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1889, July 11 - Marion County Herald
Croquet is all the rage in our town.

1889, July 18 - Marion County Herald
The vacant lot between the store of G. B. MIXON and this office has been cleaned off and is now used for a croquet ground.

1889, July 25 - Marion County Herald
There are two croquet yards in full blast in our town at this time and they have been run on double time since the season opened to players.

1889, August 8 - Marion County Herald
The sound of the mallet is heard in the croquet yards from early morn until dewy eve.  The nights are very bright and we suggest that the lovers of the game meet and play from the rising to the setting of the sun.

1889, September 5 - Marion County Herald
The sound of croquet mallet is to be heard from early morn until close of day in the MIXON croquet yard.

1895, March 28 - Hamilton News Press
The croquet season is near at hand and our loafers are happy in anticipation of spring fights.

1896, January 17 - Hamilton Appeal
From Guin: W. H. MATTHEWS has bought the croquet yard and attachments and has leased it to the croquet "syndicate" for the next few years.

1897, January 21 - Marion County News
From Guin: The croquet yard is always occupied.

1897, April 22 - Marion County News
The croquet grounds across the street from our office have been cleaned off and the game is played every evening by the lovers of this sport. 

1897, May 27 - Marion County News
Croquet is quite popular in our town at this time.  It appears to be enjoyed immensely by some of our oldest citizens, particularly CAPT. HAMILTON, Dr. MARTIN, JOE B. COOK, and W. C. DAVIS.  These gentlemen appear to enjoy the exercise better than their juniors.



1897, February 4, Marion County News
The football craze has struck Hamilton, and of evenings you can see a conglomeration of men and boys indulging in the sport.  As it takes a good many things to take a world we suppose that the millennium is not a great ways off.


1897 - May 6 - Marion County News
TO PLAY BALL - The boys have organized a regular baseball nine and are getting down to hard practice. They elected FLINT MORTON captain of the first nine.  The team has one game scheduled to play with Carbon Hill, and there are other games in view. The Carbon Hill game will probably be played in Hamilton on May 22.  There will be match games between the first and second nines every Saturday evening, and every body interested in the school and the ball team are invited out to see the practice games.

1897 - May 20 - Marion County News
THE BALL GAME - On Saturday evening, May 15, the first match game of baseball ever played in Marion County occurred between the Hamilton and Carbon Hill teams.  The day was perfect, the field in good shape and the game interesting from start to finish.  There were many and costly errors on both sides, which accounts for the large scores made by both teams.  The score of 35 to 23 in favor of Carbon Hill makes the game seem more one-sided than it really was.  There were only two men on the Hamilton team that ever played in a match game, and several of the team had never played ball until this spring.
         Carbon Hill went to the bat first, and in the first two innings and the last half of the third managed to make 21 scores to Hamilton's 2.  The Hamilton boys then pulled themselves together, and during the remainder of the game made 21 scores to Carbon Hill's 14, making the final score  35 to 23 in favor of Carbon Hill.
         There was a good deal of squabbling before the game on account of Carbon Hill wanting to play LACEY a crack pitcher from Jasper, and at one time it looked very much like there would be no game.
         The Hamilton team had a shade the advantage in field work, and if the boys had not been rattled so badly in the first two innings the score would have read a different way. But they could not overcome the lead of 19 that Carbon Hill got in the first three times they went to the bat. The only home run of the game was scored by LECIL GRAY for Hamilton.
         The boys all enjoyed the game, and the best of feeling prevailed among them. The only accident that occurred happened to J. GUS PEARCE of Carbon Hill.  He got two of his fingers badly hurt.

