Lawrence County, Alabama Genealogy Trails
Abernathy Cemetery 344041N 0872311W Town Creek
Aldridge Cemetery 342358N 0871443W Oakville
Alexander Cemetery 342404N 0871356W Oakville
Alexander Cemetery 342507N 0871131W Oakville
Almon Cemetery 342819N 0871858W Moulton
Andrew Garth Memorial Cemetery 344327N 0871629W Courtland
Arbor Cemetery 342248N 0871013W Oakville
Asherbraner Cemetery 342109N 0871014W Upshaw
Ashford Cemetery 344100N 0871929W Courtland
Ashford Cemetery 344120N 0872034W Courtland
Bain Cemetery 343747N 0872246W Town Creek
Baker Cemetery 343950N 0870722W Jones Crossroads
Baker Cemetery 344015N 0870705W Jones Crossroads
Barclay Cemetery 344044N 0871200W Hillsboro
Barnes Cemetery 342503N 0870813W Oakville
Beavers Cemetery 343517N 0872722W Hatton
Berry Cemetery 344607N 0872214W Rogersville
Bobo Cemetery 344046N 0871005W Hillsboro
Bogar Cemetery 342413N 0871729W Moulton
Brickhouse Cemetery 344324N 0872518W Town Creek
Brides Hill Cemetery 344023N 0871406W Hillsboro
Bunyan Hill Cemetery 341844N 0872214W Grayson
Byars Cemetery 343010N 0871906W Masterson Mill
Bynum Cemetery 343949N 0871915W Courtland
Byrd Cemetery 344219N 0872000W Courtland
Cal Cemetery 344342N 0872527W Town Creek
Campbell Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cave Spring Cemetery 341937N 0870652W Massey
Center Cemetery 342030N 0870951W Upshaw
Cheatham Cemetery 341936N 0871857W Grayson
Cheatham Cemetery 342434N 0871608W Moulton
Childers Cemetery 344430N 0872442W Town Creek
Clardy Cemetery 343458N 0870934W Caddo
Clardy Cemetery 344049N 0871001W Hillsboro
Conner Cemetery 343754N 0872239W Town Creek
Cooper Cemetery 342523N 0870735W Oakville
Cooper Cemetery 342526N 0870722W Danville
Cottingham Cemetery 343848N 0871211W Hillsboro
Courtland Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cramer Cemetery 344213N 0871140W Hillsboro
Davenport Cemetery 344420N 0872458W Town Creek
Davis Cemetery 344041N 0870946W Hillsboro
Dement Cemetery 342955N 0871130W Oakville
Dobbins Cemetery 344323N 0872239W Town Creek
Dossey Cemetery 343701N 0871847W Masterson Mill
Early Cemetery 344352N 0871342W Hillsboro
Ebenezer Cemetery 344537N 0872421W Wheeler Dam
Elliott Cemetery 343806N 0870637W Jones Crossroads
Elliott Cemetery 343855N 0870936W Hillsboro
Elmwood Cemetery 344115N 0872353W Town Creek
Ennix Cemetery 343949N 0871129W Hillsboro
Fergason Cemetery 343214N 0872643W Hatton
Flower Hill Cemetery 344058N 0870842W Hillsboro
Foster Cemetery 344625N 0872539W Wheeler Dam
Foster-Davis Cemetery 344102N 0871218W Hillsboro
Friendship Cemetery 342051N 0871255W Upshaw
Fuller Cemetery 343435N 0870645W Trinity
Fuqua Cemetery 344408N 0872317W Town Creek
Gargas Cemetery 343348N 0873146W Old Bethel
Garth Cemetery 343843N 0871921W Courtland
Gibson Cemetery 342500N 0871132W Oakville
Gibson Cemetery 342541N 0871056W Oakville
Gibson Cemetery 342608N 0871816W Moulton
Gibson Cemetery 344606N 0872202W Rogersville
Gilchrist Cemetery 343830N 0871847W Courtland
Gordon Cemetery 344453N 0870843W Hillsboro
Graham Cemetery 343807N 0872045W Courtland
Grant Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Graves Cemetery 344037N 0871204W Hillsboro
Gum Pond Cemetery 342233N 0872615W Landersville
Hacklin Cemetery 343828N 0871319W Hillsboro
Hampton Cemetery 344324N 0871634W Courtland
Hampton Cemetery 342357N 0871121W Oakville
Hawkins Cemetery 343615N 0871851W Masterson Mill
Heflin Cemetery 342856N 0871913W Moulton
Hill Cemetery 342457N 0870819W Oakville
Hill Cemetery 343013N 0870629W Trinity
Hill Cemetery 343858N 0872633W Town Creek
Hodges Cemetery 342757N 0871307W Oakville
Houston Cemetery 344437N 0872203W Courtland
Hughes Cemetery 341914N 0871236W Upshaw
Jetton Cemetery 343526N 0872234W Hatton
Jobe Cemetery 343845N 0870633W Jones Crossroads
Johnson Cemetery 342348N 0871058W Oakville
Jones Cemetery 344304N 0871337W Hillsboro
Kelly Cemetery 343724N 0870908W Caddo
Keys Cemetery 342803N 0870713W Danville
King Cemetery 343533N 0872955W Hatton
Kitchens Cemetery 342534N 0870944W Oakville
Landersville Cemetery 342808N 0872422W Landersville
Lansdell Cemetery 343840N 0872430W Town Creek
Lebanon Cemetery 342458N 0871029W Oakville
Lee Cemetery 344346N 0872138W Courtland
