so good as hers.  They removed to Columbia county, Ga., ten miles above Augusta, when the Indians were living among them.  Issue:  Eight children; among themWilliam, Archibald, of Jackson, Miss., Nathan, Mrs. Ann Tyler and Catherine Brooks Garteray McGehee, who m. David Urquhart, of Augusta, Ga.

The sons, William, Archibald, and Nathan McGehee, were very successful, and each amassed a large fortune.  The descendants of Archibald live in Jackson, Miss.


David URQUHART was the son of John and Katherine Urquhart, of the county of Ross, Cromarty, Scotland.  Their children were David (b. 1779), John, Robert, Charles, William, Hugh, Katherine and Jane.  Only one son, David, and the two daughters were married.  (The Urquharts and MacGehees by Mrs. Caroline Lucy Urquhart Downing, of Columbus, Ga.)

David Urquhart (born in county Ross, Scotland, 1779), m. Catherine Brookes Gartary McGehee, b. in Prince Edward county, Va., 1789.  The family of Urquhart once owned Hilton Castle on the border of Loch Ness, in Cromarty.  David Urquhart came to South Carolina to his maternal uncle, Charles Banks, merchant in Charleston.  He became a merchant in Augusta, Ga.  Young Wm. McGehee, who lived in Columbia county, ten miles above Augusta, on his fathers farm, was his book-keeper.  David Urquhart accompanied him home on a visit, where he met and wooed the sisters, Katherine McGehee, whom he married.  They lived in Augusta, and became very wealthy in land and negroes, and built a home above Augusta, which he called Hilton.  Issue:

1.  KATHERINE LOUISA BANKS URQUHART m. Jesse Ansley and had thirteen children.

2.  JANE ELIZA BROOKS URQUHART m. (1st) James4 Watkins, of Elbert county, Ga., brother of Robt. H. Watkins, of Lawrence county, Ala.  No issue; and (2d) Dr. William Weeden, of Huntsville, Ala., (second wife) brother of the wife of Rev. Turner Saunders.  Issue (Second marriage):

      1.  Jane Weeden m. Mr. Wm. T. Read.

      2.  William, died unmarried.

      3.  Katherine, unmarried.

      4.  Col. John D. Weeden, C. S. A., m. Mattie Patton, of Florence, Ala.  Four children.

      5.  Dr. Henry Vernon Weeden m. Miss Dunham.

      6.  Maria Howard Weeden, Miss Howard, artist and author, a charming ornament to her sex and family.

3.  DR. JOHN AUGUSTUS URQUHART, of Columbus, Ga., m. Mary Jane Shorter, daughter of Judge Eli Shorter, and his wife, Sophia Watkins.  No issue.  (See Watkins Family.)

4.  SARAH ANN URQUHART m. Mr. John Garner, of Augusta, Ga.  One child, Katherine, married Dr. Stephen Elliott Habersham, of Savannah.  Issue:  Katherine Virginia, and John G. Habersham.

5.  DAVID WM. URQUHART, d. s. p.

6.  MARY MATILDA URQUHART m. Mr. W. W. Garrard, of Columbus, Ga.  On child, Mary Isabel, m. Dr. W. A. Robertson, of Louisiana.

7.  FRANCES ISABELLA GARTERAY URQUHART m. Wm. W. Garrard, Columbus, Ga.  Six children:  William m. Mary Lawton, of Savannah; Eva m. Humphreys Castleman, of Kentucky; Helen Augusta m. John T. Glenn, of Atlanta; Gertrude Kate m. James W. Harris, of Mississippi; Louis F. m. Anna Leonard; Ada Frances died young.

8.  CAROLINA LUCY URQUHART m. (second wife) Lemuel Tyler Downing (born 1814 in Preston, Conn., ) lawyer, who died Columbus, Ga., 24th March, 1882.  They had six children:  Frances Urquhart, Katherine Tyler m. Francis Hart Mitchell (who died 1885), Carolina Lucy, died young; Helen Mary m. Joseph B. Hill, of Columbus, Ga.; Carolina Lucy, also died young; Hugh Urquhart m. Brenda Gibson m. Brenda Gibson, of Newman, Ga.  (From Mrs. Downings Urquhart Family.)




