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Marion Herald, May 5, 1887

Dr. B. W. RODEN, A Botanic Doctor. Will be at Allen's Factory on Saturday before the first Sunday in each month for the purpose of treating Chronic Diseases. I practice for cash and cash only except in cash where my patients have been prompt in their payments in retofore. B. W. RODEN  

Marion Herald, June 14, 1887

NOTICE - Allen's Factory, Ala. - June 7th 1887 - Notice is hereby given that the firm of PHILLIPS & ALLEN has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. J. R. PHILLIPS will settle the affairs of the firm. PHILLIPS & ALLEN -

Marion Herald, Sept 29, 1887

FROM ALLEN'S FACTORY - Allen's Factory, Ala. September 19th, 1887 Mr. Editor: Everything is very quiet here now. Most of the men are working on the railroad. We are having three regular trains a week, and the rumbling of the car wheels may now be heard here on Monday, Wednesday and Friday passing each way on the S. & B. R. R. Mr. HUGH TESNER, one of our citizens, has just returned from the S. & B. road where he has been very sick of fever, he is now convalescent. The school at thisplace will close this week. Mr. L. M. ALLEN of Falls has just returned from a trip North with an immense stock of goods which he will open up immediately. He will also start up his mammoth cotton mill in a few days. We are having some very dry weather at present, which is very injurious to our turnip crop and late vegetation generally. Quite a number of distinguished gentlemen from Sheffield, Tuscumbia, Atlanta, Ga. Ohio, and other places were out on the line last Friday prospecting for different resources. Muscadines are very abundant on the creek now, consequently all the boys (those who aren't big enough to go to the railroad) may be seen every Sunday on the creek banks, notwithstanding the old folks cries, "They'll give youn's the chills shore." I just wonder why the city of Hackelburg doesn't get on a "boom." SNOWFLAKE

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