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This may not be a complete listing of the schools of Lauderdale County

Source: GNIS

Feature Name Latitude Longitude Map
Alabama School (historical) 345853N 0873323W Pruitton
Allen Thornton School 345138N 0872634W Wheeler Dam
Anderson Junior High School 345528N 0871603W Lexington
Anderson Rosenwald School (historical) 345107N 0874440W Florence
Anderson School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Antioch School (historical) 345333N 0872825W Center Hill
Appleby Jr. High School -- -- --
Arkdell School (historical) 345815N 0872543W Center Hill
Baileys School (historical) 345240N 0873002W Pruitton
Bethel Grove School (historical) 345909N 0874306W Blackburn
Bethel School 344722N 0875039W Sinking Creek
Bethlehem School (historical) 344425N 0871952W Courtland
Beulah School (historical) 345329N 0874706W Threet
Brandon Elementary School 344819N 0873906W Florence
Brooks High School 345129N 0872938W Wheeler Dam
Brooks School 345150N 0873151W Killen
Brotherick School (historical) 345650N 0873446W Pruitton
Browns School (historical) 345129N 0873103W Killen
Brush Arbor School (historical) 345625N 0873200W Pruitton
Brush Creek School (historical) 345328N 0873227W Pruitton
Bumpas Creek School (historical) 345824N 0880434W Waterloo
Bureham Valley School (historical) 345302N 0874854W Threet
Burrell-Slater High School (historical) 344748N 0874101W Florence
Cedar Hill School (historical) 345302N 0871805W Lexington
Central School 345344N 0874744W Threet
Chisholm School (historical) 345628N 0874015W Blackburn
Cloverdale Junior High School 345649N 0874648W Threet
Cloverdale School 345545N 0875020W Threet
Coffee High School (historical) 344839N 0874020W Florence
Coffee Rosenwald School (historical) 344802N 0874346W Florence
Comas School (historical) 345446N 0873103W Pruitton
Confluence School 345104N 0871325W Cairo
Dabney School (historical) 345935N 0875515W Wright
Duke School (historical) 350012N 0880632W Lowryville
East End High School 344838N 0871757W Rogersville
Ebenezer School (historical) 345716N 0872700W Center Hill
Elgin Cross Roads Elementary School 345048N 0872330W Wheeler Dam
Elting School (historical) 345916N 0874749W Threet
Fairview School (historical) 345436N 0874440W Blackburn
Florence Christian Academy 344948N 0873754W Florence
Florence High School 345005N 0873949W Florence
Florence High School (historical) 344807N 0874001W Florence
Florence Junior High School 344830N 0874032W Florence
Florence Synodical Female College (historical) 344808N 0874030W Florence
Florence University -- -- Florence
Florence Wesleyan University -- -- Florence
Forest Hills Junior High School 345055N 0874035W Florence
Four Mile School (historical) 345008N 0873625W Killen
Gilbert School 344857N 0874059W Florence
Good Hope School (historical) 344732N 0875246W Cherokee
Good Spring School (historical) 345001N 0872328W Wheeler Dam
Graham School (historical) 345708N 0875413W Wright
Grassy School (historical) 345818N 0871753W Lexington
Green Tree School (historical) 344757N 0874732W Sinking Creek
Griffin School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Grissom School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hammond School (historical) 345542N 0871851W Lexington
Handy School 344755N 0874127W Florence
Harmon-Herman School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Harraway School (historical) 345149N 0872035W Rogersville
Hewitt School (historical) 345247N 0873440W Pruitton
Hibbett School 344912N 0874148W Florence
Hopewell School (historical) 345150N 0873530W Killen
Howard School (historical) 345320N 0871715W Lexington
International Bible College 345120N 0874003W Florence
JW Powell School 344914N 0873935W Florence
Jackson School (historical) 345503N 0874729W Threet
Jerusalem School (historical) 344859N 0874417W Florence
Jones School (historical) 345516N 0875132W Threet
Jones School (historical) 345912N 0875702W Wright
Kendall School (historical) 345835N 0875233W Wright
Kilburn School (historical) 345357N 0873609W Pruitton
