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All articles transcribed and submitted by Veneta McKinney unless otherwise noted.

Marion Herald, Nov. 3, 1887

MILL AND GIN HOUSE BURNED At Bexar, this county, on last Monday evening, a mill and ginnery, together with all the machinery and several bales of cotton was destroyed by fire. The mill and gin was the property of Mr. MARION PEARCE and was probably worth about $4,000. The loss is heavy there being no insurance so far as we have learned. The fire is supposed to have been started by a little son of Mr. PEARCE, who was playing around the gin with some matches and carelessly dropped a lighted one, with what result is shown in the above.

Marion Herald, March 15, 1888

FROM BEXAR Editor Herald: Having seen nothing in the Herald from this section in some time, I will try to give you a few items for publication. Bexar is well supplied with candidates, having four in the field. If all the beats are supplied as well as Bexar, there will be a goodly number of candidates in the county. Messrs PEARCE and ARNOLD are receiving their spring stock of goods. Mr. N. M. PEARCE is re-building his mill, which when put in operation, will add greatly to the convenience of this section. Success to the Herald. J. B. H.

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