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    This may not be a complete listing of the Churches of Geneva County    .

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Adoniram Baptist Church 310426N 0853054W Slocomb
Antioch Church 310042N 0853216W Slocomb
Antioch Church 310433N 0854756W Geneva East
Antioch Church 310905N 0854344W Clayhatchee
Ball Hill Church 310958N 0853806W Clayhatchee
Battle Hill Church (historical) 310036N 0860608W Samson
Bellwood Church 311021N 0854739W Bellwood
Bethel Baptist Church 311003N 0854035W Clayhatchee
Bethesda Church 310426N 0853205W Slocomb
Bethlehem Church 310925N 0853017W Malvern
Burns Church 310617N 0853244W Slocomb
Camelite Church (historical) 310822N 0853715W Malvern
Center Ridge Methodist Church 311145N 0855531W Coffee Springs
Chancellor Church 311050N 0855243W Coffee Springs
Christian Home Baptist Church 310526N 0853343W Slocomb
Christian Home Church 310319N 0854251W Hartford
Christian Science Church (historical) 310243N 0855655W Geneva West
Church of God 310216N 0855239W Geneva West
Church of Peace 310604N 0855441W Geneva West
Coffee Springs Church of Christ 311023N 0855450W Coffee Springs
Coffee Springs Methodist Church 311011N 0855433W Coffee Springs
Community Church 310819N 0853228W Malvern
Corinth Church 310430N 0853038W Slocomb
Corner Creek Methodist Church 310340N 0860934W Hacoda
Countyline Missionary Baptist Church 310605N 0853511W Slocomb
Devco Baptist Church 310114N 0855338W Geneva West
Earlytown Church 310746N 0860802W Kinston
Eato Highway Church 310459N 0853623W Slocomb
Eden Missionary Baptist Church 310719N 0855652W Geneva West
Eightmile Creek Church 305941N 0861024W Gaskin
El Bethel Baptist Church 310956N 0855301W Coffee Springs
Elitha Grove Church (historical) 310543N 0860916W Hacoda
Elton Church 310810N 0860643W Sellersville
Emmanuel Assembly of God 310051N 0855231W Geneva West
Fadette Church 310251N 0853218W Slocomb
Faith Temple Church 310254N 0855010W Geneva East
Fellowship Church 310655N 0854448W Hartford
First Assembly of God Church 310635N 0860229W Samson
First Assembly of God Church 310604N 0854210W Hartford
First Baptist Church 310235N 0855200W Geneva East
First Baptist Church 310604N 0854144W Hartford
First Baptist Church 310648N 0860302W Samson
First Baptist Church of Coffee Springs 311015N 0855439W Coffee Springs
First Baptist Church of Geneva 310211N 0855153W Geneva East
First Baptist Church of Slocomb 310636N 0853539W Slocomb
First Christian Church 310654N 0860255W Samson
First Episcopal Church (historical) 310214N 0855201W Geneva East
First Methodist Church 310630N 0860252W Samson
First United Methodist Church 310205N 0855158W Geneva East
First United Methodist Church 310607N 0854147W Hartford
First United Pentecostal Church 310106N 0855331W Geneva West
Flat Creek Church 310229N 0860612W Samson
Flat Creek Church 310643N 0860850W Hacoda
Freewill Church 310645N 0860456W Samson
Friendship Baptist Church 310629N 0855317W Geneva West
Geneva Church of God and Christ 310205N 0855221W Geneva East
Geneva First Assembly of God 310247N 0855238W Geneva West
Geneva Presbyterian Church 310216N 0855155W Geneva East
Glad Tidings Church 310258N 0854407W Hartford
Gosnen Church (historical) 310354N 0854618W Geneva East
Gospel Hill Church 310906N 0854140W Clayhatchee
Hacoda Union Church 310425N 0861000W Hacoda
Harvest Time Church 310645N 0860500W Samson
High Falls Assembly of God Church 310605N 0854758W Geneva East
Hillcrest Church 310738N 0854628W Bellwood
Holiness Chapel (historical) 310607N 0853256W Slocomb
House of Prayer Church 310906N 0853917W Clayhatchee
Hurricane Methodist Church 310445N 0853920W Hartford
Immanuel Baptist Church 310524N 0853023W Slocomb
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses 310304N 0854956W Geneva East
Laddon Church 310300N 0855607W Geneva West
Lee Chapel 310038N 0853759W Hartford
Liberty Chapel Baptist Church 310208N 0860020W Samson
Liberty Temple 310208N 0860019W Samson
Lime Springs Church 310428N 0860617W Samson
Living Water Church 310553N 0860242W Samson
