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Madison County, Alabama


This is not a complete listing of the Cemeteries of Madison County.
If you know of another or if you have any information you wish to share, please let us know.

Source: GNIS

Acklin-Derrick Cemetery 344642N 0862842W Maysville
Adams-Crutcher Cemetery 345426N 0864701W Ardmore
Allison Cemetery 343746N 0862406W Moontown
Andy-Cowan Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Antioch Primitive Baptist Cemetery 344756N 0863001W Meridianville
Arnett Cemetery 343745N 0864322W Madison
Bailey Cemetery 344018N 0863207W Huntsville
Bailey Cemetery 344156N 0864652W Greenbrier
Baker Cemetery 343614N 0862630W New Hope
Baker Cemetery 345017N 0862448W Maysville
Baker Cemetery 345329N 0862232W New Market
Barclay-Teney Cemetery 343647N 0864510W Mason Ridge
Battle Cemetery 345313N 0863127W Fisk
Battle Cemetery 344751N 0863502W Meridianville
Battle Cemetery 345122N 0863618W Meridianville
Batts-Ward Cemetery 343504N 0864445W Triana
Bayless Cemetery 345500N 0864355W Toney
Bayless Cemetery 345047N 0863405W Meridianville
Beason Cemetery 343952N 0862538W Moontown
Beaverdam Cemetery 345227N 0863943W Jeff
Belleview Cemetery 344821N 0862740W Maysville
Bentley Cemetery 345105N 0863304W Meridianville
Bethel Cemetery 343644N 0862127W Grant
Betts Cemetery 344318N 0864558W Greenbrier
Bevill Cemetery 345834N 0863123W Fisk
Bibb Cemetery 344159N 0864530W Greenbrier
Big Cove Cemetery 343842N 0862804W Moontown
Binford Cemetery 344506N 0864128W Jeff
Blackburn Cemetery 345003N 0862718W Maysville
Blair Cemetery 344404N 0862358W Moontown
Blankenship Cemetery 345021N 0863111W Meridianville
Bloomfield Cemetery 343243N 0863202W Farley
Bloucher Ford Cemetery 345252N 0862959W New Market
Boggess Cemetery 342925N 0862515W Guntersville Dam
Bone Cemetery 344740N 0862433W Maysville
Bone Cemetery 344744N 0862429W Maysville
Booker Cemetery 345242N 0864456W Toney
Bouldin-Hammond Cemetery 345119N 0864358W Jeff
Bradford Cemetery 344337N 0863910W Madison
Bragg Cemetery 345151N 0862402W Maysville
Bragg Cemetery 345103N 0862353W Maysville
Brandon Cemetery 344441N 0863748W Madison
Brazelton Cemetery 343737N 0862612W Moontown
Briar Fork Cemetery 345527N 0863811W Toney
Britton Cemetery 345845N 0862719W New Market
Browning Cemetery 345124N 0864519W Capshaw
Buford Cemetery 343529N 0862925W New Hope
Burdine Cemetery 345027N 0862609W Maysville
Burns Cemetery 343644N 0863318W Farley
Burton Cemetery 343642N 0863626W Farley
Bush Cemetery 343204N 0862747W New Hope
Byrd Cemetery 343605N 0862631W New Hope
Cabaniss Cemetery 345751N 0863321W Fisk
Campbell Cemetery 343413N 0863207W Farley
Camper Cemetery 344220N 0864438W Madison
Carpenter Cemetery 345345N 0864151W Toney
Carroll Cemetery 345215N 0864559W Capshaw
Cavett Cemetery 345215N 0863401W Meridianville
Cedar Grove Cemetery 343150N 0862647W New Hope
Center Grove Cemetery 344618N 0863909W Jeff
Center Hill Cemetery 345226N 0864701W Capshaw
Chambless-Byrne Cemetery 344626N 0862641W Maysville
Chandler Cemetery 343557N 0862352W New Hope
Chandler Cemetery 345749N 0864048W Toney
Charity Cemetery 345653N 0863652W Fisk
Clark Cemetery 345131N 0863657W Meridianville
Clark Cemetery 343616N 0864005W Triana
Clift Cemetery 344459N 0864530W Greenbrier
