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This may not be a complete listing of the Cemeteries of Franklin County.

Source: GNIS - Submitted by C. Anthony

Abston Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Allen Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Allison Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Antioch Cemetery 343413N 0874601W Frankfort
Aycock Cemetery 343407N 0873559W Old Bethel
Baggett Cemetery 342248N 0875933W Guinn Cross Roads
Belgreen Cemetery 342850N 0875149W Isbell
Berry Cemetery 342424N 0880614W Halltown
Bethel Cemetery 341900N 0873907W Phil Campbell
Bethlehem Cemetery 343330N 0873733W Russellville
Bethsaida Cemetery 343317N 0873322W Old Bethel
Beulah Cemetery 342502N 0873220W Newburg
Blackburn Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Blue Lick Cemetery 343203N 0875800W Pleasant Grove
Blue Springs Cemetery 342448N 0873923W Spruce Pine
Bob Saints Cemetery 343315N 0873520W Old Bethel
Bobo Cemetery 343113N 0873856W Russellville
Bolin Cemetery 342706N 0875831W Guinn Cross Roads
Bolin Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bolton Cemetery 343256N 0880221W Pleasant Site
Bolton Cemetery 343349N 0875355W Pleasant Grove
Bond Cemetery 343155N 0875707W Pleasant Grove
Brazel Cemetery 342017N 0880436W Vina
Brock Cemetery 342108N 0874752W Hackleburg
Bullen Cemetery 342352N 0880748W Red Bay
Burgess Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Burleson Cemetery 342437N 0880134W Halltown
Burnt Church Cemetery 343210N 0874610W Frankfort
Burntout Cemetery 342703N 0880123W Halltown
Cantrell Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cedar Creek Cemetery 343243N 0875943W Pleasant Grove
Center Point Cemetery 341911N 0874120W Phil Campbell
Cherry Hill Cemetery 342742N 0873726W Newburg
Chestnut Ridge Cemetery 342009N 0873729W Kinlock Spring
Childers Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cleveland Cemetery 342058N 0875017W Hackleburg
Cooper Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Corbell Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Counts Cemetery 343008N 0873613W Old Bethel
Davis Cemetery 341910N 0880002W Vina
Davis Cemetery 341947N 0875923W Hodges
Dempsey Cemetery 342900N 0875710W Guinn Cross Roads
Denton Hollow Cemetery 342723N 0873420W Newburg
Devaney Cemetery 343123N 0874329W Russellville
Dime Cemetery 341910N 0873805W Phil Campbell
Dooley Cemetery 342229N 0874123W Phil Campbell
Duboise Cemetery 342344N 0873505W Newburg
Duncan Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ebeneezer Cemetery 342031N 0880857W Shottsville
Edgar Cemetery 342103N 0874840W Hackleburg
Ezzell Cemetery 343133N 0875402W Pleasant Grove
Frankfort Cemetery 343351N 0875027W Frankfort
Friendship Cemetery 342611N 0875309W Guinn Cross Roads
Gober Cemetery 342336N 0880426W Halltown
Graham Cemetery 342806N 0874828W Isbell
Gravel Hill Cemetery 343158N 0874024W Russellville
Gray Rock Cemetery 342540N 0873639W Newburg
Greenhill Cemetery 343055N 0875410W Pleasant Grove
Grissom Cemetery 342142N 0874957W Hackleburg
Halltown Cemetery 342648N 0880345W Halltown
Hamilton Cemetery 342710N 0874827W Isbell
Hargett Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Harris Cemetery 342805N 0874130W Spruce Pine
Hester Cemetery 343025N 0874828W Frankfort
Hillcrest Memorial Gardens 342738N 0880910W Red Bay
Hodges Cemetery 341940N 0875537W Hodges
Holly Springs Cemetery 342036N 0875900W Hodges
Hovater Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
James Cemetery 343310N 0880653W Pleasant Site
Jones Cemetery 342227N 0880315W Vina
Jones Cemetery 343209N 0874636W Frankfort
Jones Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jones Cemetery 343425N 0875102W Frankfort
Jonesboro Cemetery 343318N 0874547W Frankfort
Keelen Cemetery 342711N 0874606W Isbell
Kimbrough Cemetery 342448N 0873411W Newburg
King Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kirk Cemetery 342857N 0874212W Spruce Pine
Knights of Pythias Cemetery 343043N 0874441W Russellville
Lawler Cemetery 342213N 0875021W Hackleburg
Lawler Cemetery 342346N 0874953W Isbell
Liberty Hill Cemetery 342038N 0874601W Hackleburg
Lindsey Cemetery 341945N 0875200W Hackleburg
Lindsey Cemetery 341914N 0880040W Vina