1897 - September 9 - Marion County News
FULTON BOYS WERE SHUT OUT - the Score was 22 to 0 - Two Games Played
The long looked for and much talked of game of ball between the Fulton (Miss) and Hamilton nines was played on the home grounds last Wednesday.  The game resulted in the defeat of the Fulton boys by a score of 22 to 0.  This is the second match game ever played in Marion County, and the home boys are justly proud that it ended in a clean shut out.  The visitors played well but were outclassed at every point in the game. Every player on the home team distinguished himself by some star play or hit.  There is only one blot on Hamilton's record and that was left by Carbon Hill, and the boys will not rest until it is covered with the defeat of the later team.  The umpiring of MOSELEY and WILSON was impartial and satisfactory.  The features of the game were MARTIN'S home run, STOKES' base running and the battery work of LACY and GRAY.  GRAY caught a splendid game, and only allowed three stolen bases.  LACY struck out 22 men, gave one man base on balls, and only allowed one hit made off his delivery. This record is unbroken in the state.  It will be noticed that only one error is charged to the home team, and that did not cost anything.  The complete record of the game is as follows:

HAMILTON POS.  B. H. E.  A. P.O. S.B. S. O. R
BRASWELL, ss 1         2  1
JUSTICE 3b 2       3   3
GRAY c 1   1 21 3   3
GRAY 2b 1   1 2 6 1 2
MARTIN 1b 1   1 3 2   3
STOKES cf 1     1 2 1 1
ENLOW lf 3       4   3
LAWRENCE rf     2   3 1 2
LACY p   1 1   7   4
* FORD             2  
*Ford was substituted for Braswell                
FULTON POS. B. H. E. A.  P.O  S.B. S. O.  R
HOWARD cf       2 1 4  
WALKER p   3 2 3   3  
GAITHER 1b 1 1 1 7   1  
HOWARD ss   4       2  
BETTS 3b   3       4  
HOWARD 2b   1   2   2  
MCDOUGAL rf   1     2 2  
HOWARD lf   1       1  
NABORS c   1   10   3  


Hamilton: Base hits, 10.  Errors, 1.  Assists, 4.  Put outs, 27.  Stolen bases, 30.  Two-base hits, BRASWELL, JUSTICE and GRAY (2).  Home run, MARTIN.  Struck out, by WALKER 4. by HOWARD 3.  Runs, 22.

Fulton: Base hits, 1.  Errors, 15.  Assists, 4.  Putouts 24.  Stolen bases 3.  Wild throws, 4.  Struck out by LACY, 22.  Bases on balls, 1.  Runs, 0.

Scores by Innings:

Hamilton - 8 1 0 4 0 6 3 0 * R (22), H (10), E (1)

Fulton…….0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 R (0)    H ( 1), E (15)

Batteries -

Hamilton, LACY and GRAY


There was another game played in the afternoon, which resulted in a score of 28 to 8 in favor of Hamilton.  The official score was not kept.  Batteries - Hamilton, JUSTICE, STOKES, GRAY, ENLOW, and BRASWELL.  Fulton, WALKER, HOWARD and GAITHER.

There was a good crowd out to see each game, a number of ladies being present, who seemed to enjoy the sport immensely. Everything passed off very pleasantly, and while the Fulton boys appeared to regret their defeat they took it very good naturedly.  Each and every young man belonging to the Fulton team conducted himself in a gentlemanly manner while here, and we hope they will visit us often in the future.


1903 - Marion County Democrat, Marion County AL, March 26, 1903
Brilliant: The first ball game of the season was played here yesterday, boys all did well. Mr. ROBERT (we will not say who) turned a summersault into the branch after a ball. We have the boys with the right determination this time, and we aim to make games warm for some teams this season.  Mr. DOWELL is one of the nine, but sorry to tell you Dr. SOWELL and Mr. ABBOTT will not appear on the diamond this season.  "Their legs can't carry them."  Mr. JEFF COTTON is the man to get them off the bat.  If you need a good one, write him.  There has been some talk of moving the commissary and other buildings to get a better ball ground, but don't guess that will take place this season.