                CHRISTOPHER CLARK, Louisa county, Va., m. Penelope(Bolling?)  Issue:  1. Edward2;  2. Bolling2;  3. Micajah2;  4. Eliz.2, m. Joseph Anthony;  5. Sarah2, m. Charles Lynch, Burgess for Albemarle, died 1753; parents of Charles (b. 1739), for whom Lynchburg was named (and also lynch law;) and of Sarah (d. 1773), m. her cousin, Micajah Terrell; 6. Daughter, m. Benj. Johnson.  These all joined the Quakers.  Christopher Clark patented with Nicholas Meriwether (1722) 972 acres in Hanover; and, again (1742), 4926 in his own name.  Louisa county was taken from Hanover 1742, and Hanover (1720) from Kent, which was formed from York 1654.  (Hence the earliest Clarks may be found in York Records.)  Nicholas Meriwether I is mentioned in York Records.  Christopher Clark was one of the first merchants in Louisa.  Joined Quakers 1743-9, and from that time on Bolling and Edward Clark were busy with the meetings of the Dissenters.  Mrs. Terrell, the Quakeress, freed her slaves, as did also Micajah Terrell and Christopher Johnson in 1774.  (See Cabells and the Kin.)  MICAJAH2 CLARK, said to be a cousin to Gen. Rogers (Va. Mag. Hist. III, 95), m. Judith, daughter of Robert Adams.  Issue:  1. Robert3 (b. 1738); 2. Christopher3;  3. John3;  4. Micajah3;  5. James3;  6. Bolling3;  7. William3, and 8. Elizabeth3, as follows:

1.  Robert3 (b. Albemarle, then Louisa, county, 1738), m. Susan, daughter of John Henderson (whose will was p. 1786).  They removed to Campbell (then Bedford county), and, in 1779, to Kentucky.  Among his sons were:  1. Robert4, of Clark county, Ky. who married a daughter of Benj. Shakelford, of King and Queen county, and of Baytop-Taliaferro descent;  2. Patterson4, of Clark county, Ky., m. also daughter of Benj. Shakelford;  3. James4 (b. 1799), Governor of Kentucky 1836;  4. Bennett, father of the Hon. John T. Clark, of Missouri;  5. Christopher C., M. C., 1804, from Bedford county, Va., m. daughter of Judge Joseph Hook; and other sons scattered over the West.  2. Christopher3 (see below).  We have not the lines of John3, who m. ----- Moore, or of Micajah3, James3 and Bolling3 Clark (above).  7. William3 Clark, m. Sarah, daughter of Richard and Ann (Meriwether) Anderson, of Virginia and removed to Kentucky.  His sister, Eliz. Anderson, m. Waddy Thompson, and Cicely Anderson, m. William Kerr, of Kentucky (Gov. Gilmer).  8. Elizabeth3 Clark, m. Joseph Anthony.  (Two of the Clark brothers were in the Revolutionary Army.)


2.  CHRISTOPHER CLARK3 (above) married Mildred Terrell.  Issue:

1.  Micajah4 Clark (b. circa, 1765), m. Ella Gatewood.  Their daughter, Amelia5, m. Nicholas, son of John, and Mildred (Meriwether) Gilmer, and moved to Kentucky.  Another daughter5 m. David Gilmer, son also of John, and moved to Arkansas.(See Governor Gilmers Georgians.)

2.  David4 Clark m. his cousin, Mary Clark.

3.  Mourning4 Clark married William B. Key.

4.  Judith4 Clark married Peter Wyche.*

5.  Rachel4 Clark married (I) John Bowen; (II) John Dailey.

6.  Agatha4 Clark married John Wyche.

7.  Mary4 Clark married Thomas W., son of Dionysius Oliver, of the Revolution, and of Elbert county, Georgia.

8.  Samuel4 Clark d. s. p.

9.  Joshua4 Clark d. s. p.

10.  Milred4 Clark married (1794) Shelton White, in Elbert county, Georgia.(See White.)

11.  Susan4 Clark (b. 1783) married the Rev. F. McCarthy Oliver (brother of Thomas.)

12.  Lucy4 Clark married James Oliver (b. 1767), (also son of Dionysius), (his second wife).  Elbert county, Ga.(From Diary of Dr. James Oliver.)


