Marion County, Alabama

Migrations To or From Marion County

Unknown names - colony at Utica, Miss
Utica, Miss, Aug. 7th 1887 - Ed. Herald: As I once lived on the line of Fayette and Marion counties, but am now living in the good old county of Hinds, one of the best in the broad old state of Miss. I thought I would write a few dots for the Herald.  There is a very good colony of us living near here composed mainly of people from Marion and Fayette counties. There are probably fifteen families in all, and only one of that number is taking your paper, Mr. J. L. LEE. (Marion Herald, August 18, 1887)

Mr. PINKNEY BISHOP accompanied by his charming daughter, Miss EMILY, took leave of their relatives at this place on Tuesday last and started for Texas. If they are pleased with the Lone Star State they will make it their future home. Otherwise they will return in the fall. The Herald wishes them a safe and pleasant journey. (Marion Herald, Aug 18, 1887)

W. W. CALLAHAN Esq. after spending a few weeks in our quiet little town during which time he made many friends, decided on last week to return to his old home of Moulton. It is with regret that we give him up but in doing so will say that the best wishes of the Herald accompany him. (Marion Herald, Oct. 27, 1887)

Talladega, Feb. 27 - W. F. CLAY, an old and respected citizen was arrested and lodged in jail at this place today on a charge of bigamy, preferred against him by city Marshal Williams.

The above item is clipped from the Birmingham Age of 28th inst. and our readers will be surprised to learn that the parties therein mentioned were at one time residents of this county. CLAY lived a few miles north of this place for several years and was a highly respected citizen of the county. About six years ago, he deserted his wife and children, and taking with him a young woman named MCKINDLEY, went to Talladega and there passed themselves off as man and wife. A short time back some parties passed through this county who knew CLAY at Talladega and learning of the way he had treated his family, returned to Talladega and informed the authorities of his perfidy, and caused the arrest to be made. The woman was also arrested but not confined in jail, owing to illness. (Marion Herald, March 8, 1888)

FROM THORN HILL - June 7th 1887 - ...... S. COLLIER left for Huntsville on last Saturday where he will probably make his home. (Marion Herald, June 16, 1887, pg 4)

Hackleburg: Mr. M. N. B. DEFORE has left our town and gone to Walker County where he will engage in the mercantile business. This leaves our burg without any merchant. There is a good location here for some live energetic business fellow with a capital sufficient to pay cash for his goods and sell them the same way. (Marion Herald, July 21, 1887, pg 4)

Our pleasant and genial friends, Mr. JOHN DIXON, telegraph operator at this place, leaves for Sheffield tomorrow to accept a position at that place tendered him by the L. & N. R. R. We all are loth to part with him, yet judging from what little we have seen, we think John will return on a visit occasionally. (Guin Dispatch, Jan 5, 1889)

Mr. ANDREW DUNCAN left town on Monday last for Mississippi, where he proposes spending the remainder of the year and is then going to Texas. (Marion Herald, September 8, 1887)

"F, J. T."
FROM TEXAS - Alvarado, Texas, Dec. 29th, 1887 Editor Herald:  Please allow me space for a few dots in your columns as I promise to be very brief. We have a fine country here I moved from your county about nine years ago and of course I like to hear from it and all my old friends resident there, and wish it much success. We have as fine a farming country here as man ever saw. I live eight miles east of Alvarado in the open prairie, have good health and the water is just splendid. Land is worth from $10 to $20 per acre, the land is all good. We had a bad spell of weather which lasted for six weeks. The black mud in this country is rather disagreeable, but we make plenty of all kinds of produce. Wishing the Herald great success I am. J. T. F. (Marion Herald, Jan. 12, 1888)

Mr. MARTIN C. GANN was in town the first of the week. Before leaving, he ordered a copy of the Herald sent to his sister residing in Texas.  (Marion Herald, Feb 9, 1888)

M. C. GANN, a Marion County young man now residing in Texas was in town the first of the week. MARTIN'S many friends will be glad to learn that he is doing well in his western home. (Hamilton News Press, January 17, 1895)

We learn that Mr. J. M. GAST proprietor of the hotel at this place, has rented his town property to Dr. GUYTON and will move his family to Isbell, Franklin County. (Marion Herald, Dec. 8, 1887)

We were pleased to meet our friend MR. JAMES M. GAST, of Isbell, in town last week. The Maj. as he is familiarly called, was once a citizen of Marion, and has many warm friends in the county. He will move to Russellville in a short time. (Guin Dispatch, Jan 5, 1889)

The many friends of W. F. GREEN and family will regret to hear that they have left our country permanently and will reside in future at Albany, Ga.  Mr. Green has been in Albany for some time, but his family have been at Pikeville, where his wife was postmistress. We wish Mr. GREEN and his family success in their new home. (Marion County News, Nov. 25, 1897)

Mr. JOHN H. HAMILTON, formerly of this county but now residing at Eureka Springs, Ark. paid his old friends and relatives a short visit on last week. (Marion Herald, Nov 17, 1887)

DETROIT NEWS - Detroit, Ala. August 15th 1887 - Our popular friend JAS. M. RIGGAN left on last Tuesday morning for Okolona, Ark. where he expects to become salesman for his cousin JOHN M. RIGGAN. We regret to lose JIMMIE from among us, but as it is our fate, we can only hope that our loss will be both pleasant and profitable to him. (Marion Herald, August 18, 1887)

T. M. SAUNDERS, formerly of this county, but who now lives near Shannon, Miss. was in town on last Tuesday and gave the Herald a call. (Marion Heald, August 25, 1887)

Dr. STANLEY and family have moved to Verona, Miss. (Hamilton News Press, February 28, 1895)



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