Lamar County, Alabama



This may not be a complete listing of the cemeteries of Lamar County.

Source: GNIS - Submitted by C. Anthony


 Cemetery Name



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Almon Cemetery

335839N 0881007W Sulligent
Antioch Cemetery 335227N 0875726W Bluff
Asbury Cemetery 333823N 0881346W Millport NW
Bankhead Cemetery 335215N 0881015W Sulligent SW
Beaver Creek Cemetery 335923N 0875747W Guin
Beaverton Memorial Cemetery 335535N 0880100W Beaverton
Bethabra Cemetery 333856N 0875819W Belk
Bethel Cemetery 333457N 0881521W Steens
Bethel Cemetery 334437N 0880352W Hightogy
Blaylock Cemetery 335449N 0881328W Sulligent
Blooming Grove Cemetery 334750N 0875839W Bluff
Blooming Grove Cemetery 334751N 0875851W Bluff
Branyon Cemetery 333856N 0875708W Belk
Canaan Cemetery 333742N 0880302W Hightogy
Cemetery Cemetery 340539N 0880351W Beaverton
Cantrell Cemetery
(see Webb Cem)
340131N 0880102W Henson Springs
Carter Cemetery 340125N 0881053W Detroit
Christian Chapel Cemetery 334040N 0880521W Hightogy
Corinth Cemetery 334748N 0875730W Bluff
Corinth Cemetery 334749N 0881354W Sulligent SW
Crews Cemetery 335432N 0880502W Beaverton
Crump Cemetery 340046N 0880353W Henson Springs
Eatman Cemetery 333257N 0880653W Millport
Emmaus Cemetery 334828N 0880530W Vernon
Evans Cemetery 335621N 0881153W Sulligent
Fairview Cemetery 335057N 0880037W Vernon
Fellowship Cemetery 334635N 0880300W Vernon
Friendship Cemetery 334647N 0881027W Sulligent SW
Friendship Cemetery 333441N 0881452W Fernbank
Furnace Hill Cemetery 334450N 0880843W Millport NW
Guin Cemetery 334213N 0875935W Belk
Henson Cemetery 340114N 0880235W Henson Springs
Henson Springs Cemetery 340051N 0880354W Henson Springs
Herron Cemetery 335209N 0880730W Sulligent SW
Higdon Memorial Cemetery 333326N 0875940W Kennedy
Hill Cemetery 335049N 0880416W Vernon
Hill Cemetery 335214N 0880620W Vernon
Holliday Cemetery 335103N 0880717W Vernon
Hollis Cemetery 335307N 0880958W Sulligent
Hollis Cemetery 335425N 0880242W Beaverton
Holly Grove Cemetery 333353N 0880322W Millport
Kennedy Cemetery 335151N 0880344W Vernon
Kennedy Cemetery 333458N 0875853W Kennedy
Lampkin Cemetery 334313N 0881227W Millport NW
Liberty Cemetery 340058N 0880632W Henson Springs
Liberty Cemetery 334623N 0875943W Bluff
Liberty Cemetery 333803N 0880127W Hightogy
Love Joy Cemetery 335342N 0875925W Guin
Macedonia Cemetery 335324N 0880845W Sulligent
Meadow Branch Cemetery 333821N 0880112W Hightogy
Moore Cemetery 333626N 0875710W Kennedy
Morton Chapel Cemetery 334603N 0880453W Vernon
Moscow Cemetery 335217N 0880617W Vernon
Mount Carmel Cemetery 333152N 0880119W Millport
Mount Hebron Cemetery 335633N 0880423W Beaverton
Mount Nebo Cemetery 334354N 0881220W Millport NW
Mount Olive Cemetery 335638N 0875854W Guin
Mount Olive Cemetery 334802N 0881048W Sulligent SW
Mount Olive Cemetery 333829N 0880434W Hightogy
Mount Pisgah Cemetery 334835N 0880605W Vernon
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 333509N 0880304W Millport
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 334137N 0881138W Millport NW
