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History of the Buttahatcha Baptist Association to 1840

1835 - Buttahatcha Baptist Association - 10th Session


1845 Minutes of the North River Baptist Association


1895 - Minutes of the Harmony Grove Baptist Assocation

1896 - Minutes of the Harmony Grove Baptist Association

1898 - Minutes of the Harmony Grove Baptist Association

1899 - Minutes of the Harmony Grove Baptist Association

1900 - Minutes of the Harmony Grove Baptist Assocation



This may not be a complete listing.
Source: GNIS
Name Latitude Longitude Map
Agape Church 341242N 0873809W Haleyville West
Antioch Church 340702N 0875625W Hamilton SW
Antioch Freewill Baptist Church 341240N 0875427W Hamilton
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church 341744N 0874513W Hackleburg
Ballard Freewill Baptist Church 340349N 0880657W Henson Springs
Barn Creek Church 340958N 0874814W Hamilton NE
Bear Creek Church of Christ 341636N 0874201W Phil Campbell
Bear Creek Number One Baptist Church 341726N 0874146W Phil Campbell
Bear Creek United Methodist Church 341631N 0874210W Phil Campbell
Bethany Baptist Church 341510N 0880050W Vina
Bethel Church of Christ 340400N 0874202W Gold Mine
Bethlehem Church 340521N 0875026W Brilliant
Bethlehem Methodist Church 341314N 0880434W Weston
Bexar Church 341120N 0880849W Bexar
Bexar United Methodist Church 341226N 0880845W Bexar
Brock Church of Christ 340624N 0874332W Gold Mine
Burleson Church 340812N 0874823W Hamilton NE
Carter Methodist Church 340611N 0880340W Henson Springs
Center United Methodist Church 340318N 0874856W Brilliant
Central Church 335836N 0874227W Glen Allen
Chapel Hill Church 335546N 0874602W Winfield
Cherry Hill Church 341310N 0874024W Haleyville West
Cherry Hill Church 341037N 0880220W Weston
Chestnut Grove Church 341027N 0880430W Weston
Church of Christ 340757N 0874745W Hamilton NE
Community Church 341255N 0874048W Haleyville West
Cooper Freewill Baptist Church 340544N 0880559W Henson Springs
County Line Church 341515N 0873804W Phil Campbell
Detroit Church 340336N 0880801W Detroit
Fairview Church 341505N 0880421W Vina
Fairview Church 341505N 0874724W Hackleburg
Fairview Freewill Baptist Church 341542N 0880346W Vina
Fairview United Methodist Church 335715N 0874621W Winfield
Faith Tabernacle 341015N 0880322W Weston
First Baptist Church     Guin
First Baptist Church 341632N 0874934W Hackleburg
First Baptist Church 335537N 0874855W Winfield
First Baptist Church of Hamilton 340823N 0875926W Hamilton
First Freewill Baptist Church 335800N 0875415W Guin
First Methodist Church 341638N 0874925W Hackleburg
First Methodist Church 335533N 0874854W Winfield
First United Methodist Church 335801N 0875453W Guin
Free Waters Church 340330N 0875150W Brilliant
Friendship North Baptist Church 340333N 0881126W Detroit
Fulton Bridge Missionary Baptist Church 340517N 0880043W Henson Springs
Goggans Independent Missionary Baptist Church 341242N 0880622W Weston
Gold Mine Church of Christ 340225N 0874438W Gold Mine
Goodwater Church 335531N 0874724W Winfield
Green Springs Missionary Baptist Church 340455N 0875239W Hamilton SW
Gu -Win Church 335704N 0875159W Winfield
Guin Church of Christ 335804N 0875457W Guin
Gum Springs Church 340042N 0874203W Gold Mine
Guthrie Cut Church 340743N 0881128W Bexar
Hackleburg Church of Christ 341644N 0874934W Hackleburg
Hackleburg Church of God of Prophecy 341655N 0874953W Hackleburg
Hackleburg Freewill Baptist Church 341642N 0874938W Hackleburg
Hall's Mills Church (historical) unknown unknown unknown
Hamilton Church of Christ 340635N 0875924W Hamilton SW
Hamilton United Methodist Church 340833N 0875917W Hamilton
Happy Hill Church 341458N 0880313W Weston
Harmony Grove Baptist Church (historical) unknown unknown Hamilton
Hepsabia Church (historical) unknown unknown Hamilton
Hines Memorial Baptist Church 341615N 0874321W Phil Campbell
Ireland Methodist Memorial Church 341305N 0874222W Haleyville West
Kemp Chapel Church 341231N 0880429W Weston
Kemp Church 341142N 0880411W Weston
Liberty Church 341556N 0874112W Phil Campbell
Liberty Hill Missionary Baptist (historical) Unknown Unknown Detroit
