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JOHN L ANDREWS, who lives just over the line in Fayette county died suddenly of heart failure Wednesday morning of last week. - Source: Vernon Courier, December 13, 1894 - Submitted by Veneta McKinney
Troupe, Tex - Jan 24 -  This morning at 3 o’clock Mrs. N. E. Ayres, wife of City Marshal Eli Ayres, died.  She was born in Fayette county, Ala., married in Attala County, Miss. April 8, 1880 and came to Troupe several years ago where she lived until her death.  She was a daughter of A. G. Lowry, one of Troupe's most prominent merchants and a cousin of Governor Lowry now filling the gubernatorial chair of Mississippi. Mrs. Ayres was a quiet lady of many lovely habits of which society knew but little as she was much devoted to her promising children and her husband. Her numerous relatives and many friends were very watchful of her during her long illness and every care was given that could be to alleviate her sufferings. (Fort Worth Daily Gazette, Fort Worth TX, January 26, 1889)

[Eldridge] - We sympathize with WILLIE BARNARD in the death of his mother, which occurred in Fayette last Monday. WILLIE for some time past, has been attending school here (Winfield Enterprise, Marion County AL, March 9, 1899)

Judge Bell, 103, Last Survivor In Sister County Dies At Home
FAYETTE, Ala., April 12_(AP)_
Fayette County's last surviving confederate veteran, 103-year-old Judge Holland M. Bell, will be buried here tomorrow in the Confederate Army uniform he loved.
    The aged veteran, who served as a captain under General Bragg and fought in the battle of Murphreesboro and other fierced enggaements of the war, died at a hospital here yesterday.
    Holder of many offices during his long career, including probate judgeship of the County for 12 years, he retired at the age of 93 but continued active until last monthe when he fell and boke his hip.
    On his 100th birthday, which was also the 100th birthday of organized baseball Judge Bell was honor guest of the Birmingham Barons.
    He was born in Tuscaloosa County, but moved to Fayette as a child. He left school to join Co., H., 41st Alabama Infantry Regiment.
    Funeral service will be held at the Fayette Baptist Church. (Source: Tuscaloosa News, Tuscaloosa County, AL,  April 12, 1943)

A correspondent writing from Fayette County to the Vernon Pioneer says: "WM. BERRY, son of ROBT. BERRY was killed on last Monday night (10th).  The young people had a gathering at a neighbor's house to have a party, when a difficulty arose between BERRY and SYLVESTER NELSON.  Berry gave Nelson the d--n lie several times, when he told Berry that "he would take that, but if he struck him he would do the best he could for him." Berry then knocked Nelson down.  Nelson, as he arose, drew a pistol and fired, the ball passing through Berry's heart. (The Birmingham Iron Age, January 27, 1876 - transcribed by Veneta McKinney)

BROWN, Mr. E. A.
HANGED HIMSELF: Columbus, Miss, June 30 – Mr. E. A. Brown, proprietor of the American House, committed suicided last night by hanging himself with a piece of window cord  to a limb of a tree at the edge of the pavement just in front of his house.  The deceased was about 55 years old, a native of Fayette County, Ala and had only been living here about three years.
     Several years ago he had a severe fall through a railroad trestle and his mind has never been exactly right since. Of late business has not been good and he has been troubled with insomnia.  He leaves a wife and two little daughters. (Vernon Courier, July 3, 1890)

CAINE, Maj. F. M.
Maj. F. M. CAINE died at his home at Fayette last Tuesday after a lingering illness.  He was an ex-Confederate soldier and was a man of prominence in his community being at one time sheriff of Fayette county.  Source: Marion County Democrat, Marion County AL, May 28, 1903 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Mr. F. M. Caine, the venerable father of Messrs. W. P. and S. L. Caine, of this city, died at his home in Fayette, Ala., at three o'clock Tuesday afternoon after an illness of long duration.  Mr. S. L. Caine was with his father at the time of his death and immediately notified his brother, who went up to Fayette Tuesday night and was present at the funeral, which occurred there yesterday afternoon.  Mr. Caine was seventy years ld, and besides the two sons referred to above, leaves a wife to mourn his loss. The sympathies of The Commercial are extended to the family in their sad bereavement. (The Columbus Commercial, Columbus, Miss, June 2, 1903)

