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Old Newspaper and Periodicals Index

The Bessemer Tribune w. Dem.
Established: Dec. 15, 1912
Publisher: The Tribune Publishing Co.
Editor: William R. Smith
Subscription: $1.50
Day of Issue: Thursday
The Bessemer Weekly w. Ind.-Dem.
Established: June 3, 1887
Publisher: The Bessemer Publishing Co.
Editor: Wm. H. H. Judson
Subscription: $1.50
Day of Issue: Saturday
The Industrial Enterprise (negro) m. Frat.
Established: 1908
Editor and Publisher: J. F. Thomas
Subscription: $1.00
Alabama Baptist w.Religious
Established: 1874 Consolidation of Baptist Evangel, Baptist Herald, Southern Baptist and Alabama Baptist
Editor and Publisher: Frank W. Barnett
Subscription: $2.00
Alabama Christian Advocate w. Reiligous
Established: May 25, 1881
Publishers: Whitehead Publishing Co.
Editor: Rev. James M. Glenn
Subscription: $1.50
The Alabama Citizen w. Prohibition
Established: About 1904
Publishers: The Alabama Anit-Saloon League
Editor: Rev. J. C. Persinger
The Alabama Farmer s-m. Agricultural
Established: June 1, 1912
Publisher: Alabama Division of T. E. & C. U. of A.
Editor: T. J. Kennedy
The Alabama Sunday School Bulletion
Established: 1900
Publisher: Alabama Sunday School Association
Editor: Leon C. Palmer
Alabama White Ribbon m. Prohibition
Established: Nov. 1903
Publisher: Ala. Woman's Christian Tem. Union
Editor: Mrs. Annie K. Welsel
The Baptist Leader w. Religious (negro)
Established: 1890
Publisher: Ala. Baptist State Convention
Editor: C. L. Fisher, D. D.
The Birmingham Age-Herald d. Sunday and w; morning, Dem.
Established: 1887
Publishers: The Age-Herald Co.
Editor: E. W. Barrett
Subscription: $8.00 and $2.00 for Sunday and 50 cts. for weekly only
Birmingham College Reporter b-m. Student
Established: Jan., 1913
Editors and publishers: Students of Birmingham College
The Birmingham Ledger d. except Sunday, evening Dem.
Established: 1896
Publisher: Publisher James J. Smith
Editor: George M. Cruikshank
The Birmingham News d. evening and Sunday morning Dem.
Established: March 14, 1888
Publisher: Victor H. Hanson
Editor: Frank P. Glass, Sr.
The Birmingham Reporter w. (negro)
Established: 1902
Editor and publisher: O. W. Adams
Subscription: $1.50
Day of issue: Saturday
The Birmingham Wide Awake w. Rep. (negro)
Editor and publisher: L. H. Harrison
Subscription: $1.50
Day of issue: Saturday
The Catholic Monthly m. Religious
Established: June, 1910
Publisher: St. Pauls Catholic Church
Editor: Rev. James E. Coyle
Subscription: $1.00
The Christian Hope w. Baptist and Rep. (negor)
Established: April 12, 1893
Publisher: Mrs. M. D. Duncan
Editor: L. S. Steinback
Subscription: $1.25
Day of Issue: Friday
The Dixie Home m. agricultural
Established: April, 1895
Publishers: Rountree Publishing Co.
Editor: J. A. Rountree
Subscription: $1.00
The Dixie Manufacturer s-m.Industrial
Established: August, 1900
Publishers: Rountree Publishing Co.
Editor: J. A. Rountree
Subscription: $2.00
Day of issue: 10th and 25th
The Exchange Record w. Industrial
Established: 1912
Editors and publishers: The Builders Exchange
Subscription: $24.00 per year including membership in the Exchange
Bulletin Howard College qr. Educational
Established: 1909
Publishers: Howard College
The Howard Crimson w. Student
Established: February 1944
Publishers: J. A. Adams and S. S. Howell
Editor: Jasper C. Hutto
Inglenook Home w. Local
Established: 1913
Editor and publisher: J. L. Shelton
Subscription: $1.00
Day of issue: Saturday
Labor Advocate w. Labor
Established: January, 1890
Publishers: Labor Advocate Publishing Co.
Editor: J. H. F. Mosley
Il Libero Pensiero w. n.p. (Italian)
Established: 1908
Editor and publisher: S. R. Guarino
Subscription: $2.00
Day of issue: Saturday
McConico's Monthly Magazine m. n.p. (negro)
Established: 1910
Editor and publisher: John F. A. McConico
Subscription: $1.00
The Progressive Farmer and Southern Farm Gazette w. Agricultural
Established: 1886
Publishers: The Progressive Farmer Co.
Editor: Clarence Poe
Subscription: $1.00
Day of issue: Saturday
Published each week at Birmingham, Ala.; Memphis, Tenn.; Dallas, Texas; Raleigh, N.C.
ReCall w. Prohibition
Established: 1911
Editor and publisher: C. W. Austin
Subscription: $2.00
Day of issue: Saturday
The Spectator w. n.p.
Established: 1913
Publisher: J. M. Bonner
Editor: Geo. W. Howie
Subscription: $1.00
Day of issue: Saturday
The Truth w. n.p. (negro)
Established: 1903
Editor and publisher: Carrie A. Tuggle
Subscription: $1.00
Voice of the People w. n.p. (negro)
Established: 1913
Publishers: Voice Publishing Co.
Editor: J. A. Bray
Day of issue: Thursday
East Lake
The Boys Banner s-m. Student
Publishers: Alabama Boys Industrial School
Subscription: 50 cts.
The Ensley Enterprise w. Dem.
Established: About 1898
Editor and publisher: L. P. Hill
Subscription: $1.00
Day of issue: Saturday
Ensley Sun w. Dem.
Established: 1890
Publishers: Sun Publishing Co.
Editor: J. D. de Lacec
Subscription: _____
Day of Issue: Thursday

Transcribed by C. Anthony Alabama Newspapers and Periodicals, Author: Thomas McAdory Owen, Published: Brown Print Co., 1915

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