Fayette County, Alabama

This may not be a complete listing of the Cemeteries of Fayette County.

Source: GNIS

Cemetery Name  Latitude   Longitude 
Adams Cemetery 333628N  0873820W
Alta Cemetery 334112N 0873202W
Antioch Cemetery 333811N  0875520W
Ashcraft Corner Cemetery 333143N 0875402W
Ballard Cemetery 335144N  0874734W
Bankhead Cemetery 334109N  0875109W
Bankston Cemetery 334024N  0874003W
Beaven Cemetery 334137N  0873329W
Berea Cemetery 335057N  0874340W
Berry City Cemetery 333949N  0873543W
Berry Hill Cemetery 335423N  0875259W
Bethabara Cemetery 334129N  0873433W
Bethel Cemetery 334846N  0875229W
Bethlehem Cemetery 334451N  0874801W
Boley Springs Cemetery 333814N 0873046W
 Box Cemetery 335250N  0874220W
Brotherton Cemetery 333439N  0874854W
Brown Cemetery 333332N  0875337W
Caines Ridge Cemetery 333837N  0875053W
Cedar Creek Cemetery 333958N  0873206W
Cedar Grove Cemetery 334531N  0874032W
Chapel Hill Cemetery 333214N  0875243W
Cleveland Cemetery 334154N  0873853W
Colvin Cemetery 334116N 0875247W
Concord Cemetery 333248N  0874404W
County Line Cemetery 335506N  0875658W
Crossroads Cemetery 334831N  0873527W
Davis Chapel Cemetery 334515N  0874136W
Dobbs Cemetery 334520N 0873835W
Dykes Cemetery 335222N 0874629W
Earnest Cemetery 333713N 0872828W
El Bethel Cemetery 333110N  0874415W
Elam Cemetery 335353N 0874524W
Elbethel Cemetery 334641N 0874940W
Elm Grove Cemetery 335105N  0873507W
Enis Cemetery 334706N  0873602W
Fayette City Cemetery 334145N  0875003W
Flatwoods Cemetery 333639N  0872720W
Fowler Cemetery 334513N  0874522W
Gibson Hill Cemetery 334123N  0872910W
Gilpin Cemetery 334839N 0874816W
Glen Allen Cemetery 335452N  0874428W
Glover Cemetery 334238N  0874906W
Gravlee Cemetery 333332N  0874904W
Harmony Grove Cemetery 335453N  0874903W
Harper Cemetery 334446N  0875504W
Harris Cemetery 335132N  0873636W
Hillcrest Cemetery 335248N  0874752W
Hodge Chapel Cemetery 335222N 0874921W
Hodges Cemetery 335216N  0875024W
Holliman Cemetery 334816N  0875503W
Hollingsworth Cemetery 334700N  0874436W
Hopewell Cemetery 334518N 0874748W
Housh Chapel Cemetery 334739N  0874805W
Hubbertville Cemetery 334940N  0874427W
Jenkins Cemetery 334254N  0873620W
Johnson Cemetery 334921N 0873720W
Johnson School House Cemetery 335026N 0873654W
Logan Cemetery 335302N  0874918W
Macedonia Cemetery 333756N  0874819W
Madison Cemetery 333826N  0873350W
Mallory Cemetery 335339N  0875402W
Mayfield Cemetery 334832N  0874300W
McCollum Cemetery 335029N  0874233W
Melton Cemetery 333441N  0874419W
Moore Cemetery 333643N 0875538W
Morris Cemetery 335226N  0874400W
Moss Cemetery 335254N  0874947W
Mount Lebanon Cemetery 334445N  0875252W
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 333756N  0874535W
Mount Vernon Cemetery 334358N  0875414W
Mount Willing Cemetery 335442N  0875525W
Musgrove Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery  335252N  0875000W
New Canaan Cemetery 333624N 0874705W
New Chapel Cemetery 333539N 0874117W
New Friendship Cemetery 334013N  0875429W
New Hope Cemetery 334400N 0873417W
New Liberty Cemetery 334757N  0874024W
New Prospect Cemetery 334753N  0874055W
New River Cemetery 335109N  0874115W
New Salem Cemetery 334048N 0872942W
New Wesley Chapel Cemetery 333145N  0875617W
Oak Grove Cemetery 334117N  0874311W
Oak Ridge Cemetery 333456N  0875400W
Oakwood Cemetery 334354N  0874843W
Old Canaan Cemetery 333442N  0874532W
Old Shepherd Cemetery 333311N 0874937W
Owens Cemetery 333539N  0875343W
Palestine Cemetery 333647N  0875115W
Panter Cemetery 334424N 0873309W
Patterson Cemetery 333239N 0874349W
Pendley Cemetery 334137N  0873250W
Philadelphia Cemetery 334428N  0873846W
Phillips Cemetery 334829N 0873232W
Phillips Memorial Cemetery 333835N  0874339W
Pilgrim Rest Cemetery 333644N  0875156W
Piney Grove Cemetery 335407N 0874222W
Pisgah Cemetery 334243N  0875142W
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 335051N  0873520W
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 334150N 0874554W
Porter Cemetery 334522N  0874956W
Powell Cemetery 334914N  0875455W
Rehobeth Cemetery 334542N 0874452W
Rice Cemetery 333207N  0874228W
Rocky Mount Cemetery 334025N  0875341W
Salem Cemetery 334029N  0873003W
Sand Springs Cemetery 334916N  0874631W
Sanders Cemetery 333329N  0875514W
Savage Cemetery 333537N 0874919W
Shady Grove Cemetery 334735N  0875316W
Shepherd Cemetery 333243N  0874806W
Shirley Cemetery 334607N 0874640W
Siloam Cemetery 335359N 0875124W
Simmons Cemetery 333453N 0873814W
South Cemetery 333550N  0874446W
Spring Hill Cemetery 335000N  0875416W
Sprinkle Cemetery 335210N 0874129W
Stewart Cemetery 335041N  0874941W
Summers Cemetery 333343N  0875424W
Tabernacle Cemetery 334040N  0873527W
Thornton Cemetery 335024N  0874412W
Tidwell Cemetery 335201N 0873837W
Tidwell Chapel Cemetery 335204N 0874053W
Tucker Cemetery 333506N  0874458W
Union Cemetery 335113N  0875247W
Union Grove Cemetery 333636N 0873045W
Unity Grove Cemetery 333348N  0874425W
Vick and Kelley Cemetery 333718N  0874126W
Wade Cemetery 334901N  0874153W
Wesleys Chapel Cemetery 334045N  0875648W
White Springs Cemetery 335210N  0874708W
Whitehead Cemetery 335107N  0874400W
Whites Chapel Cemetery 335236N 0874224W
Whitley Cemetery 334908N  0873206W
Whitson Cemetery 334117N  0874710W
Willingham Cemetery 333355N  0874110W
Wilson Cemetery 333235N  0875646W
Woods Cemetery 334137N  0874026W
Wright Cemetery 333405N  0874959W
Zion Cemetery 334230N  0873846W
Zion Chapel Cemetery 333616N  0874605W


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