Lindsey Cemetery 342619N 0870941W Oakville
Locklayer Cemetery 344115N 0871013W Hillsboro
Long Cemetery 343026N 0872033W Masterson Mill
Love Cemetery 343317N 0872742W Hatton
Lyle Cemetery 344349N 0871848W Courtland
Macedonia Cemetery 342029N 0873108W Kinlock Spring
Masterson Cemetery 343419N 0872930W Hatton
Mathews Cemetery 344506N 0872416W Wheeler Dam
Mayes Cemetery 343802N 0871918W Courtland
McBride Cemetery 343907N 0871056W Hillsboro
McDonald Cemetery 342922N 0871751W Moulton
McLemore Cemetery 342139N 0872009W Grayson
Milam Cemetery 342856N 0871614W Moulton
Miller Cemetery 342434N 0871051W Oakville
Montgomery Cemetery 342638N 0871740W Moulton
Moody Cemetery 342914N 0871342W Oakville
Morris Chapel Cemetery 343229N 0871010W Caddo
Mount Olive Cemetery 343442N 0872229W Masterson Mill
Moulton Memory Gardens Cemetery Unknown Unknown Moulton
Moulton Municipal Cemetery 342945N 0871710W Moulton
Newman Cemetery 344319N 0871245W Hillsboro
Old Friendship Cemetery 342233N 0871116W Oakville
Old Prospect Cemetery 342716N 0872257W Landersville
Owens Cemetery 343756N 0871600W Courtland
Owens Cemetery 343801N 0872107W Courtland
Paff Cemetery 342646N 0871238W Oakville
Penny Cemetery 343624N 0871138W Caddo
Perkins Cemetery 344521N 0872418W Wheeler Dam
Pippen Cemetery 344227N 0871821W Courtland
Pointer Cemetery 344211N 0871414W Hillsboro
Poplar Spring Cemetery 342206N 0873113W Kinlock Spring
Porter Cemetery 344218N 0871224W Hillsboro
Preuit Cemetery 342424N 0871118W Oakville
Providence Cemetery 343535N 0872507W Hatton
Puckett Cemetery 342501N 0870639W Danville
Rainwater Cemetery 343726N 0871212W Caddo
Red Hill Cemetery 342836N 0871054W Oakville
Reynolds Cemetery 343850N 0871108W Hillsboro
Roberts Cemetery 342551N 0871733W Moulton
Robisons Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Rocky Hill Cemetery 344101N 0872201W Courtland
Roden Cemetery 343703N 0872823W Hatton
Rutherford Cemetery 343224N 0872305W Hatton
Sanderson Cemetery 343410N 0872638W Hatton
Scruggs Cemetery 344056N 0872321W Town Creek
Shackelford Cemetery 344111N 0871135W Hillsboro
Sheffield Cemetery 344425N 0872508W Town Creek
Sherrod Cemetery 344250N 0872049W Courtland
Shiloh Cemetery 342129N 0871502W Grayson
Simms Cemetery 342229N 0870823W Upshaw
Simms Cemetery 342453N 0871436W Oakville
Sivley Cemetery 343115N 0871139W Caddo
Smith Cemetery 344039N 0871138W Hillsboro
Spring Hill Cemetery 344535N 0871929W Rogersville
Smith Cemetery 341845N 0871034W Upshaw
Smith Cemetery 342841N 0872912W Landersville
Speake Cemetery 342511N 0871008W Oakville
Stephenson Cemetery 342544N 0870819W Oakville
Stover Cemetery 342455N 0870738W Oakville
Stover Cemetery 342810N 0870700W Danville
String Cemetery 343933N 0872538W Town Creek
Swoope Cemetery 343817N 0871413W Hillsboro
Swoope Cemetery 344041N 0871235W Hillsboro
Swoope Cemetery 344120N 0871520W Courtland
Swoope Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sykes Cemetery 343923N 0871759W Courtland
Sykes Cemetery 343936N 0871741W Courtland
Sykes Cemetery 344107N 0871758W Courtland
Tapsville Cemetery 342051N 0872002W Grayson
Templeton Cemetery 342728N 0873150W Newburg
Terry Cemetery 343528N 0871919W Masterson Mill
Terry Cemetery 343600N 0872129W Masterson Mill
Terry Cemetery 343730N 0872054W Courtland
Thompson Cemetery 343204N 0872158W Masterson Mill
Thrasher Cemetery 343429N 0870807W Caddo
Town Creek Cemetery 342813N 0872559W Landersville
Trotter Cemetery 343604N 0870655W Trinity
Troupe Cemetery 344542N 0872257W Wheeler Dam
Truitt Cemetery 344349N 0872100W Courtland
Tweedy Cemetery 344322N 0871841W Courtland
Vaughan Cemetery 343705N 0871215W Caddo
Warren Cemetery 344508N 0872313W Wheeler Dam
Warren Cemetery 342453N 0871400W Oakville
Watkins Cemetery 342318N 0871107W Oakville
Watson Cemetery 342851N 0871048W Oakville
Wear Cemetery 342812N 0872736W Landersville
Westmoreland Cemetery 344655N 0872354W Wheeler Dam
Wheeler Cemetery 343734N 0871631W Courtland
Wheeler Cemetery 343858N 0871514W Courtland
Wilborn Cemetery 342401N 0871357W Oakville
Woodard Cemetery 342438N 0871435W Oakville
Yates Cemetery 344612N 0872020W Rogersville




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