Clopton Cemetery 344838N 0862919W Maysville
Cloud Cemetery 342907N 0862918W Guntersville Dam
Cobb Cemetery 343854N 0862640W Moontown
Cochran Cemetery 345418N 0862523W New Market
Cole-Holloway Cemetery 345550N 0863831W Toney
Collier Cemetery 343821N 0862444W Moontown
Collier Cemetery 343444N 0864551W Mason Ridge
Concord Cemetery 345642N 0863016W Fisk
Conley Cemetery 345000N 0864036W Jeff
Conley Cemetery 345243N 0863601W Fisk
Conley Chapel Cemetery 344824N 0863937W Jeff
Connally Cemetery 344755N 0862730W Maysville
Cornelius Cemetery 344927N 0863745W Jeff
Cross Cemetery 343415N 0862927W New Hope
Crowson Hill Cemetery 344500N 0862717W Maysville
Crutcher Cemetery 345348N 0864625W Ardmore
Daniel-Lawler Cemetery 344607N 0862530W Maysville
Davie Cemetery 345525N 0863655W Fisk
Dedman Cemetery 345025N 0864458W Jeff
Dement Cemetery 344857N 0863846W Jeff
Donaldson Cemetery 345442N 0863322W Fisk
Donegan Cemetery 344006N 0863557W Huntsville
Douglass-Pettus Cemetery 344805N 0864348W Jeff
Drake Cemetery 343344N 0862354W New Hope
Drake Cemetery 344100N 0863312W Huntsville
Drake Cemetery 344105N 0862913W Moontown
Drake-Keith Cemetery 344606N 0862526W Maysville
Driskill Cemetery 345915N 0863404W Fisk
Dunkin Cemetery 344031N 0862839W Moontown
East Cemetery 344434N 0864026W Madison
Echols Cemetery 344052N 0862454W Moontown
Echols Cemetery 345341N 0863136W Fisk
Edmund Townsend Cemetery 345643N 0863341W Fisk
Eldridge Cemetery 344955N 0863711W Meridianville
Ellis Cemetery 345309N 0863812W Toney
Faith Memorial Cemetery 344120N 0864322W Madison
Fanning Cemetery 345736N 0862157W King Cove
Farley Cemetery 343550N 0863315W Farley
Farley Cemetery 344209N 0864309W Madison
Fearn Cemetery 345222N 0864043W Jeff
Fennil Cemetery 343848N 0863848W Madison
Fleming Cemetery 343814N 0862702W Moontown
Fletcher Cemetery 344500N 0864618W Capshaw
Flint River Cemetery 345238N 0863108W Fisk
Ford Cemetery 344911N 0863219W Meridianville
Fords Chapel Cemetery 345019N 0864355W Jeff
Foster Cemetery 345845N 0862558W New Market
Fowlkes Cemetery 344629N 0864311W Jeff
Freeman Cemetery 345502N 0864152W Toney
Garner Cemetery 344935N 0864421W Jeff
Gibson Cemetery 343022N 0862919W New Hope
Gladstone Cemetery 345229N 0863840W Jeff
Glenwood Cemetery 344337N 0863610W Huntsville
Glover Cemetery 343646N 0862521W New Hope
Golightly Cemetery 345803N 0864226W Toney
Golightly Cemetery 345527N 0864621W Ardmore
Gooch-Dublin Cemetery 344237N 0864425W Madison
Gowan Cemetery 343800N 0864219W Madison
Graveyard Hill Cemetery 345500N 0862540W New Market
Grayson Cemetery 343812N 0863007W Huntsville
Green Grove Cemetery 344115N 0864250W Madison
Griffie Cemetery 345121N 0863733W Jeff
Groves Cemetery 343617N 0864217W Triana
Hambrick Cemetery 345320N 0862242W New Market
Hambrick Cemetery 345546N 0862445W New Market
Hammond Cemetery 345125N 0863928W Jeff
Hammond Cemetery 344857N 0864518W Capshaw
Hammond-Roult Cemetery 344932N 0863948W Jeff
Hancock Cemetery 344004N 0864147W Madison
Harbin-Dalton Cemetery 345039N 0862605W Maysville
Harris Cemetery 344650N 0863540W Meridianville
Harris, J. B. Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hayes Cemetery 343820N 0862850W Moontown
Hazle Cemetery 345822N 0863108W Fisk
Hereford Cemetery 345108N 0863855W Jeff
Hereford Cemetery 345532N 0862340W New Market