Liberty Freewill Baptist Church 340218N 0875505W Hamilton SW
Liberty Hill Freewill Baptist Church 341832N 0880237W Vina
Lizzard Lope Church (historical) 341726N 0874025W Phil Campbell
Love Joy Church (historical) 341025N 0875736W Hamilton
Mars Hill Church 341717N 0875243W Hodges
Middle Church 341552N 0874938W Hackleburg
Mount Calvary Church 335657N 0874802W Winfield
Mount Carmel Church 341753N 0875902W Hodges
Mount Hope Church 341729N 0880546W Vina
Mount Hope Freewill Baptist Church 341341N 0875427W Hamilton
Mount Joy Church (historical) 340445N 0880606W Henson Springs
Mount Olive Baptist Church 341820N 0875435W Hodges
Mount Olive Freewill Baptist Church 340044N 0875106W Brilliant
Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church 335955N 0874704W Winfield
Mount Pleasant Freewill Baptist Church 340134N 0874811W Brilliant
Mount Zion Church 340014N 0874734W Brilliant
Mount Zion Church 341252N 0880236W Weston
Mount Zion Church 341648N 0875705W Hodges
Mountain Home Church 341533N 0874350W Phil Campbell
Mountain Home Church of Christ 341529N 0874353W Phil Campbell
Mountain View Church 341656N 0875612W Hodges
Myers Hill Baptist Church 340556N 0874044W Gold Mine
New Bethel (historical)     Shottsville
New Hope Baptist Church 335853N 0874903W Winfield
New Hope Baptist Church 341127N 0874008W Haleyville West
New Hope Baptist Church 341341N 0875752W Hamilton
New Hope Church 340005N 0875240W Hamilton SW
New Hope Church of Christ 335942N 0875219W Winfield
New Poplar Church 335744N 0874325W Glen Allen
New Prospect Baptist Church (historical) 341638N 0875226W Hackleburg
Newburg Church      
Nix Chapel Church of God 341335N 0880153W Weston
Northside Church 341437N 0874020W Haleyville West
Oak Grove Church of Christ 340706N 0873942W Gold Mine
Old Bethel Missionary Baptist Church 341003N 0874531W Hamilton NE
Old Mount Carmel Church 341752N 0875915W Hodges
Old Poplar Springs Primitive Baptist Church 340011N 0874216W Gold Mine
Old Union Baptist Church 341550N 0874013W Phil Campbell
Old Zion Church (historical) 341653N 0874315W Phil Campbell
Palmer Church 341042N 0880305W Weston
Philadelphia United Methodist Church 340029N 0875614W Pikeville
Pine Grove Church (historical) 340517N 0874452W Gold Mine
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church 340653N 0875615W Hamilton SW
Pleasant Grove Church 335722N 0874212W Glen Allen
Pleasant Hill Church 341131N 0875115W Hamilton NE
Pleasant Ridge Church 340914N 0874450W Haleyville West
Pleasant Site Freewill Baptist Church 340550N 0881017W Detroit
Pleasant Ridge Freewill Baptist Church 341019N 0875924W Hamilton
Poplar Log Freewill Baptist Church 340844N 0875425W Hamilton
Primitive Church 340832N 0875607W Hamilton
Rock City Church 335859N 0874230W Glen Allen
Rocky Grove Freewill Baptist Church 340913N 0880215W Weston
Rocky Grove Missionary Baptist Church 341035N 0880758W Bexar
Rocky Top Church 341637N 0875427W Hodges
Salem Church 341350N 0880945W Bexar
Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church 341426N 0875603W Hamilton
Shottsville Methodist Church 341543N 0880729W Vina
Single Spring Church 341855N 0880142W Vina
Smith Temple Church 341127N 0881009W Bexar
Smyrna Methodist Church (historical) 340829N 0880547W Weston
Southern Schoolhouse Church 341037N 0875153W Hamilton NE
Thornhill Church of Christ 340916N 0874017W Haleyville West
Trinity Missionary Baptist Church 341307N 0874244W Haleyville West
Union Chapel Freewill Baptist Church 335624N 0874504W Winfield
Union Grove Church (historical) 341453N 0873904W Haleyville West
Union Grove Congregational Church -- -- Haleyville
Union Hill Freewill Baptist Church 341411N 0875002W Hamilton NE
Unity Church 341505N 0875600W Hodges
Wesley Chapel (historical) Unknown Unknown Detroit
Weston Baptist Church 340946N 0880217W Weston
White Rock Church 335719N 0875607W Guin
Whitehouse Church of Christ 340733N 0874405W Haleyville West
Winfield Church of Christ 335547N 0874857W Winfield
Winfield Freewill Baptist Church 335549N 0874932W Winfield
Zion Baptist Church 335704N 0875004W Winfield

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