Little Flock Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lower Pleasant Site Cemetery 343237N 0880503W Pleasant Site
Luketown Cemetery 343046N 0874433W Russellville
Macedonia Cemetery 342340N 0875713W Guinn Cross Roads
Macedonia Cemetery 342846N 0873250W Newburg
Macedonia Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Malone Cemetery 343230N 0874931W Frankfort
Mars Hill Cemetery 342021N 0874149W Phil Campbell
Massey Cemetery 343108N 0875606W Pleasant Grove
McCarley Cemetery 342357N 0880508W Halltown
McCurley Cemetery 342109N 0875536W Hodges
McNatt Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
McWright Cemetery 342555N 0874624W Isbell
Moorman Cemetery 342403N 0874923W Isbell
Moss Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mount Hebron Cemetery 342348N 0874607W Isbell
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 342852N 0873502W Newburg
Mount Zion Cemetery 342959N 0874744W Isbell
Mountain Home Cemetery 342617N 0875248W Guinn Cross Roads
Mountain View Cemetery 342022N 0874105W Phil Campbell
New Friendship Cemetery 342538N 0875156W Isbell
Number Six Cemetery 343020N 0874019W Russellville
Oak Grove Cemetery 342442N 0873445W Newburg
Old Belgreen Cemetery 342846N 0875155W Isbell
Old Lion Cemetery 341857N 0875415W Hodges
Old Nauvoo Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Old Robinson Cemetery 342706N 0874603W Isbell
Old Stand Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Old Town Cemetery 343045N 0874339W Russellville
Orange Cemetery 342128N 0873309W Kinlock Spring
Orman Cemetery 342842N 0874327W Spruce Pine
Osborn Cemetery 342442N 0880038W Halltown
Overton Cemetery 342309N 0875733W Guinn Cross Roads
Patterson Cemetery 343028N 0880235W Pleasant Site
Pennington Cemetery 343223N 0873637W Old Bethel
Phil Campbell Cemetery 342056N 0874221W Phil Campbell
Pilot Hill Cemetery 342052N 0880201W Vina
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 343414N 0875459W Pleasant Grove
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 342412N 0874903W Isbell
Pleasant Site Cemetery 343236N 0880401W Pleasant Site
Posey Mill Cemetery 341852N 0873517W Kinlock Spring
Pounders Cemetery 342610N 0874731W Isbell
Pounders-Quinn Cemetery 342452N 0874842W Isbell
Ramsey Cemetery 343313N 0874146W Russellville
Rea Cemetery 342616N 0873948W Spruce Pine
Red Bay Cemetery 342619N 0880758W Red Bay
Reed Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Reid Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ridge Cemetery 342033N 0881015W Shottsville
Robinson Cemetery 343312N 0874331W Russellville
Sadler Cemetery 343043N 0874334W Russellville
Saint Paul Cemetery 342101N 0873641W Kinlock Spring
Sargent Cemetery 342858N 0874117W Spruce Pine
Scharnagel Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Scharnagle Cemetery 342305N 0874408W Spruce Pine
Scott Cemetery 342205N 0875503W Hodges
Shady Grove Cemetery 342102N 0874634W Hackleburg
Shady Grove Cemetery 341903N 0874350W Phil Campbell
Shady Grove Cemetery 343341N 0875203W Frankfort
Sibley Cemetery 343033N 0873514W Old Bethel
Sibley Cemetery 342523N 0874113W Spruce Pine
Single Spring Cemetery 341913N 0880151W Vina
Smith Cemetery 342925N 0874918W Isbell
Smith Cemetery 342233N 0874004W Spruce Pine
Sparks Cemetery 343124N 0874839W Frankfort
Sparks Cemetery 342600N 0875745W Guinn Cross Roads
Spruce Pine Cemetery 342318N 0874328W Spruce Pine
Steadham Cemetery 342651N 0874627W Isbell
Stone Cemetery 342219N 0874813W Hackleburg
Sylvester Cemetery 342916N 0873501W Newburg
Taylor Cemetery 343334N 0875156W Frankfort
Tharptown Cemetery 343118N 0873758W Russellville
Tompkins Cemetery 343029N 0875643W Pleasant Grove
Union Hill Cemetery 342158N 0872246W Bee Branch
Unnamed Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Wade Cemetery 342214N 0874735W Hackleburg
Walden Cemetery 342710N 0874925W Isbell
Walding Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Watson Cemetery 342225N 0873830W Phil Campbell
Weatherbee Cemetery 342858N 0880154W Halltown
Welch Cemetery 342751N 0875001W Isbell
West Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Willis Cemetery 343102N 0874632W Frankfort
Wilson-Nooe Cemetery 342904N 0874442W Spruce Pine
Wingo Cemetery 342426N 0874733W Isbell





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