Long Branch Church 310657N 0855517W Geneva West
Macedonia Church (historical) 310815N 0854036W Clayhatchee
Malvern New Life Church 310915N 0853125W Malvern
Maple Avenue Baptist Church 310254N 0855318W Geneva West
Mars Hill Church 310513N 0855104W Geneva East
Millville Church 310142N 0854243W Hartford
Mims Hill Assembly of God 310244N 0855356W Geneva West
Mount Calvary Church 310133N 0853056W Slocomb
Mount Carmel Church 311016N 0860003W Sellersville
Mount Carmel Primitive Baptist Church 310952N 0855457W Coffee Springs
Mount Moriah Church 310728N 0853951W Hartford
Mount Myrah Church 311028N 0854941W Bellwood
Mount Pleasant Church 310527N 0860637W Samson
New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church 310204N 0855245W Geneva West
New Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church 310233N 0865200W Parker Springs
New Hinson Church 310257N 0853052W Slocomb
New Home Church 310501N 0860210W Samson
New Hope Church 311141N 0854842W Bellwood
New Life Worship Center 310635N 0860317W Samson
New Mount Zion Church 310104N 0860729W Samson
New Post Oak Church 310224N 0853800W Hartford
New Prospect Church 310035N 0853800W Hartford
New Prospect Church 310556N 0855918W Geneva West
New Teamon Church 310154N 0853600W Slocomb
Oak Grove Church 310516N 0854634W Geneva East
Oak Ridge Church of Christ 310647N 0860649W Samson
Panther Creek Church 311133N 0853505W Malvern
Panther Creek Church (historical) 311023N 0853428W Malvern
Pilgrim Home Church 310951N 0853239W Malvern
Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church 311030N 0860839W Kinston
Pilgrims Rest Church 310042N 0853017W Slocomb
Piney Grove Church 310949N 0860242W Sellersville
Pleasant Grove Church 310140N 0852924W Madrid
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church 310636N 0853705W Slocomb
Pleasant Home Baptist Church 310028N 0854654W Geneva East
Pleasant Ridge United Methodist Church 310506N 0855709W Geneva West
Pleasant Valley Missionary Baptist Church 310922N 0855312W Coffee Springs
Pondtown Church 310415N 0854246W Hartford
Prosperity Missionary Baptist Church 310627N 0854146W Hartford
Providence Church 310645N 0855035W Geneva East
Reese Church 310041N 0860609W Samson
Saint Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church 310204N 0855046W Geneva East
Saint James Church 310013N 0854900W Geneva East
Saint John Baptist Church 310209N 0855225W Geneva East
Saint Johns Church (historical) 310407N 0853447W Slocomb
Saint Marys Catholic Church 310214N 0855154W Geneva East
Saint Paul Church 310723N 0854326W Hartford
Saint Peters Church (historical) 310215N 0852926W Madrid
Samson Methodist Church 310648N 0860309W Samson
Sardis United Methodist Church 310149N 0854056W Hartford
Sellersville Church 310757N 0860013W Sellersville
Shady Grove Church 311000N 0855924W Coffee Springs
Shiloh Baptist Church 310654N 0854014W Hartford
Silverene Church 311040N 0854748W Bellwood
Southside Church 310106N 0855332W Geneva West
Spivey Tabernacle 310813N 0860639W Sellersville
Spring Creek Baptist Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Spring Hill Church 305956N 0855221W Izagora
Tabernacle Church 310919N 0853824W Clayhatchee
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 310406N 0855258W Geneva West
Tramp Church 311018N 0854930W Bellwood
Travelers Rest Church 310721N 0860405W Samson
Union Baptist Church 310913N 0853546W Malvern
Union Hill Church 310415N 0853706W Slocomb
Vaughanville Church 310022N 0855455W Geneva West
Walker Chapel (historical) 310156N 0853843W Hartford
Weeks Chapel Church 310904N 0860658W Sellersville
Weeks Memorial Church 310906N 0860702W Sellersville
Wesley Chapel 310705N 0854717W Geneva East
Westside United Methodist Church 310256N 0855318W Geneva West
Whaley Chapel 310918N 0854000W Clayhatchee
Wheeler Church (historical) 310336N 0854650W Geneva East
Whitaker Church 310014N 0853434W Slocomb
Wright Chapel (historical) 310621N 0853925W Hartford
Wright Church 310200N 0853412W Slocomb






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