Hewlett Cemetery 344511N 0862821W Maysville
Hewlett Cemetery 344842N 0863019W Meridianville
Hines Cemetery 343816N 0862650W Moontown
Hobbs Cemetery 343708N 0863155W Farley
Holder Cemetery 344520N 0864248W Jeff
Holding Cemetery 343830N 0864536W Greenbrier
Horton-Joiner Cemetery 343452N 0863824W Triana
Hudson Cemetery 345903N 0862008W King Cove
Humphrey Cemetery 345211N 0863126W Meridianville
Humphrey Cemetery 344802N 0863434W Meridianville
Hunt Cemetery 345054N 0863002W Meridianville
Hutchings Cemetery 345040N 0864607W Capshaw
Hymen Cemetery 345241N 0863115W Fisk
Indian Creek Cemetery 344616N 0864109W Jeff
Inman Cemetery 343951N 0864235W Madison
Jacks Cemetery 345341N 0862521W New Market
Jacks Cemetery 345328N 0862400W New Market
Jamar Cemetery 343852N 0864328W Madison
James Moore Cemetery 345833N 0863645W Fisk
Jeffries Cemetery 345545N 0863302W Fisk
Jehu Lawler Cemetery 344532N 0862728W Maysville
Jenkins Cemetery 344200N 0862549W Moontown
Johnson Cemetery 344647N 0863556W Meridianville
Joiner Cemetery 343454N 0863729W Farley
Jones Cemetery 344032N 0863650W Huntsville
Jones Cemetery 345520N 0862343W New Market
Jones Cemetery 345020N 0863018W Meridianville
Jones Cemetery 345137N 0863843W Jeff
Jones Cemetery 344356N 0863832W Madison
Jones Cemetery (historical) 343827N 0864603W Greenbrier
Jordan Cemetery 343805N 0863935W Madison
Jordan Cemetery 344612N 0862828W Maysville
Jordan Cemetery 343824N 0863828W Madison
Jordan-Lanier Cemetery 343933N 0863735W Madison
Joyner Cemetery 344815N 0864504W Capshaw
Jude Cemetery 344748N 0863546W Meridianville
Keel Cemetery 343708N 0862131W Grant
Kelly Cemetery 344838N 0863847W Jeff
Kelly Cemetery 344609N 0862828W Maysville
Kennamer Cemetery 343514N 0861910W Grant
Kincaid Cemetery 345425N 0864239W Toney
Kincaid Cemetery 345301N 0864253W Toney
Kincaid Cemetery 345658N 0863522W Fisk
King Cemetery 344009N 0862928W Moontown
King Cemetery 344353N 0862934W Moontown
King Cemetery 344637N 0863936W Jeff
King Cove Cemetery 345642N 0861627W King Cove
Lacey Cemetery 343546N 0863541W Farley
Lacey Cemetery 343618N 0863539W Farley
Landman Cemetery 344036N 0863813W Madison
Lanier Cemetery 344021N 0863655W Huntsville
Lanier Cemetery 343731N 0864014W Madison
Lanier Cemetery 343728N 0864017W Triana
Lawler Cemetery 344447N 0862549W Moontown
Lee Cemetery 343403N 0863101W Farley
Liberty Hill Cemetery 345044N 0863801W Jeff
Lipscomb Cemetery 344015N 0864141W Madison
Locust Grove Cemetery 345038N 0862726W Maysville
Logan Cemetery 343317N 0863156W Farley
Love-Wilburn Cemetery 344817N 0864103W Jeff
Lyle Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lyon Cemetery 343825N 0863141W Huntsville
Maddera Cemetery 344516N 0864038W Jeff
Madison Cemetery 344200N 0864440W Madison
Madison Crossroads Cemetery 345418N 0864315W Toney
Manning Cemetery 345545N 0862947W New Market
Maple Hill Cemetery 344359N 0863424W Huntsville
Massengale Cemetery 345224N 0862354W Maysville
Matkins Cemetery 344045N 0863703W Huntsville
Matlock Cemetery 345422N 0863655W Fisk
Mayo Cemetery 342941N 0862603W Guntersville Dam
McCaleb Cemetery 345424N 0863606W Fisk
McCrary Cemetery 345138N 0862955W Maysville
McDavid Cemetery 345728N 0863424W Fisk
McDonnell Cemetery 344048N 0863641W Huntsville
McGehee Cemetery 345721N 0863402W Fisk
Meridianville Cemetery 345104N 0863440W Meridianville
