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Jackson County Alabama





This is not a complete listing of the Cemeteries of Jackson County.
If you know of another or if you have any information you wish to share, please let us know.

Source: GNIS, Trasncribed by C. Anthony

Abbott Cemetery 345628N 0854403W Bridgeport
Abbott Chapel Cemetery 345733N 0855137W Doran Cove
Allen Cemetery 345247N 0855748W Eureka
Allison Cemetery 345305N 0855900W Eureka
Anderson Cemetery 345413N 0860910W Estill Fork
Armstrong Cemetery 345312N 0855954W Eureka
Austell Cemetery 345120N 0860006W Mud Creek
Austin-Cameron Cemetery 345436N 0855032W Doran Cove
Baker Cemetery 344513N 0855500W Wannville
Baker Cemetery 344522N 0855451W Wannville
Barbee Cemetery 344842N 0860236W Mud Creek
Beech Grove Cemetery 345922N 0861501W King Cove
Bellefonte Cemetery 344245N 0855650W Hollywood
Bellefonte Public Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Berry Cemetery 344132N 0861213W Lim Rock
Bethel Cemetery 345349N 0861813W King Cove
Bingham Cemetery 344506N 0861607W Hollytree
Bishop Cemetery 345440N 0860751W Estill Fork
Blue Spring Cemetery 344112N 0860821W Lim Rock
Bluff Cemetery 343456N 0855936W Dutton
Bonaventure Cemetery 345658N 0854525W Doran Cove
Bouldin Cemetery 345251N 0861100W Estill Fork
Boyd Cemetery 343228N 0860638W Langston
Brandon Cemetery 344515N 0860442W Mud Creek
Brown-Cox Cemetery 345348N 0854858W Doran Cove
Bryant Cemetery 344755N 0855317W Wannville
Bryant Cemetery 344851N 0855827W Wannville
Bullock Cemetery 343838N 0862044W Paint Rock
Burch Cemetery 345218N 0855112W Stevenson
Burgess Cemetery 343826N 0860108W Scottsboro
Butler Cemetery 345355N 0861253W Estill Fork
Bynum Cemetery 344508N 0860601W Mud Creek
Caperton Cemetery 345031N 0854828W Stevenson
Cargile Cemetery 345302N 0854936W Doran Cove
Cargile Cemetery 345324N 0855139W Doran Cove
Carr Cemetery 345313N 0855314W Eureka
Cawlfield Cemetery 345134N 0854825W Stevenson
Cedar Hill Cemetery 344013N 0860243W Scottsboro
Champion Cemetery 345717N 0855935W Eureka
Chaney Cemetery 343701N 0860117W Langston
Chaney Chapel Cemetery 343724N 0855603W Dutton
Chisenhall Cemetery 343511N 0860035W Langston
Chisenhall Cemetery 343814N 0855754W Hollywood
(Chisenhall) Hale Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Church Hill Cemetery 345119N 0861317W Princeton
Clark Cemetery 343906N 0854954W Henagar
Clark Cemetery 345906N 0860547W Hytop
Clay Cemetery 344155N 0862118W Paint Rock
Clay Cemetery 345050N 0861442W Princeton
Coffee Cemetery 344631N 0855022W Stevenson
Coffey Cemetery 344855N 0855443W Wannville
Coffey Cemetery 344525N 0855148W Stevenson
Coffey Town Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Collins Cemetery 345444N 0860940W Estill Fork
Crawford Cemetery 345515N 0860735W Estill Fork
Cross Cemetery 344946N 0855141W Stevenson
Cross Cemetery 344847N 0855444W Wannville
Cross Cemetery 344905N 0855053W Stevenson
Cross Cemetery 344958N 0855030W Stevenson
Crow Cemetery 345038N 0860235W Mud Creek
Crowell Cemetery 345521N 0861546W King Cove
Culver Cemetery 345501N 0860702W Hytop
Cumberland Cemetery 345845N 0855638W Eureka
Davis Cemetery 344742N 0861539W Hollytree
Dean Chapel Cemetery 343707N 0854922W Sylvania
Delaney Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dolberry Cemetery 344921N 0860329W Mud Creek
Dotson Cemetery 344045N 0861224W Lim Rock
Duncan Hill Cemetery -- -- Hollywood
Ebenezer Cemetery 345614N 0853729W New Home
Elkins Cemetery 344739N 0860254W Mud Creek
Erwin Cemetery 344041N 0861304W Lim Rock
Fanning Cemetery 345613N 0861454W Estill Fork
Finnell Cemetery 344256N 0855459W Hollywood
Finney Cemetery 343625N 0860340W Langston
Flanagan Cemetery 344402N 0861612W Paint Rock
Foshee Cemetery 345133N 0854844W Stevenson