Christopher Clark mentioned 1758, in a poll, taken for Col. Washington, in Frederick county.(Va. Gazette.)

From York County Records:  Will of Nicholas Clark, 1658.  His only son, Nicholas Clark.

John Clarks widow, Eliz., married (1680) Samuel Tompkins, and with Nicholas Clark, they sold lands to James Forsithe.

Will of John Clark, 1689, wife Jane, son; Nicholas and other children.

Will of John Clark, 1694, wife, Ann; sons, Robert and John Clark.  His god-daughter, Ann Rogers, and godson, John Hubard.

Will Nicholas Clark, Sept. 1694, wife Elizabeth.  No issue (son of Nicholas).





Ancestry of General George Rogers Clark.


Jonathan1 Clark, of King and Queen county, Va., m. Eliz. Lumkin, and was the first to go to Albermarle county, 1734, in which year he died, leaving sons:  John2 and Benj.2.  His widow m. (II) Mr. Richards.

*Peter Wyche (1683)  1482 acres, in Charles city county, with John Lanier.  (Records.)  George Wyche (1713), 400 acres in Surry county, on Nottoway river.  Henry Wyches (1722), 370 acres (same).  Nathaniel Wyche (1791), in Sussex county.

Nicholas Meriwether was clerk of York county 1644, and Mrs. Eliz. Meriwether his executrix, 1679.  This county then included New Kent, King and Queen, Hanover and Louisa counties.  Meriwether and Clark descendants have frequently intermarried.  Richard, William, Edward and John Clark, revolutionary soldiers, received bounty lands prior to 1784.



JOHN2 CLARK (b. K. and Q. county, 1725, d. Jefferson, Kentucky, 1799), m. (1749) his cousin, Ann Rogers (b. King and Queen county, 1734), daughter of John and Mary (Bird) Rogers; removed to Caroline county, Va., 1757, and thence to Kentucky.  Issue, among others:

1.  General Jonathan3 Clark (b. Albemarle county, 1750, d. Jefferson county, Kentucky, 1811), m. Sarah Hite (b. 1758), of Frederick County, Va.; His daughter Ann m. James Pearce.

2.  General George Rogers3 Clark (b. Albemarle county, 1752), of Rev. and French and Indian Wars (1777); never married; lived with his sister near Louisville; paralyzed in 1809.

3.  Gov. William Clark, of Kentucky (9th son), b. Carolina county, Va., 1770, d. 1838, m. (I) Julia Hancock.

4.  Frances, m. (I), James OFallon, of Kentucky, and (II) Charles Thurston (b. 1765), (son of the fighting parson, Charles Mynn Thurston, of Va).  He was murdered by a slave.(Wm. & Mary Quarterly IV, 183.)


Shelton Notes.


From Middlesex county, Va., Christ Church Register.

Peter and Susannah Shelton, a son, Peter, b. 1687.

Ralph (died 1733) and Mary Shelton, a son Thomas, (b. 1707) Ralph, (1709), Crispin, (1713), Reuben, (1715), Catherine, (1719), John, (1722), Benjamin, (1724), James, (1726), Daniel, (1729).

Thomas (d. 1742), and Mary Shelton, a son, Reuben, (b. 1733), Mary (1737-d. 1742), Thomas, (b. 1740), Micajah, (1742).

Ralph Shelton married (1731) Mary Daniel.  (In 1745 Ralph Shelton 400 acres on north side Nottoway River, Amelia county.)

Crispin and Letitia Shelton, a son, William (b. 1735).

Crispin, Daniel and Gabriel Shelton  were Members of the Pittsylvania county Committee of Safety, 1775.  He was also of the vestry of Camden pa. with Abram Shelton.

Elizabeth Shelton, m. (1728) William Davis.  Mary Shelton died 1719.


York county Records mention William Shelton on a jury 1706, and executor (1716) with Lawrence Smith of the estate of John Moss.

James Shelton and Thomas Cole (1716) sued church wardens of Charles pa., York county, for a debt.

Arms of James Shelton, the immigrant, mentioned in William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 1.

