Fayette County, Alabama
School Records


This may not be a complete listing of the Schools of Fayette County.

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Alabama Christian College (historical) 333945N 0873557W Berry
Antioch School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ballard School (historical) 335145N 0874730W Winfield SE
Berry Elementary School 333952N 0873604W Berry
Berry Grammar School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Berry High School 333947N 0873557W Berry
Bethabara School (historical) 334620N 0875518W Bluff
Bethel School (historical) 334318N 0874345W Bankston
Bethel School (historical) 334847N 0875231W Bluff
Bethlehem School (historical) 334453N 0874804W Fayette
Bluff School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bluff Springs School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bobo High School 335243N 0874928W Winfield
Boley Spring School (historical) 333813N 0873051W Berry
Boxes Creek School (historical) 335025N 0874213W Hubbertville
Canaan Junior High School 333626N 0874703W Newtonville
Center Point School (historical) 333351N 0874428W New Lexington
Center School (historical) 334555N 0875320W Bluff
Concord School (historical) 333245N 0874401W New Lexington
Covin Elementary School 334012N 0875430W Belk
Fayette Academy (historical) Unknown Unknown Fayette
Fayette County High School 334120N 0874935W Fayette
Fayette Elementary School 334113N 0874932W Fayette
Fayette Male and Female Institute (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Flat Top School (historical) 334619N 0874927W Winfield SE
Fowlers School (historical) 334556N 0874519W Winfield SE
Hickory Rock School (historical) 334938N 0874624W Winfield SE
Hopewell School (historical) 334516N 0874749W Winfield SE
Hubbertville High School 334947N 0874432W Hubbertville
Johnsons School (historical) 335031N 0873651W Howard
Kirkland Junior High School 334811N 0875342W Bluff
Mars Hill School (historical) 334238N 0873849W Bankston
Mount Pleasant Elementary School (historical) 333803N 0874530W Fayette
Mount Vernon Junior High School (historical) 334402N 0875437W Belk
Mulberry School (historical) 335411N 0874822W Winfield
New Chapel School (historical) 333541N 0874116W New Lexington
Newtonville Elementary School 333236N 0874922W Newtonville
Oak Grove School (historical) 334120N 0874312W Bankston
Oak Grove School (historical) 333834N 0873341W Berry
Obye School (historical) 333226N 0874052W New Lexington
Providence School (historical) 334908N 0875502W Bluff
Public School Number 1 (historical) 335109N 0875246W Bluff
Rock Hill School (historical) 334255N 0874050W Bankston
Shady Grove School (historical) 334732N 0875315W Bluff
Simmons School (historical) 333816N 0874106W Bankston
Wayside Junior High School 335222N 0875328W Bluff
West Highland High School 334106N 0875024W Fayette
Wilsons School (historical) 333424N 0873644W Berry SE
Wolf Creek School (historical) 334813N 0873200W Howard


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