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From the introduction from the roll of microfilm from the Alabama Department of Archives and History: 
The Hamilton Free Press and The Hamilton News Press  - These two weeklies are part of an intersting, if confusing, chapter in Marion County's publication history.  The Hamilton Free Press was founded on October 11, 1893, with J. S. CLEMENTS as editor and proprietor.  R. N. TERRILL, who had started The Marion County News in July 1894, purchased The Free Press at the end of that year.  For most of its brief tenure, The Hamilton News-Press was thus "the only newspaper publislhed in Marion County, Alabama.:  It first appeared on January 2, 1895.
CLEMENTS had remained as editor of the united News-Press, but was replaced in June by S. E. WILSON.  On August 1, TERRILL sold the paper to R. F. CARNES, who sold it in turn to his editor and G. J. WILSON on November 27.  What was presumably the last issue of the News-Press appeared on December 26.  On January 2, 1896, The Marion County News returned to publication, with the WILSONS listed as editors and owners.  It continued under that title until 1959.

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