Shortly after sunrise on the morning of June 17th, 1905, the sweet spirit of Mrs. J. H. Chatham of Pickens county, Ala., answered God's summons to come Home above, Mrs. Chatham was formerly Miss Mary Jones, second daughter of Rev. James Jones.  She was born in Anderson county, S. C., June 21st, 1851.  At ten years of age she with her father's family and other kindred emigrated from there to Fayette county, Ala.  It was there, at the age of fourteen, during a protracted meeting conducted by her father, that she professed her faith in Christ and united with the Baptist church.  In 1869 she was married to Mr. J. H. Chatham of Montgomery, Ala.  Although the last eighteen months of her life was spent in bodily afflictions she never murmured against God's will and had a bright smile and word for all who came to see her.  Her life was filled with kind deeds, charitable acts, and sacrifices for others.  She was a devoted wife, kind loving mother, grandmother, and a friend to all.  She leaves a husband, seven children and four grandchildren to mourn her loss, one child having preceded her to that Better Land twenty-two years ago.  We laid her to rest at Tabernacle cemetery the day following her death to await the Resurrection Morn' when we all hope to meet her in an unbroken family circle around that great throne above.  Weep not for her dear loved ones for our loss is Heaven's gain.  “Goodby, dear grandma, we will meet you on that bright and shining shore.”  O. G. J. (Source: The Columbus Weekly Dispatch, Columbus, Miss., July 6, 1905)

[Kennedy, March 13] - Mr. GREEN COLLINS, of Pilgrim, Fayette county, Ala died of la grippe Tuesday night at 12 o'clock. The deceased is the father of Dr. G. J. COLLINS. We extend our deepest sympathy to his bereaved family and connection. The funeral will take place tomorrow at 12 m with Masonic Honors. - (Source: Vernon Courier, Lamar County AL, March 14, 1895 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney)

Mr. JOHN D. CROW, one of Fayette County's most relatively citizens died at his home three miles south of Glen Allen last Saturday morning. Mr. CROW was 76 years old and had been a member of the primitive Baptist Church ever since his early manhood days. We know no language adequate to express the praise which he deserved for living such a grand a noble life.  The people who knew him realize that death has robbed them of a good citizen. The bereaved have our warmest sympathy. Success to the Enterprise and is many readers.  Source: Winfield Enterprise, Marion County AL, May 18, 1899 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

REPRESENTATIVE DAVIS DEAD - The Hon. M. L. DAVIS breathed his last on Saturday night and that which was mortal of him was laid to rest in Wesley Chapel Cemetery Monday.  He had been sick about ten days and died of Flux and inflammation of the bowels.  He was born in Fayette County and was to in his 66th year.  In 1848 he was married to a daughter of JOHN RAY of Fayette County.  A large and interesting family was the result of this union.  Mrs. DAVIS died a few years back and in June 1889.  He was again married to Mrs. JULLAN of Pine Bluff Ark., a most gentle and refined lady who survives him.  The deceased represented Marion County in the Legislature for several years from about 1858 to 1884.  He was a member of the Constitutional Convention from Lamar County in 1875 and helped to form our present State Constitution and was elected to represent this county at the election in 1890 and before his term was half out has been summoned away.  Other places of trust and confidence have been filled by him.  The deceased was and ever had been a strict and useful member of the Methodist church and had lived a life so pure and free from wrong of any kind that his life and example shed a kind and winsome light for good to all with whom he came in contact.  He was a man of a great deal more than ordinary intellect and with limited educational advantages in youth yet he was student of men and books and through the varied scenes of a long and useful life hw was able to cope with the best and his life on the whole was in public affairs a success.  The people of Lamar County will as one man mourn the loss of one high in their esteem.  The community where he lived and the county as well will feel the loss of his cheering greeting manly physique and his matured and conservative sentiments.  Peace to his ashes. - (Vernon Courier, Lamar Co. Ala., June 25, 1891)

ENIS, Daughter of Sheriff W. R.
BURNED TO DEATH - A special to the Age-Herald of Dec. 29, from Fayette C. H. Says: A most lamentable accident occurred here last night.  The little 2-year-old girl of our sheriff, W. R. ENIS, was burned to death.  The little child is standing near the fire, and its clothes were caught by the flames, and the body of the child was burned almost to a crisp.  It lived only a few hours.