Ralph Shelton, (1703), mentioned as a minor, and his mother about to marry Joseph Bickley, of King and Queen county, Va.  (William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 124.)

William Sheldon, of York county, m. Hannah, dau. of Capt. Anthony3 Anmstead (William2, Anthony1).  (William and Mary Quarterly, VII.)

Jesse Shelton, lived in Lancaster county (1784), opposite Urbana, on Rapp River.  (Hening.)

Samuel Shelton, vestry of St. Anns pa.  Albemarle county, after 1775.  (Bishop Meade.)

Rd. Shelton, vestry of Lexington pa., Amherst county, after 1779also William Shelton and later, Ralph C., and later still William and Edwin Shelton.  (Ibid.)

John Shelton, of Hanover county, married Eleanor Parks, daughter of William Parks, editor of the Virginia Gazette (whose will was p. 1750.  Executors wife Eleanor Parks, and son-in-law, John Shelton.

John and William Parks Shelton, his sons, advertised (1771) 2464 acres in Augusta county.  These they sold in Hanover county, by subscription.  (Virginia Gazette.)

John Shelton, of Cumberland county, 1768, advertised a stray horse in Virginia Gazette.

Clough Shelton, of Amherst county, was Captain in Rev. and member of Order of Cincinnatus 1783.

Sarah Shelton m. Patrick Henry and their daughter Elizabeth (b. 1769), m. Philip Aylett (b. 1761) (William and Mary Quarterly, III).  She was granddaughter of John and Elenor (Parks) Shelton, of Hanover county.

Thomas Shelton, in Captain Taylors Company, 2nd Virginia Battalion, 1777.

David Shelton, Captain in Virginia Militia, in the Rev.  (Virginia Magazine of History, VII., 28.)




Thomas Shelton, (name of wife unknown) had issue:

1.  Henry2 Shelton, married ----- Ray, and had, among others, Sarah3, (the eldest daughter) who married Thomas White (below).  2. Peter2 Shelton, 3. William2 Shelton, married ------ Harris.  4. David2.  5. Nelly Shelton, married Charles Stratham.




Conyers1  and Mary White, of Leistershrie, England, had a son, John2 White, who came to Virginia, and married Ann Wisdom, of King and Queen county, Va., and had 1. Mary3, m. Cornelius Rucker;  2. Theodosia3,  m. John Early,;  3. John3, married Miss Grumm;  4. Cornelius3, m. Rosa Dearing;  5. Frances3, married Zachariah Philips;  6. Thomas3, m. Sarah Shelton (see Shelton);  7. Ann3, m. Epaphroditus Rhodes;  8. Joseph3, d. s. p.;  9. Elizabeth3, m. William Davis;  10. Sarah, m. John Leathers.  Of these, 6. Thomas3 and Sarah (Shelton) White had issue:

1.  Shelton4, m. (11 Dec., 1794), Mildred Clark, of Elbert county, Ga.;  2. John4; m. Rachel Carter;  3. Nancy4, m. Caleb Oliver; 4. Henry4, m. Mary Starke;  5. Thomas4, m. Elizabeth Clark;  6. Joseph4, m. Avarilla Harper, of a Middlesex county, Va., family;  7. William4, of Elbert county, Ga., m. Concord Hamilton Brown, daughter of Frederick Brown, Columbia county, Georgia.  Of these: 7. William4 and Concord Hamilton (Brown) White, of Georgia, had issue:

                1.  Eliz. Louisa5, m. James W. Frazer, of Abbeville, S. C., and had Tallulah, m. Dr. Joseph Presley, of

S. C.; Victoria; Sally Concord, m. David T. Oliver.

                2.  Victoria Antoinette5, d. unm.

                3.  Sarah Ann5, m. James S. Oliver (d. 1882), of DeSoto.

                4.  Frederick5, d. s. p.

5.  Col. Thomas William5 White, of Hernando (d. 1890), m. Mina Barbara Meriwether, and had Mildred Concord6, Barbara Mina6, Thomas6, Louisa Toombs6, Concord Hamilton6, Nellie6, Frederick B.6 and Corinne Meriwether6. 

(For these see Oliver and McGehee family.)