Fowler Cemetery 345045N 0861030W Princeton
Fowler Cemetery 344018N 0861949W Paint Rock
Friendship Cemetery 344231N 0855038W Henagar
Gant Cemetery 344019N 0855739W Hollywood
Gentle Cemetery 344043N 0861253W Lim Rock
Gold Cemetery 344443N 0860958W Lim Rock
Gold Cemetery 344538N 0860535W Mud Creek
Graham Cemetery 345113N 0861243W Princeton
Grant Cemetery 345853N 0853703W New Home
Gray Cemetery 345322N 0854148W Bridgeport
Green Cemetery 343805N 0855954W Hollywood
Green Cemetery 345226N 0861300W Princeton
Greer Cemetery 345232N 0854824W Doran Cove
Gross Cemetery 343354N 0860754W Swearengin
Guffy Cemetery 343629N 0860655W Langston
Hackworth Cemetery 345428N 0854826W Doran Cove
Haddon Cemetery 345437N 0860213W Hytop
Hall Cemetery 344214N 0860905W Lim Rock
Hansbrough Cemetery 344307N 0855643W Hollywood
Harmony Cemetery 344900N 0860244W Mud Creek
Harrison Cemetery 344141N 0861310W Lim Rock
Hayes Cemetery 345754N 0861526W King Cove
Helton Cemetery 345319N 0855454W Eureka
Henry Cemetery 343941N 0855943W Hollywood
Henshaw Cemetery 345316N 0861059W Estill Fork
Higdon Cemetery 345056N 0853800W Flat Rock
Hill Cemetery 343742N 0855124W Henagar
Hollytree Cemetery 344809N 0861524W Hollytree
Hudgins Cemetery 344048N 0855929W Hollywood
Hudgins Cemetery 343910N 0854835W Henagar
Hurt Cemetery 344558N 0855922W Wannville
Hytop Cemetery 345336N 0860443W Hytop
Inglis Cemetery 344924N 0855846W Wannville
Isbell Cemetery 344123N 0861048W Lim Rock
Jack Cemetery 345536N 0861337W Estill Fork
Jacoway Cemetery 345556N 0855305W Eureka
James Cemetery 345827N 0853943W Bridgeport
Johnson Cemetery 344803N 0855216W Stevenson
Jones Cemetery 344257N 0861858W Paint Rock
Jones Cemetery 344539N 0861820W Hollytree
Kelly Cemetery 343459N 0860707W Langston
Kirk Cemetery 344416N 0861731W Paint Rock
Kirkpatrick Cemetery 345822N 0854404W Bridgeport
Knight Cemetery 345431N 0860202W Hytop
Kyles Cemetery 344757N 0855927W Wannville
Langston Cemetery 343219N 0860512W Langston
Latham Cemetery 344403N 0861934W Paint Rock
Latham Cemetery 344555N 0861050W Princeton
Lewallen Cemetery 344846N 0855441W Wannville
Liberty Cemetery 344352N 0860308W Scottsboro
Longacre Cemetery 345229N 0855256W Wannville
Lovelady Cemetery 344638N 0855342W Wannville
Lovelady Cemetery 345038N 0855523W Wannville
Loyd Cemetery 345646N 0854424W Bridgeport
Loyds Cemetery 344951N 0855630W Wannville
Maple Cemetery 343628N 0860805W Swearengin
Maples Cemetery 344900N 0861618W Hollytree
Matthews Cemetery 345241N 0860139W Hytop
Matthews Cemetery 345406N 0855746W Eureka
Matthews Cemetery 345532N 0855819W Eureka
Maxwell Cemetery 345149N 0854357W Flat Rock
Maxwell Cemetery 345329N 0861520W King Cove
Maynard Cove Cemetery 344727N 0860424W Mud Creek
McAnelly Cemetery 343851N 0855857W Hollywood
McCrary Cemetery 345620N 0855830W Eureka
McCullough Cemetery 345503N 0860826W Estill Fork
McMahan Cemetery 345523N 0854939W Doran Cove
Middleton Cemetery 344927N 0855845W Wannville
Middleton Cemetery 345005N 0855530W Wannville
Miller Cemetery 345734N 0861130W Estill Fork
Moody Cemetery 344801N 0860056W Mud Creek
Moon Cemetery 344611N 0861701W Hollytree
Moore Chapel Cemetery 345240N 0854107W Bridgeport
Morris Cemetery 344507N 0854244W Flat Rock
Mount Olive Cemetery 343627N 0861425W Swearengin
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 344140N 0861450W Lim Rock
Nelson Cemetery 344440N 0854502W Henagar
New Home Cemetery 344058N 0854747W Henagar
New Hope Cemetery 344206N 0854400W Ider
Newby Cemetery 344950N 0853851W Flat Rock
Nicholson Cemetery 343245N 0860353W Langston
Norwood Cemetery 344315N 0855626W Hollywood
Oak Lawn Cemetery 345235N 0853623W New Home
Old Bostick Hill Cemetery 345340N 0861045W Estill Fork
Old Grays Cemetery 345826N 0860901W Estill Fork
Old Sardis Cemetery 343133N 0855627W Dutton
