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OTHER PAPERS   - After 1900


  Marion County News Gathered from Newspapers Around the County

All items were transcribed and submitted by Veneta McKinney unless otherwise noted.


Hamilton Social Swirl
The most brilliant affair of the season occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Cantrell last Tuesday evening, when they entertained in an informal way.  That word “informal” has become a very expressive one in society.  It generally means something very agreeable and this is what it means when used about the Cantrell tarpaulin dance.  There was a happy throng of young people gathered together with a determination to enjoy themselves and to do otherwise would have been impossible with such a charming hostess an such pleasant surroundings.  There were tete-a-tete corners arranged on the lawn by grouping of ferns and smilax.  While the soft, gentle beams of the moon and myriads of colored lights illuminated the whole scene transforming it into a veritable fairy bower.  The orchestra was hidden form view by a growth of exquisite palms.  Mr. and Mrs. Cantrell were assisted in receiving by Misses Pearle and Francis Walton.  Punch was served on the lawn by two lovely debutantes Misses Ruby Walton and Era Cooper, at eleven o'clock delicious ices were served by Mrs. Lafayette Willis and Mrs. Chas. Smith.
      A thing of beauty.  Alas is not a joy forever, as the soft sweet strains of music to “Home Sweet Home” floated on each guest bade a reluctant good night.
      An Observer. (The Aberdeen Weekly, Aberdeen, Miss, July 25, 1902)


Child Dangerously Burned
Guin, Ala – Etma McCrary, the 4-year old daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W. J. McCrary, was dangerously burned at her home while playing before an open grate. (Alabama Beacon, Greeensboro, Ala, Feb. 15, 1905)

Thrown From Vehicle
Guin, Ala – J. H. Riley, an old and respected citizen of this town, was very painfully injured by a accident here while attempting to get into a vehicle with B. L. Cantrell.
      The horse became frightened at Mr. Riley and ran away, running the vehicle against a shade tree, throwing both to the ground.
      Mr. Riley was pretty badly bruised about the face, one cut above the right eye, and tongue cut. (Alabama Beacon, Greensboro, Ala May 3, 1905)

Serious Fire Narrowly Escaped
Guin, Ala – A serious fire was very narrowly averted here Friday morning about 9 o'clock by the quick response of the citizens, and the fast work of the water carriers.  A house belonging to L. Pearce, and at present occupied by some negroes, caught fire during the absence of the occupants and the fire had gained considerable headway before discovered.  The cause of the fire is supposed to have been from leaving some kindling too near the fire or by a spark.  As soon as the alarm was given a number of men gathered and by fast work extinguished the flames before any serious damage was done. (Alabama Beacon, Greesnboro, Ala, May 24, 1905)


Mother, Sleep-Walker With Baby, Drowns.  Hamilton, Ala., March 18.  Mrs. WILLIAM H. WHITEHEAD, walking in her sleep, with her 18 month old baby in her arms, last night fell into a well near the house and the baby was drowned before her husband hearing her screams was able to rescue them.  Mrs. WHITEHEAD was exhaused by her efforts to remain above water in the well, which was 12 feet deep. (Columbus Daily Enquirer, Columbus, GA, March 19, 1922)

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