1. Shelton4 and Mildred (Clark) White, of Elbert county, Ga., (above) had issue:  1.  Christopher Clark5; 2. Sarah T.5,  m. Hugh, 9th son of Micajah McGehee, of Oglethorpe county, Broad River, Ga.  They lived below Webbs Ferry, in Elbert county, says Gov. Gilmer, before removing to Mississippi.  (See McGehee.)

3.  Mildred Terrell5, m. Simeon Oliver, (wee Oliver).  4. Thomas I.5, d. s. p.

5.  John H.5, m. Mildred T. Satterwhite.  6. Mary S.5, m. Welborn A. Herring.

7.  David S.5, m. (I) Catherine C. Rucker, and (II) Mrs. Maria A. Price.

8.  Christopher Clark5, m. (I) Barbara Williams, and (II) Mary Withers.

9.  Shelton R.5, m. Sands Walker.  10.  Childs T.5, died aged 20.  11. William W.5,  married (I) Lucinda S. McGehee, and (II) Ann Pegues.

Capt. Zack6 White, Tunica county, Miss., is a son of William and Ann (Pegues) White.

John and Thomas White (1755), lands in Surry county, Va., south side of Blackwater swamp.(Records.)




    The Hyde-Saunders and Williamsburg lines it is said descend from EDWARD SAUNDERS, who was father of


JOHN1 SAUNDERS, planter (1677) of Hampton Pa., York county, Constable in 1677 (succeeding William Wade).  Surveyor of highways, with Henry Lee and John Cosby, 1682; patented land in Goochland, 1690; progenitor of the Hyde-Saunders and Williamsburg-Saunders line; (will proved 1700; a large estate).  Married Sarah, daughter of Peter Hargreave, who died 1684, and his estate divided (1685) by Robert Booth, Wm. Clopton and John Mihill (prominent men of York) between John Saunders (the administrator) and Robert Roberts, who married Mary, the other daughter of Peter Hargreave.  Robert Roberts d. 1705 (his son, Robert Roberts, was sheriff, 1712.Records.)  Children mentioned in above will (1700):

Christabel2, now wife of Samuel WaddemJohn2, Edward2, Robert2,  George2, Hargreave2, Peter2, Sarah2 and Susannah2 Saunders.

Of these, John2 and Edward2 Saunders made a deed (1707) to William Barber, gent, which Johns wife, Mary, also signed:  George and Robert Saunders acknowledged a debt (1711) to William Timson, who was a large merchant; and Hargreave Saunders (with guardianHenry Atkinson) was not of age in 1712.  (Records.)  The son, JOHN2 SAUNDERS, married (before 1707) Mary, daughter of Robert Hyde (d. 1718), the attorney, who had married (in 1679) Jane Underhill (executrix of Mrs. Mary Clopton, widow of Dr. Isaac Clopton) and had Samuel and Mary Hyde.  John Hyde, the progenitor, came to York Co. after 1650, and married Mary Hansford (of the family of the rebel, Thomas Hansford, of Bacons Rebellion).  (Note:  It is claimed for the Hyde family that they were related to Edward Hyde, first Earl of Clarendon (b. 1609d. 1674); Lord Chancellor of England 1658, and grandfather of Queens Annie and Mary.  Robert Hyde was of the grand jury in York Co. 1692, with Robert Green, Ralph Graves, Seymour Powell, Philip Debnam and Henry Collier.  James Hyde, mentioned in 1690.  Samuel Hyde and wife Eliz., mentioned 1717.  (His will 1738.)

Of the brothers and sisters (above) of John2 Saunders, we have no date beyond the will of 1700, and they were born too early for any to have figured in the Revolution.

