Early Alabama Marriages
Various Counties To 1825

Beauford, Mary Cooper, Jesse A. 27 Jul 1825 Alabama Baldwin County
Carpenter, Samuel A. Hall, Aurelia M. 15 Oct 1825 Alabama Baldwin County
Collins, John A. Harrison, Ann 25 Sep 1816 Alabama Baldwin County
Conald, Winifred Ceid Ladson, William A. 13 Jun 1817 Alabama Baldwin County
Cunningham, Ann Torbert, James A. 23 Dec 1820 Alabama Baldwin County
Mills, Timothy Reingeard, Mary Frances A. 12 Jan 1824 Alabama Baldwin County
Horn, Mary Ann Leonard, Levi A. 15 Jun 1825 Alabama Bibb County
Clack, Philip D. Henderson, Mary A. 01 Jan 1824 Alabama Blount County
Herring, John A. H. Weedon, Sarah E. 28 Jan 1824 Alabama Blount County
Mcdonald, James A. H. Willebe, Matilda 23 Dec 1824 Alabama Blount County
Brewer, James L. Walker, Margaret A. 04 Nov 1820 Alabama Clarke County
Fisher, Rosina A. Lyon, James G. 06 May 1819 Alabama Clarke County
Hill, John C. Taylor, Eliza A. 28 May 1823 Alabama Clarke County
Lofton, Polly Walker, Joseph A. 22 Dec 1825 Alabama Clarke County
Mixon, Marcey Wallis, William B. A. 16 May 1822 Alabama Clarke County
Martain, John A. Penter, Amy 16 Jan 1823 Alabama Clarke County
Macon, Gidion A. Pugh, Nancy 20 Oct 1820 Alabama Clarke County
Robinson, William A. Smith, Sally 09 May 1822 Alabama Clarke County
Grice, Eliza Ella Smith, James A. 14 Nov 1824 Alabama Dallas County
Goolsby, John A. Thompson, Rebecca 05 Jan 1825 Alabama Dallas County
Jones, Anna Jones, William A. 09 Nov 1824 Alabama Dallas County
Cox, Bartley Freeman, Eliza A. 13 Apr 1824 Alabama Franklin County
Buford, Permelia A. Skinner, Richard 07 Oct 1823 Alabama Greene County
Gray, Arthur A. Mccarter, Susanna B. 08 Dec 1824 Alabama Greene County
Chummey, John A. Watts, Milly 03 Aug 1825 Alabama Henry Co
Brittain, Susan A. Hullum, Duke W. Jr. 15 Sep 1825 AlabamaJefferson County
English, Jane Walker, James A. 17 Apr 1823 AlabamaJefferson County
Hatley, Nancy Rogers, Robert A. 21 Aug 1823 AlabamaJefferson County
Bearden, Betsey Evans, David A. 15 Jan 1823 Alabama Lauderdale County
Clark, Margaret Mcfall, John A. 09 Jan 1825 Alabama Lauderdale County
Ellis, Mary W. Wood, Bennett A. 18 Nov 1824 Alabama Lauderdale County
Morris, William A. Wilkes, Lucy 10 Dec 1818 Alabama Lauderdale County
Wamble, Harvey A. Wilkes, Elizabeth 18 Aug 1822 Alabama Lauderdale County
Smith, James A. Sullivan, Ann 23 Feb 1824 Alabama Lauderdale County
Booth, Martha A. Searcy, James 18 Jul 1820 Alabama Lawrence County
Cherry, Isaac A. Miller, Elizabeth 19 Jul 1822 Alabama Lawrence County
Ivy, Jesse A. Trecy, Wooldridge 07 Dec 1820 Alabama Lawrence County
Allison, Catharine A. Cobb, William W. 01 Sep 1825 Alabama Madison County
Aikin, William A. Noble, Elizabeth S. 15 Dec 1825 Alabama Madison County
Allen, John A. Cabaniss, Caroline C. 24 Mar 1819 Alabama Madison County
Bass, Ann Green, John A. 11 Feb 1819 Alabama Madison County
Bell, Robert A. Watkins, Martha 29 May 1819 Alabama Madison County
Blow, Mary A. Key, John 08 Dec 1819 Alabama Madison County
Boose, George Williams, Rebecca A. 24 Nov 1825 Alabama Madison County
Boyce, Maberry A. Brown, Mariah P. 19 May 1824 Alabama Madison County
Brown, Matilda Foot, Philip A. 24 Nov 1816 Alabama Madison County
Campbell, Rebecca J. Pope, Thomas A. 23 Nov 1819 Alabama Madison County
Crawford, A. J. Kelly, Margaret W. 03 Nov 1823 Alabama Madison County
Davis, Isabell A. Wofford, John P. 04 Dec 1823 Alabama Madison County
Diffey, Abigale Read, Thadeus A. 05 Oct 1818 Alabama Madison County
Drake, Elizabeth Neely, James A. 25 Dec 1820 Alabama Madison County
Grayson, Elizabeth Mcmurray, John A. 28 Mar 1818 Alabama Madison County
Hamilton, A. Vaughn, Robert 25 Mar 1817 Alabama Madison County
Hamock, Nathaniel Hightower, Elizabeth A. 29 Jan 1824 Alabama Madison County
Harris, Elisha W. Moorman, Eliza A. 12 Jun 1823 Alabama Limestone County
Harton, John P. Powell, Mary A. 20 Mar 1819 Alabama Madison County