Merrimack Cemetery 344232N 0863648W Huntsville
Miller Cemetery 345804N 0862413W New Market
Minor Cemetery 345523N 0864515W Ardmore
Mitchell Cemetery 345125N 0863644W Meridianville
Moon Cemetery 343552N 0862648W New Hope
Moore Cemetery 343404N 0863858W Triana
Moore Cemetery 343832N 0864054W Madison
Moore Cemetery 344348N 0864450W Madison
Moore Cemetery 344709N 0864009W Jeff
Moore Cemetery 345228N 0864053W Jeff
Moore Chapel Cemetery 345656N 0864502W Ardmore
Moore-Holmes Cemetery 344157N 0863005W Huntsville
Moores Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Morgan-Thompson Cemetery 344713N 0864303W Jeff
Morring Cemetery 344628N 0862150W Hollytree
Morris Cemetery 343900N 0863310W Huntsville
Morrow-Stewart Cemetery 344620N 0862621W Maysville
Mount Zion Cemetery 344703N 0864306W Jeff
Murphy Hill Cemetery 345351N 0863806W Toney
Nance Cemetery 345026N 0863937W Jeff
Nance Cemetery 345035N 0863956W Jeff
Nance Cemetery 345234N 0862243W New Market
Neal Chapel Cemetery 343539N 0862941W New Hope
Nelson Chapel Cemetery 344459N 0862245W Moontown
New Haven Cemetery 343758N 0864542W Greenbrier
New Hope Cemetery 343155N 0862345W New Hope
New Sharon Cemetery 345649N 0863814W Toney
New Triana Cemetery 343449N 0864406W Triana
Newby Cemetery 345352N 0864339W Toney
Nickle-Martin-Rathbone Cemetery 344432N 0863734W Madison
Normal Cemetery 344722N 0863406W Meridianville
Norris Cemetery 345419N 0862532W New Market
Norris Cemetery 345206N 0862317W Maysville
Northside Cemetery 344442N 0863756W Madison
Old Maysville Cemetery -- -- Maysville
Otey Cemetery 345010N 0863410W Meridianville
Palmer Cemetery 344131N 0864703W Greenbrier
Parker Cemetery 343737N 0862646W Moontown
Patton Cemetery 345035N 0862946W Maysville
Penland-Cooper Cemetery 343531N 0863954W Triana
Penny Cemetery 344829N 0863210W Meridianville
Perkins Cemetery 344356N 0863833W Madison
Pettus Cemetery 344743N 0864409W Jeff
Petty Cemetery 345343N 0862842W New Market
Pickens Cemetery 344031N 0862946W Moontown
Pike Cemetery 344507N 0864611W Capshaw
Pine Grove Cemetery 345210N 0862734W Maysville
Pine Grove Cemetery 344743N 0864558W Capshaw
Plainview Cemetery 345416N 0863453W Fisk
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 345821N 0862628W New Market
Pleasant Mount Cemetery 344545N 0862213W Hollytree
Pope Cemetery 345037N 0863610W Meridianville
Potts Cemetery 344212N 0862632W Moontown
Powell Cemetery 344620N 0863220W Meridianville
Powers Cemetery 345139N 0864530W Capshaw
Powhatan-Toney Cemetery 343732N 0864217W Madison
Pruit-McCaa Cemetery 345633N 0863556W Fisk
Pulley Cemetery 345241N 0864549W Ardmore
Ragland Cemetery 343846N 0864417W Madison
Ragsdale Cemetery 344803N 0862325W Maysville
Ready Cemetery 345540N 0864335W Toney
Rice Cemetery 345318N 0862618W New Market
Richards Cemetery 343649N 0863355W Farley
Robinson Cemetery 345158N 0863637W Meridianville
Rogers Cemetery 344919N 0862449W Maysville
Roundtree-Gentry Cemetery 344838N 0862607W Maysville
Rowe Cemetery 343724N 0864527W Mason Ridge
Rowe Cemetery 344443N 0863140W Huntsville
Rowe Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Royal Cemetery 344209N 0864434W Madison
Russell Cemetery 343512N 0863401W Farley
Russell J Kelly Cemetery 344613N 0862827W Maysville
Ryland Cemetery 344611N 0862830W Maysville