JOHN2 and Mary (Hyde) Saunders had issue:  1. John Hyde Saunders; 2. Samuel Hyde3 Saunders, and perhaps, Col. Peter3  Saunders of Halifax (afterwards Henry) Co. (unless he was son of one of those mentioned in the will above.  But the descendants of John and Mary (Hyde) Saunders seem to have preserved the name of Peter among them.)  Of these:

1.  John Hyde3 Saunders (b. circa 1707) was the one who made deed, 1735, to his uncle, Samuel Hyde, in York county, in which he recites that John Hyde Saunders, was son and heir of John Saunders, who was son and heir of John Saunders, who patented land in Goochland county, 1790, etc.  (There seems to have been confusion among the family records as to the identity of this John Hyde Saunders and that of his nephew, the Rev. John Hyde Saunders, of Cumberland county, who was a student at William and Mary College, Virginia, 1762.)  And here the name of the son of John Hyde Saunders, the ancestor of the Williamsburg line, is uncertain, but it was, probably, also:

1.  John4 Saunders, a planter in James City count.  Whatever his name, the following list of his children was sent by his grandson, Rev. William Turner Saunders, in 1887, to Col. James E. Saunders of Alabama.  He wrote:  I have heard my uncle, Robert5 Saunders (the lawyer of Williamsburg), speak of his father as a most industrious planter, of comparatively small means, and a large family, but cannot now recall his name.  Of his children were 1. Matthew5, 2. John5, 3. Lewis5, 4. Betsy5, 5. Patsy5, and perhaps another not remembered, and of these, all who left descendants were Robert5 and my father, John5, as follows:


(1) ROBERT5 SAUNDERS, Sr., lawyer of Williamsburg, born 1762, d. 1840, mentioned while student in William and Mary College, 1776, as son of John.  Left college later, with others, to join the American army(Catalogue).  Witnessed a marriage in York county, 1786.

His only son, Hon Robert6 Saunders, died 1869.  Eminent scholar.  Professor Mathematics William and Mary College, 1833, and President, 1847, and also mayor of Williamsburg.  Married, 1828, Lucy Burwell Page (b. 1807), youngest of the twenty children of Gov. John Page, of Rosewell.  After his death she resided in the noble institution, Louise Home, Washington.  (See Page Family Book.)

Children:  1. Barbara7, 2. Leila7, 3. Robert7, now of Baltimore; 4. John7 d.y., and 5. Page7 Saunders, a lovely and talented woman, died unm. ; 6. Mary Ann7, married George T. Williams, of Virginia.

(2)  JOHN5 SAUNDERS (third son) married Lucy Galt, and removed to Norfolk, and was an officer of the customs.  Issue:  Mary, d. s. p., Sarah, d. s. p., and a son, the Rev. William Turner6 Saunders (b. in Norfolk, 1817), and Episcopal clergyman (1741), and for twenty years rector at Appalachicola, Fla., (until the Civil War).  Spent his last years in Philadelphia with his children:  1. Robert, 2. William Lawrence, civil engineer, New York, and married; 3. Jennie, and 4. Walter B. Saunders, publisher, of Philadelphia (who is very much interested in his family lineage).

      In his letter (1887) the Rev. William T. Saunders continued:  I am an old man past 70, and am sometimes fearful the family name will run out and be lost, so I advised my boys to marry.  It is Cousin Roberts turn first, but he doesnt show any inclination, etc.  When one has made a mark in history we are apt to hope he was our ancestor  So, to excite my boys to good deeds, I have ventured to tell them I rather thought the martyr, Laurence Saunders, buried in Westminster Abbey, was our ancestor.  There is no evidence.  But it was comforting to indulge the thought when I stood on the famous spot where he is buried.  *  *  *  I went to Florida after the death of the Rev. James Saunders at Pensacola, and when Dr. Scott was at Pensacola, as he still is.  I should like to know you and hope you are a Christian, and have the blessed hope of everlasting life.  Truly yours, etc. 


2.  SAMUEL HYDE3 SAUNDERS, married, according to the family record, Phyllis Dudley, heiress to a fortune in England, which her descendants never recovered, it is said, because of the burning of a marriage record.

Relationship is claimed for her to the great Dudley family of England, of whom were Lord Guilford Dudley, who married Lady Jane Gray, and his brother, Robert Dudley (b. 1832), Earl of Leicester, favorite of Queen Elizabeth.  Be that as it may, her descendants all preserve the tradition of the lost fortune, which, like that in the Booth, Jennings, and other influential Virginia families, never materialized.  The issue of this marriage is given by Shields Saunders, of Richmond, and Major Robert C. Saunders, of Ewington, and a letter of Mrs. E. A. Turpin (dated Bremo, 10th November, 1868), to her stepmother, Mrs. Eliza Saunders, in which, after giving the following list, she comments:  Our great-grandfather was related to the Lord

*Robert Hyde (d. 1718), grant in York county, 1697, Laurence Hyde, in York county, 1679.  (Records.)  John Hyde, land in Lunenberg county, 1753.  (See Wm. and Mary Quarterly, VI, 1267)

Edward Hyde, Governor of North Carolina, probably a relative.