1903 - Marion County Democrat, Marion County AL, June 18, 1903
In another place we publish a letter from "Short Fly" of Guin, in which we think he was misled into making some misrepresentations. We cannot think he would intentionally do such a thing. We would not for anything deprive Guin of any honor that is justly due her, but at the same time we want everybody treated fairly.  He claims that "considerable wrangling was engaged in before the game began on account of Winfield wanting to play a man who belongs to the Brilliant team and another who is said to reside at Adamsville "but "we finally agreed to let them both play" etc. The man referred to form Brilliant, MAT AYCOCK, has always belonged to this team. He is Winfield's pitcher and while they did "finally agree" to let him play, he was not allowed in the box. As tot the gentleman form Adamsville, he was not allowed on ten ball ground - he was not ever permitted to act as "water boy"  It was a typical game between two amateur teams and we think both teams played well all things being considered, but we would advise the Guin boys to practice up a little an above all don't play any sick men hereafter.

1903 - Marion County Democrat, Marion County AL, June 18 1903
The Winfield and Guin base ball teams locked horns in Dr. SHELTON'S calf pasture at this place last Saturday evening, and at the close of the ninth inning Guin's side of the score card look about like thirty cents. For five innings good snappy ball was played and the game was good to look at, but after that, with a lot of bad errors and three or four wild throws netted Winfield about six or eight runs.  Some extra playing was done on both sides. The playing of SHAW and F. HUGHES of the Guin team was of the star order. We all here think that our team did first rate taking into consideration the lack of practice.  The short stop had not been on the diamond since last summer, and the catcher had never played in a match game before, and on top of that he was sick. And on top of all that the game was played on the 13th of the month 13 errors were made, 13 hits were made, 13 were left on bases and there were about 13 umpires on the ground.
    Considerable wrangling was engaged in before the game began on account of Winfield wanting to play one man who belongs to the Brilliant team and another who is said to reside at Adamsville. We finally agreed to let the men play and everything passed nicely.  Only one mishap reported - Mr. AYCOCK lost something.
    Attendance : 18 players, 75 spectators, 4 n-rs and a whole drove of umpires. Score; Winfield: 16; Guin, 6 (Not 16 to 1).
    Short Fly, Guin, June 16

1903 - Marion County Democrat, Marion County AL, June 18 1903
The Winfield and Guin ball teams crossed bats on the latter's diamond last Saturday and the score resulted as above as will be seen by the following:

WINFIELD 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
AYCOCK, M. B. p 1   0 0 0       1
AYCOCK, M. E. lf 0   0   1 0 0   1
WARD, V, 3b 0   1   1     0 1
COUCH, H. ss 0   1   1 0   1 1
WARD, P, c   1 1   1 1   1 1
TRULL, 1b 0 0 0   1        
COUCH, GEO. Rf     0   0   1 0 0
HANEY, 2b       0 0   0 0 0
ASTON, cf   0   0     0   0
Total                 19
GUIN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
HUGHES, G. 1b 0   0   0 0     0
HUGHES, F., rf 1         0     0
SHIREY, cf   0   0           0
HULSEY, lf 0   0   0   0   0
SHAW, p   1   0 0   0    
CHAMBLESS, ss   0   1   1   0  
GUIN, H., 2b       0   1   0  
GUIN, C., c.   0   0   0   0  
CAGLE, 3b   0       0   1  
Total                 6

Umpires: J. L. WHITE of Guin, and GUY REDDEN of Sulligent.   The score as was first reported gave Winfield only 18 but there was a mistake in adding up the total.  Winfield's regular pitcher did not go in the box, but MACK AYCOCK'S and PERVE WARD proved equal to the occasion.


1904 - Marion County Democrat, Marion County AL, March 24, 1904
From all outward appearances we can assure ourselves of plenty of ball playing this season. The team here has purchased a splendid outfit and met last Saturday afternoon to practice.  Mr. HOUSTON COUCH was elected captain and Mr. JOHN HANEY, manager. The team that runs up against Winfield this season will get a good game.

1904 - Marion County Democrat, Marion County AL, March 24, 1904
T. H. SMITH & Son have in a new stock of baseball goods.  Call to see them if you contemplate playing ball.



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