Pace Cemetery 344439N 0860827W Lim Rock
Paint Rock Cemetery 343923N 0861952W Paint Rock
Pauper Cemetery 344527N 0855755W Wannville
Peters Cove Cemetery 343955N 0861425W Lim Rock
Phillips Cemetery 344351N 0855532W Hollywood
Pierce Cemetery 343641N 0860122W Langston
Pinehaven Memorial Gardens 344245N 0855800W Hollywood
Pinhook Cemetery 344214N 0860712W Scottsboro
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 345839N 0855448W Eureka
Pleasant View Cemetery 343803N 0855225W Henagar
Porter Cemetery 345424N 0853556W New Home
Potato Hill Cemetery 345411N 0853748W Bridgeport
Potts Cemetery 345238N 0854818W Doran Cove
Price Cemetery 344557N 0855347W Wannville
Prince Cemetery 345135N 0860945W Princeton
Prince Cemetery 345348N 0861312W Estill Fork
Prince Cemetery 345505N 0860848W Estill Fork
Pritchett Cemetery 344502N 0854220W Flat Rock
Proctor Cemetery 344655N 0860415W Mud Creek
Reid Cemetery 345443N 0861022W Estill Fork
Renshaw Cemetery 344740N 0855842W Wannville
Ridley Cemetery 345209N 0854445W Flat Rock
Roach Cemetery 344853N 0855551W Wannville
Roberson Cemetery 344259N 0862109W Paint Rock
Rocky Spring Cemetery 345723N 0854505W Doran Cove
Roman Cemetery 343201N 0860605W Langston
Rorex Cemetery 344927N 0855608W Wannville
Ross Cemetery 344100N 0861543W Paint Rock
Rosson Cemetery 343951N 0860553W Scottsboro
Rouse Cemetery 344809N 0861419W Princeton
Rousseau Cemetery 344439N 0861848W Paint Rock
Rousseau Cemetery 344519N 0861952W Hollytree
Rousseau Cemetery 344355N 0861831W Paint Rock
Russell Cemetery 345102N 0855329W Wannville
Samples Cemetery 343649N 0855044W Sylvania
Sanders Cemetery 344738N 0860031W Mud Creek
Sanders Cemetery 345108N 0860651W Mud Creek
Sanders Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sarratt Cemetery 343852N 0855300W Hollywood
Sharp Cemetery 344712N 0860708W Mud Creek
Shelton Cemetery 344417N 0860409W Scottsboro
Shipp Cemetery 344235N 0855532W Hollywood
Shipp Cemetery 345148N 0855510W Wannville
Shipp Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sikes Cemetery 345617N 0855630W Eureka
Sisk Cemetery 345800N 0860910W Estill Fork
Skyline Cemetery 344834N 0860701W Mud Creek
Smith Cemetery 344358N 0861559W Paint Rock
Smith Cemetery 344738N 0854416W Flat Rock
Smith Cemetery 345326N 0853534W New Home
Spiller Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Stephens Cemetery 343735N 0861551W Paint Rock
Sterne Cemetery 344808N 0854818W Stevenson
Stogspill Cemetery 344833N 0855332W Wannville
Straightway Cemetery 345723N 0853746W Bridgeport
Swafford Cemetery 345044N 0854423W Flat Rock
Swaim Cemetery 345436N 0861020W Estill Fork
Talley Cemetery 345513N 0855215W Doran Cove
Tally Cemetery 344737N 0855159W Stevenson
Thompson Cemetery 344038N 0855935W Hollywood
Tipton Cemetery 343812N 0860007W Scottsboro
Tipton Cemetery 344523N 0861900W Hollytree
Todd Cemetery 344840N 0861659W Hollytree
Tone Cemetery 345034N 0861857W Hollytree
Travis Cemetery 344840N 0860626W Mud Creek
Trenton Cemetery 344443N 0861446W Lim Rock
Turley Cemetery 345708N 0861049W Estill Fork
Union Cemetery 343853N 0861626W Paint Rock
Vaught Cemetery 343125N 0860551W Langston
Walker Cemetery 344414N 0861730W Paint Rock
Walker Cemetery 345536N 0854946W Doran Cove
Walker Family Cemetery 345557N 0854456W Bridgeport
Washington Cemetery 344806N 0855309W Wannville
Webb Cemetery 344421N 0861457W Lim Rock
Wheeler Cemetery 344809N 0854507W Stevenson
Williams Cemetery 345416N 0854408W Bridgeport
Willis Cemetery 345908N 0855310W Eureka
Wilson Cemetery 345917N 0861051W Estill Fork
Wilson Cemetery 345458N 0854717W Doran Cove
Wimberley Cemetery 345203N 0854850W Stevenson
Woods Cove Cemetery 343912N 0860455W Scottsboro
Zions Rest Cemetery 343716N 0860849W Swearengin


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