GRAY, Daughter of TOM
Fayette Sentinel: The little daughter of Mr. TOM GRAY, who lives near Bankston, was so badly burned on Sunday last that she died on Monday.  She was standing near the fire when her clothing caught, and before the flames could be extinguished they were almost entirely burned off her body. (Vernon Courier, Lamar County, AL, Oct 30, 1890)

Mrs. SARAH GUIN died at her home in town Monday morning (May 4th).  She had attained close to the allotted three score and ten years.  She was the widow of the late JASON GUIN.  Her maiden name was KIRKLAND and she was born and reared near Fayette. The deceased was a woman of strong force of character and marked intelligence and leaves a large number of children and grandchildren as well as friends to mourn her departure. Since the death of her daughter, EMMA, as few months ago she had been sick and gradually grew worse. – [Vernon Courier] - (Marion County Democrat, Marion County AL, May 14, 1903 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney)

Mr. JOE HENRY, one of Fayette county's oldest and most relative citizens was killed a few days ago by a falling tree. - (Winfield Enterprise, Marion County AL, January 26, 1899 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney)

“Grandma” KIRKLAND, widow of Maj. HUGH KIRKLAND, died at the home of her son-in-law, W. M. WARD, near Major, on Monday last.  Deceased was nearly 87 years old and leaves a large number of children and grandchildren to mourn their loss. – [Fayette banner](Marion County Democrat, Marion County AL, Ocotber 29, 1903 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney)

Dr. M. C. MARTIN of Covin Ala died on Monday last.  Dr. MARTIN was a former citizen of Marion Co, having practiced his profession in this county for many years, but having become physically disabled to ride he removed to Fayette County less than a year ago to spend the remaining days on a farm.  He had no enemies but scores of friends who will regret to learn of his death. We offer condolence in this sad hour to the bereft wife and children and many other loved ones in this sad hour of bereavement.  (Marion County Democrat, March 12, 1903)

Below we publish the obituary notice of one of the noblest men we ever knew, clipped from the San Saba "News" of Texas:   In Memoriam: J. THOMAS MCCONNELL, who died of smallpox at the quarantine station at this place, was the son of THOS. P. MCCONNELL, of Fayette C. H. Alabama, came to San Saba in 1868 and has since been engaged in the cattle business with the Murray Bros. At the time of his death he was the partner of W. T. MURRAY in quite an extensive ranch in Tom Green County. He contracted the disease in Fort Concho, and came to San Saba to die among his friends and his kindred. His short 32 years of life have not been spent in vain. His was no idle vicious life. All the elements of character that mark true manhood were possessed by him. A rigid honesty, an energy that was tireless, a fearlessness that mocked at danger when in the discharge of duty or business, heart that melted at the cry of want and suffering and held always in his hand to help a fried or assist the distressed; this was Tom, so lately among us, with his manly bearing and cheering smile, but now, alas! gone out of sight forever! Although rigid quarantine laws compelled a hasty burial, and in the presence of a few, yet the hearts of his friends and his relatives were there. Bayonets and laws and public safety may quarantine bodies, but the human heart, pulsating with sympathy and the tear of sorrow flowing for them we love, knows no law and obeys none, but in spirit were there to witness the last sad rites that humanity pays the departed. The night time and its pale moonshine, the waving of live oak trees and the song of wild birds will keep guard over his grave forever, while the hearts that loved him, and the hands that would help him, can only remember him, can only keep sacred the anniversary of his death till the final summons to meet him in a better land where there is no death and no forgetfulness. Source: Vernon Clipper, September 26, 1879 - Transcribed and submitted by Veneta McKinney

