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Source: Livingston's Law Register by John Livingston – Published in 1851




Barnes, S. A.

Good, J. J.

Trice, T. W.




DOCTORS ORGANIZE - Proceedings of the County Medical Society
The Marion County Medical Society met in convention at Hamilton on Saturday Feb. 13th, the following named doctors in attendance:
   Application for membership - Dr. A. S. PALMER, who was received into the Society
   On motion the proceedings of the call meeting held at Guin, Jan. 23 were ratified.
   Officers elected: T. J. SPRINGFIELD, County Health Officer; M. C. MARTIN, President of Board; ALEX S. PALMER, Secretary; B. F. PALMER, Treasurer; Drs. J. W. HOLLADAY, WARREN GUYTON, J. F. EARNEST, Sensors
   L. W. WILLIAMS was granted license to practice medicine.
   Resolutions: 1st Be it resolved that we, the members of the Marion County Medical Society do hereby pledge ourselves together and refuse to do the practice for anyone who has failed to settle his bill made with physician or give satisfaction for the precious year's practice.
   2nd - Be it further resolved that if any man refuses to settle his act with his physician , it shall be the duty of that physician to report said man or person to the Society and no physician will be allowed to do his practice until he has made satisfaction with his physician.
   3rd - Be it further resolved that any doctor who refuses to co-operate with this movement for the promotion and building up of the medical profession in Marion county, will not be recognized as a reputable physician nor will he be allowed any professional courtesies from the Society.
   4th - Be it further resolved that any doctor who, after singing these regulations, is found guilty of breaking the pledge knowingly, shall be fined ten dollars and the Treasurer shall be required to collect said sum and appropriate it to defraying the expense of the Society.
   On motion the Society adjourned to meet in Hamilton on the 19th day of April '92.
   M. C. MARTIN, Pres.
   ALEX S. PALMER, Sec.  (Hamilton Times, February 18, 1892)

[Sipsey, April 10] - We are sorry to note the death of Dr. Dorsey.  He was a good man and a good doctor, and will be sadly missed by the people of this community. (Hamilton Times, April 14, 1892)

All doctors and midwives practicing in Marion county must report all births and deaths occurring in their practiced to me at Guin, Ala by the 10th of every month.  If you have no report write me a postal stating the fact.  To fail to do this would require me to report you tot eh next session of the grand jury.  The law requires it and it must be complied with.
   T. J. SPRINGFIELD, Health Officer Marion Co (Hamilton Times, May 19, 1892)

PROCEEDINGS - Of the Marion County Medical Association
The Marion County Medical Association met in Hamilton on the 4th inst.  The meeting was called to order by Dr. M. C. MARTIN, President. The following named doctors were present: Drs. J. F. EARNEST, WARREN GUYTON, R. P. PALMER, B. F. PALMER, W. F. CLARK, S. D. BEVILL, A. S. PALMER, J. W. HOWELL, M. C. MARTIN.
     Dr. S. D. BEVILL, a graduate from the Vanderbilt University of Tennessee, was received into the society.  On motion, Dr. J. W. HOWELL was elected vice president of the county board.  On motion, Dr. S. D. BEVILL was elected one of the board of sensors.  On motion, Dr. W. F. CLARK was elected a member of the board of sensors.
     A committee of three was appointed by the president to select some member of the society to read an essay on the treatment of typhoid fever at their next meeting.  Dr. J. F. EARNEST was appointed to read the essay.
     On motion the Society adjourned.
     A. S. PALMER, Sec
     M. C. MARTIN, Pres
     The Board of Sensors met, Dr. J. F. EARNEST called to the chair.  Dr. S. D. BEVILL was appointed county Health officer.
     J. F. EARNEST, Ch.
     S. D. BEVILL, Sec. (Hamilton Times, June 23, 1892)


The Marion County Medical Association met at Hamilton on Saturday, April 10, 1897.
   There were present Drs. A. L. MOORMAN, president: T. J. SPRINGFIELD, vice-president; M. C. MARTIN, treasurer; K. B. GOGANS, W. F. CLARK, and W. S. HOLLADAY.  The house was called to order by the president.
  In the absence of J. C. JOHNSON, secretary, M. C. MARTIN, was appointed secretary pro tem.
  The first business before the association was the election of officers for the next term, which resulted as follows: A. L. MOORMAN, president; T. J. SPRINGFIELD, vice-president; J. C. HONSON, secretary, and M. C. MARTIN, treasurer.
  On motion of Dr. CLARK the following board of censors was elected by acclamation: T. J. SPRINGFIELD, president; J. C. JOHNSON, secretary; A. L. MOORMAN, K. B. GOGGANS and M. C. M MARTIN.
  W. R. GRIFFIN was elected a member of this association.
  T. J. SPRINGFIELD was elected health officer
  The treasurer’s report showed $1.05 balance in the treasury of the opening of the meeting.
  J. J. KILLGORE was elected to membership in this association.
  The following members paid their annual dues; M. C. MARTIN, W. S. HOLLADAY, A. L. MOORMAN, K. B. GOGGANS, B. F. PALMER, W. F. CLARK, T. J. SPRINGFIELD and W. R. GRIFFIN.
  On motion the meeting was adjourned subject to the call of the president.
     A. L. MOORMAN, President
     M. C. MARTIN, Sec. pro tem (The Marion County News, April 15, 1897)



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