Marion County, Alabama

Hamilton Times - 1890 - 1893

 1890 - 1891 - 1892 - 1893

It was bought out Nov 29, 1893 by The Hamilton Free Press and discontinued publication.

From the introduction from the roll of microfilm from the Alabama Department of Archives and History:
Although this weekly newspaper was evidently founded in 1885, little is known about its early history.  As of May 1890, it was owned by L. J. CLARK and edited by J. S. CLEMENTS.  CLEMENTS purchased the paper in August 1890 and sold it to JOHN L. WHITE in February 1892 although he remained as editor until May 1893.  In September of that year, WHITE sold the paper to C. L. LAWRENCE.  Its subsequent fate is unknown, but Lawrence assured readers in an October editorial that the Times would be "found here many years hence.



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With this issue of the Times I retire from the newspaper field.  For the past nine months I have been running the paper in the interest of the county and leave to my patrons and friends to say what the result has been.  In stepping down and out I will say that the paper is being left in the hands of an experienced newspaper man and one who needs no introduction to the people of Marion count.  To my patrons and friends who have given me their support I return many grateful thanks and have no ill will towards whose who have not done so. With a kind adieu, I remain
(Source: Hamilton Times, August 21, 1890)
 The undersigned, in a new role this morning makes his bow to the public.  Having purchased the Times, with this issue he again becomes its editor.
 In the beginning he is impressed with the gravity of the burdens he assumes and realizes the trials and temptations to be undergone.  Be that as it may, however, he enters upon his pilgrimage stout of heart and full of hope.  He sets forth on his journey with a firm determination to face all responsibilities bravely and will endeavor patiently to endure whatever hardships his new duties may impose, while he will firmly uphold at all times those things which to him appear best for the advancement of the virtue intelligence, prosperity and happiness of people of Marion county and of the state.
 To such ends the Times, under his management, will be true to the right as he sees it and inflexibly Democratic.
 Of the State press he asks the usual courtesy and kindness, trusting he may prove unworthy of neither.
 He believes "the laborer is worthy of his hire" and demands only justice from the business men of the county.   It is his business to conduct the paper on an impersonal plane, as nearly as may be, and, in business, upon a value-received basis.
 Of his friends, subscribers and readers everywhere he begs patience and charity in criticism.  He may sometimes be unfortunate in the selection of words to express his thoughts.  In such case he asks for the charitable indulgence of all, but for the general tone of the Times, its political sentiments, business ideas, character and purpose he will stand up boldly, asking no favors, while holding himself over ready to give and receive blows if need be, in defense of whatever finds sympathy and support in its columns.
 Gentle reader and citizens of Marion county "we" salute you
(Source: Hamilton Times, August 28, 1890)

     Having purchased the Times, with this issue I become its publisher, and will say to the people of Marion county that no effort will be spared to make the paper a welcome visitor to every home in the county.
     Mr. CLEMENTS will continue to edit the paper and its course, politically, will continue as heretofore - strictly democratic.
     All unexpired contracts both for subscription and advertising will be faithfully carried out under my management and all accounts now due are payable to me.
      In entering upon a new and untried filed I earnestly solicit the support and cooperation of the people and in return will endeavor to give them a good newspaper.
(Source: Hamilton Times, February 25, 1892)
Mr. JAMES S. CLEMENTS who has been connected with this office of the past three or four years is no longer with us. We wish him success - great success - wherever he may cast his lot. (Source: Hamilton Times, August 25, 1892)


     With this issue of the Times, I retire as publisher.  For the last nineteen months I have been doing the best I could to give the people of Marion county a good paper.
      I am very thankful for the support I have received.
      In retiring I leave the paper in good hands and I hope that all will continue their aid and encouragement.
       J. L. WHITE
(Hamilton Times, August 30, 1893)

With this issue I take charge of the times as Manager and Publisher, and in so doing, hope to have the good will of every good citizen.  I have come to stay, and hope to receive a liberal patronage, while I will use my utmost ability in trying to interest you.  Hoping that the Times may be a welcome visitor to every household I am.
      Very Respectfully
(Hamilton Times, September 7, 1893)
The publisher of the Free Press and Mr. R. N. TERRELL have purchased the printing material, subscription and advertising accounts, building, and good will of the Hamilton Times, and that paper will be discontinued after this week.  The Free Press will be sent to subscribers of The Times for the unexpired time of their subscriptions.  This acquisition of material will enable us to cast off the patent inside we have been running, and to appear in future all home print. (Hamilton Free Press, Nov 29, 1893)



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