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This may not be a complete listing of the Cemeteries of Geneva County.

Source: GNIS - Transcribed by C. Anthony

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Map Area
Adoniram Cemetery 310155N 0854421W Hartford
Bellwood Cemetery 311036N 0854750W Bellwood
Black Cemetery 310046N 0854459W Hartford
Carter Cemetery 310340N 0855111W Geneva East
Christian Home Cemetery 310522N 0853338W Slocomb
Coffee Springs Cemetery 311017N 0855434W Coffee Springs
Corner Creek Cemetery 310342N 0860933W Hacoda
Corner Creek Upper Cemetery 310337N 0860937W Hacoda
Crews Cemetery 310949N 0860500W Sellersville
Eden Cemetery 310717N 0855652W Geneva West
El Bethel Cemetery 310954N 0855300W Coffee Springs
Eunola Cemetery 310229N 0855003W Geneva East
Flat Creek Cemetery 310640N 0860847W Hacoda
Friendship Cemetery 310632N 0855309W Geneva West
Geneva City Cemetery 310153N 0855152W Geneva East
Hall and Rivers Cemetery 310622N 0860400W Samson
Hartford City Cemetery 310614N 0854228W Hartford
Hurricane Cemetery 310443N 0853917W Hartford
Jones Cemetery 310705N 0855025W Geneva East
Lees Chapel Cemetery 310038N 0853758W Hartford
Liberty Chapel Cemetery 310209N 0860019W Samson
Lowery Cemetery 313002N 0860841W Bullock
Macedonia Cemetery 310812N 0854033W Clayhatchee
Martin Cemetery 310502N 0853256W Slocomb
McDuffie Cemetery 305940N 0855650W Hobbs Crossroads
McDuffie Cemetery 310145N 0855708W Geneva West
Mount Carmel Cemetery 310950N 0855459W Coffee Springs
Oak Grove Cemetery 310821N 0853716W Malvern
Oak Ridge Cemetery 310647N 0860651W Samson
Old Sardis Cemetery 310522N 0860949W Hacoda
Piney Grove Cemetery 311008N 0860307W Sellersville
Pleasant Home Cemetery 310029N 0854652W Geneva East
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 310508N 0855708W Geneva West
Pleasant Valley Cemetery 310923N 0855316W Coffee Springs
Pondtown Cemetery 310414N 0854248W Hartford
Providence Cemetery 310817N 0853527W Malvern
Providence Cemetery 310644N 0855033W Geneva East
Purvis Cemetery 310747N 0853338W Malvern
Shady Grove Cemetery 311001N 0855923W Coffee Springs
Shiloh Cemetery 310657N 0854014W Hartford
Spike Cemetery 310155N 0854251W Hartford
Spring Creek Cemetery 310225N 0854508W Geneva East
Sunset Memorial Gardens 310355N 0855549W Geneva West
Travelers Rest Cemetery 310724N 0860405W Samson
Union Cemetery 310914N 0853546W Malvern
Vaughanville Cemetery 310022N 0855455W Geneva West
Whaley Cemetery 310850N 0854018W Clayhatchee
Wright Chapel Cemetery 310624N 0853926W Hartford





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