Saint Clair Cemetery 345118N 0862347W Maysville
Saint James Cemetery 345043N 0864253W Jeff
Saint John Cemetery 344825N 0864323W Jeff
Saint Rebecca Cemetery 345408N 0863455W Fisk
Sandidge Cemetery 345303N 0863225W Fisk
Sanford Cemetery 344409N 0862519W Moontown
Scruggs Cemetery 344615N 0864114W Jeff
Scruggs Cemetery 345119N 0863033W Meridianville
Scruggs Cemetery 344658N 0863011W Meridianville
Seay Cemetery 344630N 0864106W Jeff
Seay Cemetery 344856N 0864030W Jeff
Seay Cemetery 344738N 0864002W Jeff
Shady Grove Cemetery 345511N 0864455W Toney
Sharp Cemetery 344911N 0862158W Hollytree
Sharp Cemetery Number 2 344948N 0862223W Hollytree
Simpson Cemetery 343616N 0864004W Triana
Simpson Cemetery 343542N 0863933W Triana
Sisco Cemetery 345158N 0862403W Maysville
Sivley Cemetery 344100N 0863531W Huntsville
Smith Cemetery 343352N 0863114W Farley
Smith Cemetery 344739N 0864650W Capshaw
Smith Cemetery 345239N 0864325W Toney
Smith Cemetery 344842N 0864550W Capshaw
Spriggs Cemetery 344544N 0862445W Maysville
State Line Cemetery 345925N 0863412W Fisk
State Line Cemetery 345927N 0862247W New Market
Steele Cemetery 345847N 0862431W New Market
Steger-Ormond Cemetery 344614N 0862827W Maysville
Stewart Cemetery 343127N 0862820W New Hope
Stewart Cemetery 344026N 0862148W Paint Rock
Stewart Cemetery 345143N 0863656W Meridianville
Stone Cemetery 345120N 0862758W Maysville
Strawder Cemetery 345122N 0863413W Meridianville
Strong Cemetery 344839N 0863355W Meridianville
Strong Cemetery 344901N 0863423W Meridianville
Strong-Douglas Cemetery 345151N 0863805W Jeff
Sublett Cemetery 344346N 0862651W Moontown
Tally Cemetery 344709N 0862935W Maysville
Tate Cemetery 343425N 0863823W Triana
Taylor Cemetery 345333N 0864006W Toney
Taylor Cemetery 345652N 0862856W New Market
Taylor Chapel Cemetery 344640N 0863628W Meridianville
Thomas Cemetery 345348N 0863542W Fisk
Thompson Cemetery 345331N 0863605W Fisk
Tibbs Cemetery 345401N 0864631W Ardmore
Tiller Cemetery 344810N 0863126W Meridianville
Tolbert, S. Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Toney Cemetery 344445N 0864641W Greenbrier
Toney, Mary Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Townsend Cemetery 345313N 0863404W Fisk
Townsend Cemetery 345537N 0863204W Fisk
Townsend Coover Cemetery 345634N 0863444W Fisk
Triana Cemetery 343502N 0864408W Triana
Tuck Cemetery 345041N 0864500W Jeff
Turner Cemetery 345257N 0864103W Toney
Turner Cemetery 345339N 0864602W Ardmore
Union Cemetery 344831N 0862344W Maysville
Union Hill Cemetery 344736N 0863501W Meridianville
Vann Cemetery 343647N 0862923W New Hope
Vasser-Pettus Cemetery 344804N 0864607W Capshaw
Vinson Cemetery 344358N 0862455W Moontown
Wade Cemetery 344951N 0863609W Meridianville
Walls Cemetery 345600N 0864307W Toney
Washington Cemetery 344224N 0864619W Greenbrier
Welbourn-King Cemetery 345524N 0863418W Fisk
White Cemetery 344842N 0864324W Jeff
Whitman Cemetery 345408N 0862540W New Market
Whittaker Cemetery 343325N 0861930W Grant
Whitworth Cemetery 344153N 0864656W Greenbrier
Wiggins Cemetery 343823N 0864507W Greenbrier
Wilburn Cemetery 345116N 0864257W Jeff
Williams Cemetery 344046N 0863724W Huntsville
Woodward Cemetery 343406N 0863818W Triana
Wright Cemetery 343852N 0862511W Moontown



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