Samuel Hyde Saunders (1771), in Cumberland county, Va., advertised stray cow.  (Va. Gazette.)

Peter Saunders (1775), of the county committee for Pittsylvania county.  Pittsylvania county was taken from Halifax, 1766.

Col. Peter Saunders (1780), specific taxes in Henry county.  Henry county was taken from Pittsylvania county, 1776.  (Va. Mag. History, I.)

Robert Hyde Saunders, ensign Virginia State Regiment, 30th March, 1777; resigned, 1778.  (Heitman.)

Capt. John Saunders (1789), in Louisa county (?), a stray cow.  (Va. Gazette.)  Louisa was taken from Hanover, 1742;  Hanover from New Kent, 1720; and New Kent from York, 1654.



Chancellor Hyde, and gave the name of Hyde to each of his sons.  Our great-grandmother was Phillis Dudley,

related to Sir Guilford Dudley, etc.  *  *  *  Cornelius Dupree, grandson of Rev. Hyde Saunders, visited me when I lived in Petersburg, Va., and he, as well as the others, thought we were the heirs of a large Dudley estate in England.  His grandfathers library was sold to William and Mary College, and among these books was our Family Recorda tree with all the different branches of the family.  He visited the College hoping to find it, but it was burned when that building took fire.

                Children of Samuel3 and Phyllis (Dudley) Saunders:  1. Peter Hyde4;  2. Rev. John Hyde4;  3. Chancellor Hyde4;  4. Samuel Hyde4;  5. Robert Hyde4;  6. Mrs. Ligon4.  Of these, Rev. John Hyde Saunders must have been born before 1748, as he was a student at William and Mary College, 1762.  However, the succession of children is copied just as it was sent:

(1)  PETER HYDE4 SAUNDERS (b. 20th September, 1748; d. August 14, 1813); married (October 31, 1767), Mary Sparrell (who d. 1790), ward of Governor Giles, and moved to Franklin county, Va.  (Their descendants are the families of Judge Fleming Saunders (b. 1778), Col. Samuel Saunders, The Hales, Gen. Peter Early and a line of the Hairstons.)  His home was twice burned.  Issue:

Judith (b. 1768), Lethe (1770), Elizabeth (1772), Peter (1776), Fleming (1778), Robert (1781), Samuel (1783), Polly (1788).  Of these,

Judge Fleming Saunders (second son), of Franklin county (b. 1778, d. 1858), married (19th May, 1814) Alice, daughter of William and Mary (Scott) Watts, of Flat Creek, Campbell county, Va.  Mary was daughter of Francis Scott, of Prince Edward county, Va.  (See Scott Family.)  Issue:

      Mary Eliz. (b. 1815), Sarah Watts, William Watts, Edward Watts (all died young), Peter (b. 1823), Anna Maria (b. 19th October, 1825), married Thomas L. Preston, of Charlottesville, Va.; Robert Chancellor (b. 26th May, 1827), of Ewington, Campbell county, Fleming (b. 1829), Louisa Morris (b. 1833), married Richard T. Davis.  Of these, Major Robert C. Saunders, of Ewington, Va., is father of Eugene David Saunders, Professor of Law in Tulane University; and Walter Saunders, lawyer, of New Orleans.  (Mrs. Thomas L. Preston furnished this list to her grandfathers descendants.)

(2)  REV. JOHN HYDE4 SAUNDERS, the colonial parson, student at William and Mary College, 1762; ordained 1772 in England.  (It is probable he was older than Peter Hyde Saunders.)

      Peterville church, Southam parish, Powhatan county (formerly Cumberland), built for him; the pastor until 1791, member of committee of safety for Cumberland county, 1775.  For some boyish prank of insurbordination, while at college, he was expelled 1765.  His children:

    Horatio5, John5, the first Mrs. Payne5, Hyde5, Mrs. Eagan5, and Mrs. Dupree5, mother of Cornelius5 Dupree (mentioned above), of South Carolina.

