Lamar County, Alabama

"K" Deaths


KEMP, Infant of J. K.
Fernbank Items: Aug 22, 1886 - An infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. KEMP died in our town a few days ago. (Lamar News, Sept. 2, 1886)

We regret to note the death of Mr. S. P. Kemp, which event occurred Thursday of last week.  Mr. Kemp was well known, and liked by many people throughout the county.  At one time he served as sheriff of the county, and several old citizens remember him as Sherig Kemp.  The burial took place Friday at Mt. Pleasant, with Odd Fellow honors, to which order he had belonged for several years.  The Democrat sympathizes with the bereaved friends and relatives of “Uncle Starling Kemp.” (The Lamar Democrat, Vernon, Alabama, March 19, 1908)

Died: Near Vernon on Sunday night the 19th inst., Mrs. KEMPER, wife of Mr. PETER KEMPER. She was 62 years of age, zealous Christian, and greatly loved by all her acquaintances. (Vernon Clipper, Sept. 24, 1880)

Mrs. ELIZABETH KENNEDY, an aged lady died very suddenly Monday night, at the home of her son, Mr. JOHNSON KENNEDY, two miles north of town. She was suffering from an attack of "the grip" and had experienced heart trouble for sometime, and her constitution was not strong enough to resist the combined attack. Mrs. KENNEDY was an estimable Christian lady and will be sadly missed by a large circle of friends.  (Vernon Courier, March 24, 1892)

KENNEDY, Infant of J. W.
The infant child of Mr. J. W. KENNEDY died Saturday night. (Vernon Courier, July 30, 1896)

The death of Mrs. Dr. J. O. KENNEDY on Saturday last, at Kennedy station was quite a shock to a large circle of friends. Dr. and Mrs. KENNEDY were married in December of last year, and Mrs. KENNEDY was immediately placed in charge of their new and elegant home, with as bright prospects for a long and happy life as ever falls to the lot of a beautiful and cultivated lady. Perhaps at no time in life would this final summons have seemed to us so premature. The light and life of a home and the idol of a noble and loving husband quickly passes away. (Vernon Courier, July 13, 1888)

Sulligent - Lamar's popular sheriff, LEROY KENNEDY, died at his home near this place Thursday night from a relapse of a spell of typhoid fever, with which pneumonia developed. He was beloved all over the whole country, and a cloak of sorrow has enveloped the county. (Marion County News, Hamilton, Ala, Jan. 7, 1897)

KENNEDY, Sheriff L. H.
Sheriff L. H. KENNEDY died at his home on the night of the 24th ---- o'clock.  He left town Saturday before the election telling his friends that he thought he was --- the fever.  For fifty --- he manfully battled with --- terrible disease.  Pneumonia --- to the chances against ---- very.  Long and patiently he struggled but his splendid constitution and iron will succumbed at --- He leaves a wife and seven children, the oldest being about --- years of age.  He received the --- at the democratic primary last spring by a remarkable plurality.  His vote at the August election was also far ahead of his ----  Men of all parties voting - He was a man of stern convictions and his firmness made him many friends among the voters.  He was a man who entertained a high sense of honor and his death was a public loss as well as an irreparable loss to his family. (Vernon Courier, December 31, 1896)

W. KENNEDY died Saturday night. (Vernon Courier, August 8, 1895)

Mrs. MARTHA KINARD, near here, died a few days ago. Our pen fails to give utterance to her pitiable condition. Our commissioner certainly ought to make some provisions for her now motherless children. (Lamar News, April 15, 1886)

KIRK, Child of W. K.
Died in Alabama: In Sanford County. [Sept] 7th, child of Dr. W. K. Kirk (The Times-Argus, Selma, Ala, Sept 22, 1876)

Died, on last Sunday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John D. McCluskey, Mrs. LODICIE KUYKENDALL. In the 67th year of her age, after a long and painful illness of about one year. The deceased was a sister of Rev. T. W. SPRINGFIELD and has a number of relatives in the county. The deceased was laid to rest with the impressive and solemn ceremonies of the Methodist Church, of which she had long been a consistent member. (Vernon Courier, April 5, 1889)

News was received here yesterday of the death of Mr. W. B. KUYKENDALL at his home, Gillett, Ark.  No particulars given. Mr. KUYKENDALL was once a citizen of this county, but went west in 1876 going first to Mexico and traveled for several years and finally settled at Gillett where he died. (Vernon Courier, March 19, 1896)



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