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This may not be a complete listing of the Schools of Geneva County.

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Barnes School (historical) 311118N 0852950W Dothan West
Baswell School (historical) 310506N 0853758W Hartford
Bell School (historical) 310417N 0853709W Slocomb
Bellwood High School (historical) 311038N 0854759W Bellwood
Black Junior High School (historical) 310053N 0854440W Hartford
Bullock School (historical) 310548N 0853100W Slocomb
Burgess School (historical) 305942N 0860310W Darlington
Burns School (historical) 310630N 0853105W Slocomb
Carver Junior High School 310119N 0853048W Slocomb
Center Ridge School (historical) 311144N 0855532W Coffee Springs
Center Ridge School (historical) 310023N 0855328W Geneva West
Center School (historical) 310829N 0855651W Coffee Springs
Coe School (historical) 310408N 0853956W Hartford
Coffee Springs Elementary School 311015N 0855433W Coffee Springs
Coffee Springs High School 311016N 0855435W Coffee Springs
Corbin School (historical) 311116N 0853819W Clayhatchee
Crossroads School (historical) 310148N 0854052W Hartford
Davis School (historical) 310644N 0860850W Hacoda
Emmius School (historical) 305956N 0854606W Izagora
Fadette School 310255N 0853125W Slocomb
Ganer School (historical) 310437N 0860614W Samson
Geneva County Grammar School 310555N 0864159W Bradley
Geneva County High School 310556N 0854147W Hartford
Geneva County Training School (historical) 310607N 0853508W Slocomb
Geneva High School 310232N 0855246W Geneva West
Gilmore School (historical) 310305N 0860255W Samson
Hartford High School 310627N 0854206W Hartford
High Bluff School 310839N 0854440W Clayhatchee
Jones School (historical) 310158N 0860955W Hacoda
Kinsanl School (historical) 311000N 0854035W Clayhatchee
Lewis High School 310618N 0860303W Samson
Long Branch School (historical) 310649N 0855504W Geneva West
Malvern School 310846N 0853150W Malvern
Marrith School (historical) 310357N 0853342W Slocomb
Midway School 310805N 0855131W Bellwood
Midway School (historical) 310641N 0855317W Geneva West
Mount Carmel School 311015N 0860002W Sellersville
Oak Grove School 310516N 0854632W Geneva East
Pine Lilly School (historical) 310427N 0853455W Slocomb
Pleasant Home School 310028N 0854653W Geneva East
Pleasant Home School (historical) 310503N 0860208W Samson
Post Oak School 310347N 0854605W Geneva East
Red Bug School 311127N 0860502W Sellersville
Reese School (historical) 310040N 0860608W Samson
Riverside Heights High School (historical) 310214N 0855309W Geneva West
Robins School (historical) 310118N 0853338W Slocomb
Roney School 310354N 0854856W Geneva East
Saint Paul School (historical) 310721N 0854325W Hartford
Samson High School 310704N 0860257W Samson
Sasser School (historical) 311032N 0853204W Malvern
Sevall School (historical) 310814N 0854153W Clayhatchee
Slocomb High School 310624N 0853555W Slocomb
Tate Junior High School (historical) 310149N 0853748W Hartford
Thurston School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Upper Creek School (historical) 310416N 0854227W Hartford
Vaughn School (historical) 310019N 0855454W Geneva West
Wadford School (historical) 310813N 0853323W Malvern
Weeks School 310906N 0860702W Sellersville
Windham School (historical) 310106N 0855817W Geneva West






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