Marion County, Alabama

Guin Dispatch - 1889

From the front slide of the microfilm from the Alabama Department of Archives and History:
Not much is known of the Guin Dispatch except that it was published and edited by J. S. CLEMENTS after his temporary departure from The Marion Herald.  Since the January 12, 1889 issue of the Dispatch is labeled "Vol. 1, No. 7" we can assume that it was began weekly publication in December 1888.  By January 1890, Clements had returned to The Marion Herald and it is uncertain whether The Guin Dispatch continued under different management.


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Feb 23

With this number the Dispatch closes its existence, and while we regret having to part from our Marion county friends, circumstance over which we have no control forces us to do so.  We have labored for the past three months and spared no effort to make the paper second to none in the county, but proper encouragement has not been received and the result is we are forced to try another field.  The Dispatch during short period of its existence has endeavored as best it could to assist in the advancement of Marion County and her citizens, but without proper encouragement no newspaper can long survive and we are not prepared to work for glory alone.  To those of our friends who have stood by us we return many grateful thanks and would be pleased to serve them in any way possible.
   J. S. CLEMENTS (The Guin Dispatch, Feb. 23, 1889)


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