Death of Mrs. M A McConnell  - On Sunday morning last just after having partaken of her usual breakfast and seemingly in the enjoyment of good health the angel of death in an unexpected hour visited the home of our neighbor and carried away one of the best and truest of women Mrs. Martha A McConnell. She died suddenly thought to be of apoplexy of the heart. She was married to Judge Thomas P McConnell some fifty years ago near the same place where she breathed her last She had been a consistent member of the Methodist church many years was a kind and affectionate wife a loving and fond mother and a true and faithful friend The influence of her pure spotless womanhood will live after her and her unassuming Christian character, her untiring devotion to home, and her unwavering fidelity to friends and neighbors have left behind the grave the sweet aroma of a well spent life that time shall never efface Although her demise was sudden and unheralded a large crowd of sorrowing relatives and friends attested their singular attachment in following the body to the family graveyard near the old homestead For the bereaved husband, children, the relatives and friends, we have no words fitly to express our condolence and sympathy Let a more competent hand pen a suitable obituary. - [Fayette Alabama Sentinel] - Source: The San Saba news (San Saba Texas)., June 20, 1890
Judge McCONNELL died at his home near Fayette on Thursday May 7th.  He was one of the oldest citizens of Fayette county and had held many of the best positions of trust that his people could give him.  Peace to his memory. - (Marion County Democrat, Marion County AL, May 14, 1903 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney)

Mr. J. M. NAUGHTER, a saloon keeper at Fayette died very suddenly in his room one night last week. Source: Vernon Courier, Lamar County AL June 15, 1893 - Submitted by Veneta McKinney
Mr. SHAVE OWENS of Fayette county died Tuesday morning of heart failure.  Mr. OWNES was a good citizen and the community sustained a great loss in his death. - Source: Vernon Courier, Lamar County Al, December 13, 1894 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Mrs. SARAH H. PARTAIN (nee DAVIS) was born in Fayette county, Ala Jan.24, 1856 and died in Lownds county, Miss May 5, 1897.  Her illness was short, ending her life in an unconscious state.  She was unable to leave us any word of comfort, but her beautiful Christian life was sufficient evidence to satisfy her many friends of her future welfare.
      Intimate acquaintance and religious association for seventeen year enables the writer of this tribute of respect to say than her (sic) I never new (sic) a more consistent, and devoted Christian lady, she was converted at about twelve years of age, and joined the Missionary Baptist Church in which she lived a consistent member until she married Brother PARTAIN, he being a Presbyterian they compromised by both joining the M. E. Church south, in which she lived an exemplary life until death called her home to her reward.  She was an ardent lover of the church, a zealous Sunday School worker, deeply interested in the mental culture and spiritual (sic) elevation of the children, a true friend of the preacher, her house was ever his --- where he always met a ---- It seems hard to give --- of the church but death often chooses shining mark and we bow with submission to the will of Him who doth all things well. She leaves a grief stricken husband, four loving children, and a host of friends to mourn the loss, but we weep not as those who have no hope, for Hassie is not dead but asleep in Jesus.  Asleep in Jesus; Blessed sleep .  From which none ever wake to weep.  May the Savior she adored guide the grief stricken ones safely to the summer land of bliss where separation is unknown, and death never enters.  Her remains was interred in the cemetery of Lone Oak Church, with a burial service conducted by the writer of this article, while many friends attended the services, placing beautiful wreaths of the flowers she loved so dearly upon her grave. - W. L. MILES - (Source: Vernon Courier, Lamar County, AL, May 13, 1897 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney)

