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List of Some of the Public Schools in Marion County in 1897

Feature Name Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map
Ada Hanna High School 340921N 0880748W 564 Bexar
Arnold School (historical) 341728N 0874025W 863 Phil Campbell
Bear Creek School (historical)       Bear Creek
Bexar School (historical)       Bexar
Board Tree HIgh School       Bexar
Brilliant High School 340110N 0874548W 646 Brilliant
Buttahatchee Junior High School 341007N 0874910W 725 Hamilton NE
Byrd School (historical)        
Byrd Junior High School 340541N 0880751W 420 Detroit
Campbell School (historical) 341745N 0874422W 846 Phil Campbell
Cooks School (historical) 341045N 0874407W 656 Haleyville West
Craft School 341115N 0874006W 866 Haleyville West
Fellow Flat School (historical) 341332N 0873928W 876 Haleyville West
Glen Allen Normal School (historical)       Glen Allen
Gravel Springs Junior High School 341201N 0880659W 515 Weston
Guin Schools (historical)       Guin
Guin Elementary School 335819N 0875453W 502 Guin
Hackleburg High School 341653N 0874950W 942 Hackleburg
Hamilton School (historical)       Hamilton
Hamilton High School 340818N 0875929W 479 Hamilton
Hamilton Male and Female School (historical)       Hamilton
Marion County High School 335826N 0875456W 525 Guin
McCollough School (historical) 341437N 0874330W 968 Haleyville West
New Home School (historical) 341524N 0875808W 745 Hodges
New Hope       Winfield
Northwest Alabama State Trade School 340724N 0875921W 423 Hamilton SW
Old Union School 341513N 0873959W 886 Phil Campbell
Old Union School (historical) 341547N 0874007W 896 Phil Campbell
Phillips High School 341645N 0874151W 823 Phil Campbell
Poplar Springs School 335742N 0874321W 620 Glen Allen
Resolute School (historical) 341807N 0874208W 863 Phil Campbell
Shady Grove       Shottsville
Shiloh School 341426N 0875603W 843 Hamilton
State Secondary Agricultural School -- -- -- Hamilton
West Alabama Agricultural School (historical)       Hamilton
White House School (historical)        
Wiginton Junior High School (historical) 341704N 0875235W 879 Hodges
Winfield Elementary School 335558N 0874907W 522 Winfield
Winfield High School 335558N 0874843W 499 Winfield


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