Marion County, Alabama

 The Marion Herald - 1885 - 1890

1887 - 1888 - 1889 -1890


As with all the other early Marion County Records, even though it appears The Marion Herald began publication in April 1885, the early editions were destroyed in the court house fire that occurred in early 1887.  The following are the remaining editions that have been microfilmed.  The Marion Herald ended publication with the May 8, 1890 issue, when its name was changed to "The Hamilton Times."

From the front page of the microfilm from the Alabama Department of Archives and History:

"Like most Marion County newspapers, The Marion Herald (or Marion County Herald, as it was frequently entitled) went through several changes in ownership and was edited for a time by J. S. CLEMENTS.  W. T. GAST, on retiring in October 1889 referred to having managed the paper's fortunes for five years.  Another of his editors was DANIEL WILLIAMS, who served during CLEMENTS brief hiatus as owner of The Guin Dispatch (Sept. 1889 -Jan. 1890) sic (**NOTE THE DATES WERE ACTUALLY SEPT 1888 - FEB 1889)****.  By May, 1890, CLEMENTS and GAST'S successor, L. J. CLARK had moved on to The Hamilton Times.  It is not known whether the Herald managed to carry on without them.



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The Marion Herald - 1890

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With this issue we assume control of the columns of the Herald.  In the future, as in the past, the paper will be a strictly democratic paper, and will at all times do its utmost to advance the every interest of the Democratic party, of the farmer, of the manufacturer, of the laborer, in whatever work he may be engaged, and in fact any and all enterprises that tend to the development of the vast resources of our state and county.  Having become a citizen of Alabama when quite a youth, and having been engaged in the newspaper business in North Alabama since a mere boy, we feel that any apology for assuming control of the Herald would be unnecessary.
 With this we present to you our first issue of the Herald, and promise that, with your assistance, we will make each succeeding number better than the last, until the Herald shall be second to no country paper in the state.
 DANIEL WILLIAMS - (Marion Herald, Sept. 27, 1888)


VALEDICTORY - With this issue of the Herald we greet our readers for the last time. We have been before the people for the past five years as manager and while we have not received at all times the encouragement essential to the growth and welfare of a county paper, we are pleased to say that enough friends have stood by us until the paper is now a firmly established and paying institution. We do not relinquish the paper through lack of proper support but solely from other motives best known to ourselves, and in which the public could have no interest. We feel safe in saying that the new management will spare no effort to make the paper well worthy the support of every county loving citizen of Marion and will endeavor by every means in their power to advance the interests of the county and its citizens. Politically the paper has ever been an outspoken and fearless advocate for the cause of democracy, and we take pleasure in informing our readers and patrons that such it will continue to be under the control of the new management. All unexpired contracts, both in subscription and advertising, will be promptly filled as though no transfer had been made. With many sincere thanks to those of our friends who have stood by us and the paper from the date of its earliest infancy to the present and with no enmity or ill will to those who have not, we make our politest bow and step down and out. Respectfully, W. T. GAST (Marion Herald, Oct. 31, 1889)



The Herald will greet its readers under a new name on next week.  There may be nothing in a name after all, but, for reasons best known to ourselves, we make the change.  The paper will henceforth appear as the Hamilton Times.  (Marion Herald, May 8, 1890)


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