(3)  CHANCELLOR HYDE4 SAUNDERS, of Powhatan county, Va., (will p. 1720).  Children:  John C., Robert H., Alban G., William C., and Mrs. Jane Mosley.

(4)  SAMUEL HYDE4 SAUNDERS, Powhatan county, Va., m. Miss Jude.  Children:  John5, Tarleton5, Samuel Shields5 (father of Mrs. E. O.6 Turpin, of the letter of 1868, above), Edward Archer5, James5, and the 2nd Mrs. Payne5.

(5)  ROBERT HYDE4 SAUNDERS, of the Short Pump, Henrico county, Va.  Reared by his brother, Samuel, and both married sisters, the Misses Jude, of Judes Ferry.  He married (II) Lucy Mayo.  Her daughter, Martha5 Saunders, married Dr. Joseph Mosby, (their son, Frank6 Mosby, living in 1898).  A son, Robert Mayo6 Saunders, of Richmond, died 1845, leaving issue:  Howard6, and Margaret Ann6 Saunders (who d. 1870), married (1863) Lucian S. Lanier, of Baltimore, and had four children.

(6)  Mrs. LIGON, of Powhatan county (once Cumberland).  Descendants:  Gen. Ligon, James Ligon, of Petersburg, and Daniel Hatcher, and his sister, Mrs. William Watkins, of Powhatan.  James Ligon left three daughters, all in Pulaski county, Va.; Mrs. McGavock, Mrs. David Kent, and Emma Ligon.

      3. Of Col. Peter3 Saunders, of Henry county, 1780, nothing is known except a mention of him as Collector of Specific Taxes in Henry county, Va.  (Va. Mag. Of Hist., Vol. I).


YET ANOTHER SAUNDERS LINE claims descent from Phillis Dudley, the heiress.  It is said she had, also, a son,

Jesse Saunders, who married Mary Jovilian, of French descent, and had Robert Saunders (b. 1778, d. 1857); married (1803) Susan Hoard, and had Mary Smith (b. 1806); married Patrick4 Booth, (b. 1796); John3, John2 and Eliz. Cobb, and Thomas1 Booth).  (From a letter of Mrs. Cyrus A. Branch (1878), of James City county, who was Miss Booth).

Jesse Saunders1 name does not occur in the list of Samuel Hyde and Phyllis (Dudley) Saunders children given above, and Mrs. Preston is at a loss to place him.


A JOHN SAUNDERS was from near Norfolk, and was a United Empire loyalist during the Revolution and captain in Simcoes British Regiment (which contained many Virginia Tories).  After the Revolution he went to England and was then sent to New Brunswick, Canada, as Chief Justice of that colony, with the title of Sir John Saunders.  Gen. Jubal Early, of the late war (1861), related in a most interesting letter to his cousin, Mrs. Thos. Preston, the incident of meeting Sir Johns grandson at the capital of New Brunswick, just after our war.  While at the hotel there, a gentleman called for him upon whose card was written Mr. Peter Saunders.  He was then President of the Legislative Council of New Brunswick.  Mr. Saunders, this is a very familiar name to me, said the general, we have many of that name in Virginia.  My grandfather was a native of Virginia, and came somewhere from the vicinity of Norfolk or Richmond, he answered.  Then, said I, we are related.  My grandmother was a Saunders, and from that section also.  But, he replied, my grandfather was a United States loyalist, and a captain in Simcoes regiment.  (Supposing I would repudiate the relationship when informed that his ancestor was a Tory.)  Nevertheless, said I, at once, Mr. Saunders, I think, we are related, and I am of opinion that your grandfather showed more sense than the balance of the family.  He then replied, Well, he always said that the time would come when the people of Virginia would bitterly regret ever having had anything to do with the Yankees.  And, I then answered, that time has already come.  I mentioned this, continued General Early, to show that the Saunders family is quite widely spread over the country.

Mr. Peter Saunders, of New Brunswick, Canada, was doubtless descended from John Saunders, of York connty, 1677.


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