Hobson, Nicholas Lanier, Susanna A. 07 Mar 1820 Alabama Madison County
Hodges, Cynthia A. Lee, James 09 Feb 1825 Alabama Madison County
Horton, Rhoda Otey, Lucy A. M. 09 Nov 1824 Alabama Madison County
House, Harriett Moore, William A. 07 Apr 1818 Alabama Madison County
Howell, Andrew A. Thornberry, Elizabeth 05 Jan 1818 Alabama Madison County
Hughes, William A. Walker, Mary 07 May 1823 Alabama Madison County
Irby, Mary A. Noble, Jessee D. 11 Oct 1820 Alabama Madison County
Irwin, William Williams, Martha A. 25 Oct 1817 Alabama Madison County
Johnson, William E. Thomson, Martha A. H. 04 Jul 1822 Alabama Madison County
Jones, William A. Turner, Elizabeth 15 Aug 1820 Alabama Madison County
Lane, William Mason, Martha A. 23 Dec 1824 Alabama Madison County
Lawler, Lavinia Wilson, James A. 15 May 1817 Alabama Madison County
Love, Louisa A. A. Preham, William W. 12 Aug 1816 Alabama Madison County
Maddox, Martha A. Walker, William 13 Dec 1825 Alabama Madison County
Manyon, Mary A. Marston, Timothy 11 Jul 1820 Alabama Madison County
Massie, Agness N. A. Yeatman, Preston 01 Dec 1824 Alabama Madison County
Mealls, Mary A. Summers, Jessee 20 Feb 1823 Alabama Madison County
Monroe, David Taliaferro, Ann A. 18 Nov 1816 Alabama Madison County
Moseley, Duina A. E. F. Patrick, Edmond 14 Feb 1816 Alabama Madison County
Owens, Alitha Poor, Geroge A. 12 Jul 1816 Alabama Madison County
Powell, William A. Sale, Eliza 04 Jul 1822 Alabama Madison County
Pruit, James A Wilder, Nancy 28 Feb 1818 Alabama Madison County
Rodgers, William A. Thompson, Caroline 20 Nov 1819 Alabama Madison County
Smith, Elizabeth A. Smith, Thomas J. 21 Dec 1824 Alabama Madison County
Strong, Mary A. T. Thompson, John W. 08 Dec 1824 Alabama Madison County
Bender, John A. Byrnes, Mary 09 Jul 1825 Alabama Mobile County
Conway, Delilah Hindenberg, A. 03 Dec 1819 Alabama Mobile County
Denny, Alexander A. Drake, Ermeline 13 Dec 1819 Alabama Mobile County
Raoul, Nicholas Sinibaldi, Theresa A. 29 Nov 1824 Alabama Mobile County
Sands, Abra L.[Cpt] Tabele, Maria A. 16 Aug 1820 Alabama Mobile County
Armstrong, Mary A. Peter, Melvill 25 Oct 1820 Alabama Montgomery County
Casso, F. P. J. C. Humphries, Mary A. 01 Apr 1824 Alabama Montgomery County
Davis, John A. Rogers, Cinthia 25 Mar 1824 Alabama Montgomery County
Frasier, John A. Graves, Louiser 22 Feb 1821 Alabama Montgomery County
Hilborn, Beley A. Sparks, John 29 Mar 1819 Alabama Montgomery County
Acock, Mary A. Rogers, Larkin R. 14 Feb 1825 Alabama Morgan County
Cannon, George Wagoner, A. 18 Dec 1825 Alabama Morgan Count
Childers, Anderson W. Newman, Sarah A. 20 Dec 1825 Alabama Morgan County
Crockett, Robert Richardson, A. 16 Dec 1822 Alabama Morgan County
Edgings, Washington Vaughn, Mary A. 26 Sep 1824 Alabama Morgan County
Ellis, Henry A. Murray, Virginia 11 Mar 1824 Alabama Morgan County
High, Robert A. Lane, Jane 20 May 1824 Alabama Morgan County
Mcdowell, Harriet C. Reeves, Willis A. 15 Nov 1825 Alabama Morgan County
Mills, Henry A. Murray, Virginia 11 Mar 1824 Alabama Morgan County
Matthews, Sarah Rees, A. F. 31 May 1822 Alabama Perry County
Brown, John H. Crowson, A. H. 03 Feb 1821 Alabama Shelby County

Frazier, John A. Glenn, Huldah 05 Oct 1822 Alabama St. Clair County
Green, Christopher A. Lawson, Mary 06 Oct 1825 Alabama St. Clair County
Lane, Nancy Lovet, William A. 14 Aug 1825 Alabama St. Clair County

McDaniel, William A. Smith, Luisa 15 Mar 1825 Alabama Tuscaloosa County
Bryant, Molsey Tharp, William A. 09 Sep 1821 Alabama Wilcox County
Brantley, Jonathan A. Offutt, Nancy 19 Feb 1823 Alabama Wilcox County
Bishop, Letitia P. Glover, Edwin A. 27 Feb 1823 Alabama Wilcox County
Cato, Maria Williams, John A. 22 Jul 1824 Alabama Wilcox County
Ervin, Samuel Gullett, Mary A.[Mrs] 13 Jul 1820 Alabama Wilcox County
Hall, Daniel D. Ridgell, Rebecca A. 23 Dec 1824 Alabama Wilcox County

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