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1832 North River Baptist Church Association Minutes

1845 North River Baptist Church Association Minutes


1889 Hopewell Baptist Church Association Minutes

1890 Hopewell Baptist Church Association Minutes


 1895 Harmony Grove Baptist Association Minutes

1898 Harmony Grove Baptist Association Minutes

1899 Harmony Grove Baptist Association Minutes

1900 Harmony Grove Baptist Association Minutes


 This may not be a complete listing of the Churches of Fayette County. 

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Alta Church 334112N 0873201W Berry
Ashcraft Corner Baptist Church 333137N 0875403W Kennedy
Bankston Baptist Church 334017N 0874014W Bankston
Bankston Church of Christ 334020N 0874022W Bankston
Beaver Church 333732N 0875500W Belk
Belk Free Will Baptist Church -- -- Belk
Berea Church of Christ 335057N 0874339W Hubbertville
Berry Baptist Church 333940N 0873600W Berry
Berry Church of Christ 333944N 0873558W Berry
Berry Methodist Church 333944N 0873603W Berry
Bethabara Baptist Church 334619N 0875517W Bluff
Bethabara Church 334128N 0873435W Berry
Bethel Church 334319N 0874347W Bankston
Bethel Church 334849N 0875231W Bluff
Bethlehem Church (historical) 334513N 0874826W Winfield SE
Bethlehem Methodist Church 334453N 0874803W Fayette
Bevans Chapel 334135N 0873330W Berry
Bluff Springs Church (historical) 334912N 0874912W Winfield SE
Boley Church 333915N 0873026W Berry
Boley Springs Church 333814N 0873048W Berry
Caines Ridge Baptist Church 333835N 0875054W Fayette
Calvary Church 334136N 0873619W Berry
Canaan Church 333630N 0874705W Newtonville
Carter Christian Methodist Episcopal Temple 334102N 0875006W Fayette
Cedar Grove Church 334533N 0874030W Hubbertville
Chapel Hill Baptist Church 333217N 0875248W Kennedy
Church of God 334137N 0874945W Fayette
Cleveland Church of Christ 334152N 0873853W Bankston
Concord Baptist Church 333246N 0874403W New Lexington
Covin Church 334115N 0875325W Belk
Crossroads Church 334830N 0873525W Howard
Davis Chapel 333514N 0873927W New Lexington
Davis Chapel 334515N 0874136W Hubbertville
El Bethel United Methodist Church 333112N 0874416W New Lexington
Elbethel Church 334640N 0874942W Winfield SE
Elm Church 335353N 0874525W Winfield
Elm Grove Church 335105N 0873508W Howard
Fayette Church of Christ 334142N 0874943W Fayette
First Baptist Church 334121N 0874948W Fayette
First Methodist Church 334118N 0874948W Fayette
Freewill Church (historical) 333500N 0873928W New Lexington
Gibson Church 334545N 0874744W Winfield SE
Gibson Hill Church 334121N 0872911W Oakman
Gibson Hill Church 334105N 0872902W Oakman
Grace Baptist Church 334228N 0874922W Fayette
Hankins Church 334116N 0875530W Belk
Happy Hill Church 335439N 0874820W Winfield
Harmony Grove Baptist Church 335451N 0874905W Winfield
Harmony Primitive Baptist Church 333707N 0875610W Kennedy
Hartline Church 334300N 0874130W Bankston
Hillcrest Church 335248N 0874748W Winfield
Hodges Chapel 335223N 0874922W Winfield SE
Holy Spirit Catholic Church 334246N 0874940W Fayette
Hopewell Church 333539N 0874208W New Lexington
Hopewell Church (historical) 335445N 0874240W Glen Allen
Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church 334518N 0874748W Winfield SE
Houshs Chapel Church of Christ 334741N 0874805W Winfield SE
Howard Church of Christ 335114N 0873414W Howard
Hubbertville Church of Christ 334943N 0874429W Hubbertville
Liberty Church (historical) 334001N 0874343W Bankston
Luxapallila Church 334620N 0875108W Winfield SE
Macedonia Baptist Church 333757N 0874821W Fayette
Mayfield Church 334832N 0874257W Hubbertville
Mount Home Baptist Church 334753N 0873946W Hubbertville
Mount Joy Church 333956N 0873210W Berry
Mount Joy Church 334014N 0875204W Fayette