Mr. J. F. PEARSON, a prominent merchant of Millport, died at his home last Sunday night.  He had been sick with measles for some days together with an approplectic stroke.  He was buried at Fayette Monday with Odd Fellow ceremony. He was a most excellent gentleman in the prime of life and will be sadly missed.  Source: Vernon Courier, April 9, 1896 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Millport, Ala, April 11, 1895 - At eventide April 5th, 1896 Brother J. F. PEARSON, Past Grand Millport Lodge No 145, I. O. O. F., passed form this earth to that borne from whence no traveler returns, leaving a wife, one child, mother, two brothers and a host of friends to mourn their loss and his gain.  He was born in Pickens county, Ala, aged 38 years, 6 months, and 6 days.  Our lamented brother was initiated into Millport lodge No 145 on the night of its institution, May 12th, 1881, and in course of time was elevated to the highest honors in the gift of the Lodge.  He was a tried and zealous Odd Fellow, active earnest and untiring in the up building and progress of the order so dear to him.
      The realization of loss fills us with sadness. His love for his brethren was great.  He was gentle, kind and considerate of this fellow man. He has ceased his labors and gone to his eternal rest therefore, be it
      Resolved, 1st as a further mark of respect to our deceased brother, that the charter of the Lodge be draped in mourning and the members of the Lodge wear mourning for thirty days.
      Resolved, 2nd that this Lodge present its sincere thanks to Mrs. HOWELL KING and ANDREWS for their untiring and devoted attention to our deceased brother and family.
      Resolved, 3rd, that these resolutions be spread on the minutes of our lodge - published in the Fayette Sentinel and Vernon Courier, and a copy sent to the wife of our decades brother.
      Respectfully submitted, L. M. PARRISH, H. W. MILLER, A. K. COLLINS Vernon Courier, April 23, 1896

Mr. IRA POPE died at his home at Ballard, Fayette County, on Saturday 25th day of November, of paralysis.  He had a large circle of friends and relatives in this county, who will regret to learn of his demise.  He was a good man, universally liked and respected.  The paralytic stroke occurred on the 81st anniversary of his birthday, and his death followed the next day. He had been partially paralyzed for the past four years. Source: Hamilton Free Press, Dec. 6, 1893, Submitted by Veneta McKinney

Mr. JOHN REESE an aged citizen of Fayette county died at the home of his son, Mr. TERRELL REESE, Tuesday.  Source: Marion County Democrat, Jan. 1, 1903 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Mrs. N. P. RICHARDSON, of Loco, Fayette county, Alabama, died Tuesday at 12:30 pm, from a fall she received.  The bereaved have our deepest regret in the death of Mrs. RICHARDSON. - (Vernon Courier, June 13, 1895 Transcribed by Veneta McKinney)

Mr. T. C. Roberts, an esteemed citizen of this county, died very suddenly last Monday. (Fayette Banner, Fayette, Ala., Oct 26, 1894 - vm)

SMALLWOOD, RILEY (1894 - Aug 1, 1975)
Mr. Riley Smallwood, age 81, of Route 1, Berry died August 1 at his home.  Services were held August 1 at 2 p.m. at Whitson Place Church.  Burial at the Whitson Place cemetery was directed by Howell Funeral Home of Fayette.
     Smallwood is survived by: His wife, Angie Smallwood; three sons, Travis Smallwood, Paul Smallwood, and G. W. Smallwood; five daughters: Mrs. Bell Kelly, Mrs. Alhena Buckanan, Mrs. Mattie Lavendar, Mrs. Wilma Evans and Mrs. Dorothy Stegors; one brother, John Smallwood; four sisters, Mrs. Alma Davis, Mrs. Emma Davis, Mrs. Annie Langley, Mrs. Artie Kilgore; and 26 grandchildren. ( Source: unknown newspaper clipping - submitted by Ken Jones)

Mr. JOSH SMITH, of Fayette, while out riding Sunday evening was thrown from his horse and received injuries from which he died that night. Mr. SMITH was about 23 years old. - Vernon Courier, November 12, 1896 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

The little child of Mr. Holland Sudduth, of Fayette C. H. was seriously burned by accident last Thursday.  It is thought that it cannot survive. Source: Vernon Courier, Lamar County AL May 18, 1893 - Submitted by Veneta McKinney

Mr. JOE STEWARD, one of Fayette County's oldest citizens died at his home a few miles south of town last Monday.  (Winfield Enterprise, Marion County AL, July 27, 1899 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney)
B. D. WILLIAMS was shot and killed by a man named J. L. BOBO, about seven miles south of Fayette C. H. on 28th ult. BOBO was section master on the G. P. R. R. and the difficulty arose by him ordering the workmen to get dirt out of WILLIAMS' field. Source Marion Herald, Marion co., AL - March 8, 1888, Transcribed and submitted by Veneta McKinney


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