Kirby Elementary School 344823N 0874056W Florence
Lauderdale County High School 344944N 0871728W Rogersville
Lexington School 345805N 0872227W Lexington
Liberty School (historical) 345927N 0875019W Threet
Lone Cedar School (historical) 345527N 0873347W Pruitton
Lovelace School (historical) 345129N 0874601W Sinking Creek
Macedonia School (historical) 345508N 0875205W Threet
Mars Hill Bible School 345049N 0873933W Florence
Mars Hill School (historical) 345119N 0873920W Florence
McGee School 345529N 0873254W Pruitton
McNairy School (historical) 344952N 0872120W Rogersville
Mount Olive School (historical) 344959N 0871916W Rogersville
Mount Olive School (historical) 345702N 0880609W Waterloo
Mount Tabor School (historical) 345857N 0873855W Blackburn
Mount Zion School 345055N 0875214W Sinking Creek
Mount Zion School (historical) 345542N 0873747W Blackburn
Myrick School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Nebo School (historical) 345600N 0872228W Lexington
New Georgia School (historical) 345403N 0871456W Union Hill
New Hope School (historical) 345322N 0872518W Center Hill
New Rock School (historical) 345322N 0875013W Threet
North Carolina School (historical) 345535N 0872932W Center Hill
Oak Grove School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oak Grove School (historical) 344759N 0871744W Rogersville
Oakland Junior High School 345045N 0874740W Sinking Creek
Olive Hill School (historical) 345603N 0872824W Center Hill
Oliver School (historical) 344852N 0871532W Rogersville
Oxford School (historical) 345845N 0871549W Lexington
Palestine School (historical) 345835N 0872713W Center Hill
Panther Creek School (historical) 345754N 0880912W Yellow Creek
Piney Grove School (historical) 345544N 0873859W Blackburn
Pleasant Valley School (historical) 345010N 0872603W Wheeler Dam
Poplar Springs School (historical) 345904N 0881019W Yellow Creek
Portertown School (historical) 345836N 0872105W Lexington
Powell School 345842N 0871449W Union Hill
Pruitton School (historical) 345909N 0873708W Pruitton
Ray School 344707N 0874556W Sinking Creek
Rhodesville School 345215N 0875200W Sinking Creek
Rock School (historical) 344714N 0874448W Florence
Rocky Knoll School (historical) 344803N 0874733W Sinking Creek
Romain School (historical) 345140N 0871600W Rogersville
Saint Josephs School 344817N 0873947W Florence
Salem School (historical) 345426N 0872253W Center Hill
Sam C Harlan Elementary School 344957N 0874058W Florence
Sego School (historical) 345904N 0875936W Wright
Sherrod School (historical) 345152N 0875047W Sinking Creek
Smithsonia School (historical) 344805N 0875243W Cherokee
Springfield School (historical) 345318N 0872313W Center Hill
State Normal School (historical) -- -- Florence
Stoney Point School (historical) 345347N 0874126W Blackburn
Striplin School (historical) 345553N 0874228W Blackburn
Stutts School (historical) 345653N 0873003W Pruitton
Sweet Gum School 345926N 0872450W Center Hill
T M Rogers High School 345743N 0873113W Pruitton
Three Points School (historical) 344826N 0874258W Florence
Threet School (historical) 345658N 0874935W Threet
Tickville School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Underwood Elementary School 345221N 0874144W Florence
Union Hollow School (historical) 345541N 0880720W Waterloo
Union School (historical) 345615N 0871400W Union Hill
University of North Alabama 344828N 0874045W Florence
Walker School (historical) 345126N 0874239W Florence
Warren School (historical) 345831N 0874414W Blackburn
Waterloo High School 345507N 0880352W Waterloo
Weeden Elementary School 344910N 0873833W Florence
Whitehead School (historical) 345316N 0871943W Lexington
Williams School (historical) 345606N 0872406W Center Hill
Wilson Junior High School 345533N 0874014W Blackburn
Woodland School (historical) 344534N 0874909W Sinking Creek
Woods School (historical) 345731N 0875625W Wright
Wrights School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown





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