Mount Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church 334625N 0875319W Bluff
Mount Olive Church 335228N 0874851W Winfield SE
Mount Olive Church of Christ 334749N 0875348W Bluff
Mount Pleasant Church 333800N 0874534W Fayette
Mount Vernon Methodist Church 334403N 0875415W Belk
Mount Willing Church 335441N 0875526W Guin
Musgrove Chapel 335251N 0875003W Winfield
Nazarene Church of Berry 333937N 0873557W Berry
New Chapel 333540N 0874119W New Lexington
New Friendship Church 334009N 0875430W Belk
New Grove Church 333859N 0874420W Bankston
New Hope Church 333215N 0874112W New Lexington
New Hope Church 334401N 0873415W Berry
New Liberty Church 334758N 0874024W Hubbertville
New Prospect Primitive Baptist Church 334752N 0874057W Hubbertville
New River Baptist Church 335008N 0873928W Hubbertville
New River Church (historical) 335009N 0873910W Hubbertville
New River Church of Christ 334825N 0874342W Hubbertville
New River Primitive Baptist Church 335109N 0874114W Hubbertville
Oak Grove Church 335448N 0875252W Guin
Oak Grove Methodist Church 334119N 0874313W Bankston
Oak Ridge Baptist Church 333456N 0875404W Kennedy
Old Canaan Church 333440N 0874529W Newtonville
Old Lebanon Church 334036N 0872606W Oakman
Old Salem Church 334029N 0873006W Berry
Old Union Church 335110N 0875247W Bluff
Original Church 334330N 0874110W Bankston
Palestine Church 333649N 0875115W Newtonville
Pea Ridge Church of Christ 334357N 0873400W Berry
Pendley Chapel 334137N 0873251W Berry
Philadelphia Baptist Church 334426N 0873847W Bankston
Pilgrim Chapel 333842N 0873607W Berry
Pilgrim Church (historical) 333719N 0875512W Kennedy
Pilgrim Church (historical) 333814N 0875517W Belk
Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church 333646N 0875154W Newtonville
Pine Grove Church (historical) 335135N 0875028W Winfield SE
Piney Grove Church 334248N 0874237W Bankston
Piney Grove Church 335407N 0874225W Glen Allen
Pisgah Baptist Church 334244N 0875145W Fayette
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church 335051N 0873521W Howard
Pleasant Hill Church 333905N 0873755W Bankston
Pleasant Hill Church 334153N 0874556W Fayette
Pleasant Hill Church 335027N 0873655W Howard
Rehobeth Church 334544N 0874449W Hubbertville
Rock Hill Church (historical) 334027N 0875349W Belk
Rock Hill Church (historical) 334023N 0875159W Fayette
Salem Church 334048N 0872941W Oakman
Sand Springs Baptist Church 334918N 0874628W Winfield SE
Shady Grove Baptist Church 333719N 0874003W New Lexington
Shady Grove Church 333329N 0874908W Newtonville
Shady Grove Church 334733N 0875316W Bluff
Shepherd Baptist Church 333243N 0874806W Newtonville
Siloam Baptist Church 335357N 0875124W Winfield
Southside Baptist Church 334033N 0875003W Fayette
Spring Hill Church 334958N 0875415W Bluff
Studdards Cross Roads Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sulphur Church (historical) 333630N 0872718W Wiley
Sulphur Spring Baptist Church 334104N 0875009W Fayette
Tabernacle Church (historical) 334041N 0873525W Berry
Tidwell Chapel 335201N 0874053W Hubbertville
Trinity Church 333915N 0874520W Fayette
Union Grove Baptist Church 333637N 0873042W Berry SE
Unity Baptist Church 334735N 0874756W Winfield SE
Unity Church 333347N 0874427W New Lexington
Upper Sulphur Springs Church 333639N 0872735W Wiley
Wayside Methodist Church 335154N 0875326W Bluff
Wesley Chapel Methodist Church 333148N 0875618W Kennedy
Wesley Chapel Methodist Church 334047N 0875648W Belk
White Springs Church 335210N 0874709W Winfield SE
Whites Chapel Church of Christ 335235N 0874223W Glen Allen
Zion Chapel Methodist Church 333612N 0874612W Newtonville
Zion Church 334229N 0873848W Bankston
Zion Church (historical) 335222N 0875001W Winfield SE
Zion Church (historical) 335241N 0874956W Winfield





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