Mount Zion Cemetery 334126N 0880648W Hightogy
Mulberry Springs Cemetery 335213N 0880610W Vernon
Nebo Cemetery 334350N 0881024W Millport NW
New Church Cemetery 334919N 0881114W Sulligent SW
New Hope Cemetery 334046N 0880000W Hightogy
New Hope Cemetery 335923N 0875747W Guin
New Hope Cemetery 334647N 0881242W Sulligent SW
Nolen Cemetery 335410N 0880520W Beaverton
Oakes Chapel Cemetery 334541N 0880204W Vernon
Oddfellows Cemetery 333312N 0880510W Millport
Old Antioch Cemetery 335136N 0875756W Bluff
Old Asbury Cemetery 333819N 0881254W Millport NW
Old Cantrell Cemetery -- -- Henson Springs
Old Harmony Cemetery 333630N 0881414W Fernbank
Olive Hill Cemetery 335721N 0880020W Beaverton
Owens Cemetery 335051N 0880212W Vernon
Payne Chapel Cemetery 333325N 0880328W Millport
Pearson Cemetery 334709N 0880619W Vernon
Pine Springs Cemetery 335640N 0880854W Sulligent
Piney Grove Cemetery 335432N 0875806W Guin
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 333410N 0880124W Millport
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 335228N 0881218W Sulligent SW
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 333621N 0880701W Millport
Plynn Cemetery 335228N 0880359W Vernon
Pope Cemetery 335807N 0880625W Beaverton
Poplar Springs Cemetery 333902N 0880836W Millport NW
Providence Cemetery 334914N 0875747W Bluff
Rising Star Cemetery 335146N 0880850W Sulligent SW
Rowland Cemetery 333936N 0875829W Belk
Sailor Cemetery 334327N 0880947W Millport NW
Sanders Cemetery 334652N 0880619W Vernon
Sandlin Cemetery 335527N 0880905W Sulligent
Seven Oaks Cemetery 335418N 0875836W Guin
Shiloh Cemetery 334524N 0881222W Sulligent SW
Shiloh Cemetery 334903N 0880405W Vernon
Shiloh Cemetery 334138N 0880546W Hightogy
Sizemore Cemetery 335208N 0875914W Bluff
Sizemore Memorial Cemetery 335531N 0880055W Beaverton
South Carolina Cemetery 334220N 0880515W Hightogy
Spring Hill Cemetery 333327N 0880956W Fernbank
Springfield Cemetery 334552N 0880837W Sulligent SW
Spruiell Cemetery 335853N 0880536W Beaverton
Stanford Cemetery 335652N 0880102W Beaverton
Stanford Cemetery 335909N 0880620W Beaverton
Sudduth Cemetery 333828N 0875731W Belk
Sulligent Cemetery 335352N 0880737W Sulligent
Taylor Cemetery 335058N 0880740W Sulligent SW
Taylor Springs Cemetery 335210N 0880115W Vernon
Temple Star Cemetery 334350N 0880011W Hightogy
Thompson Cemetery 333246N



Thompson Cemetery 334948N 0880725W Vernon
Thompson Cemetery 335016N 0880724W Vernon
Turner Cemetery 334708N 0880921W Sulligent SW
Union Chapel Cemetery 334359N 0880005W Hightogy
Vernon Cemetery 334447N 0880639W Hightogy
Walnut Grove Cemetery 333856N 0880630W Hightogy
Webb Cemetery (see Cantrell Cem) 340131N 0880102W Henson springs
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 335956N 0881152W Sulligent
Wilson Cemetery 333453N 0875711W Kennedy
Wilson Cemetery 333235N 0875646W Kennedy
Wilson Cemetery 333408N 0875708W Kennedy
Wofford Cemetery 334821N 0880834W Sulligent SW




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