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All items transcribed and submitted by Veneta McKinney unless otherwise noted

Marion Herald, July 21, 1887

FROM HACKLEBURG - Editor Herald  - July 15th 1887 - I am from Hackleburg, a citizen of no mean city, and if you will allow me a small space in your paper I will say a few things in behalf of this community. Although Hackleburg has been backward in educating her children, and slow in adopting new methods, yet, in the near future she gives promise of outstripping other communities which have had better advantages.   The farms in this community will compare favorably with those in any part of the county. Crops are fine. I have been told that if the seasons continue there will be one thousand bushels of corn made on the farm of W. W. OSBIRN.   Hackleburg has a Sunday school in which Methodist literature is used, and preaching three Sundays in a month.   If the good people can be made to see the need of educating their children better, this will soon be a most desirable country. MINMUS

Marion Herald, July 21, 1887

HACKLEBURG DOTS - July 13th 1887  - Editor Herald: As I haven't seen anything in your valuable paper from this section in some time I concluded that the good people of Hackleburg ought to be represented, and consequently I will endeavor to give you a few of this week. Well, the farmers have about completed their crops.  Miss ELLIOTT KEY has control of our school this summer. Miss ELLIOTT is a good teacher and we extend to her a hearty welcome.  Oh Yes! We are to have a new railroad. The C. & B. surveying company are camped in the burg this week, and say they intend making the quickest and best survey that has ever been made in the U. S. Mr. M. N. B. DEFORE has left our town and gone to Walker County where he will engage in the mercantile business. This leaves our burg without any merchant. There is a good location here for some live energetic business fellow with a capital sufficient to pay cash for his goods and sell them the same way.   Our crop outlook in this section was never better than at present.  Health is remarkably good.  We have preaching every Sunday. Rev. ISBELL preaches on the 1st at 11 a.m. Rev. JOHN TIDWELL on 2nd, at 11 a.m. Rev. W. R. BALLARD on 3rd at 4 p.m. and Rev. J. M. COLEMAN on the 4th and Saturday before. We also have a good Sunday school.   Messrs. J. P. PEARCE and JOHN A. POPE were in our town on last week visiting their friends -the railroaders. Call again brothers.   Well, I will close for the present by wishing the Herald a long life and much success.   GLEANER

Marion Herald, July 28, 1887

HACKLEBURG ITEMS - July 23rd, 1887 - Here comes "Gleaner" with a few dots for the Herald this week. Plenty of rain, no grumbling about the "needed shower." The farmers of this neighborhood have been putting in good time opening up their land, and the result is that we now have over 200 acres of "new ground" in cultivation this year and all within two miles of Hackleburg. Mr. J. Y. MILLER and family are visiting friends near Hodges this week. Mr. J. M. COLEMAN'S little son, LEANDER while on his way from school last Monday fell down and broke his arm. The railroad surveyors have moved their quarters to Ireland Hill. We learn there is another survey coming from Decatur in the direction of Hamilton. A great many are going from this section to the S. & B. R. R. to make a fortune, but when they get there they usually find something to do that resembles work and thy soon return. Mr. BURNES of Wood's Creek and Mr. ELISHA ARMSTRONG of Bear Creek was in the burg this week with a view of purchasing land in this community but failed to do so. Call again gentlemen. Rev. JOHN ARNOLD preached an interesting sermon at New Prospect Church on last Sunday. Rev. WESLEY STIDHAM is engaged surveying land in the eastern portion of the county this week. GLEANER -

Marion Herald, August 4, 1887

HACKLEBURG HINTS - July 30th 1887  The rust has made its appearance on our cotton.   We are beginning to need rain.   Rev. GEORGE ROC. of Allhill preached two interesting and instructive sermons in Hackleburg on last Saturday and Sunday.   The Congregational Methodist will meet in convention at Hamilton on Saturday before the second Sunday in August for the purpose of organizing a new district, and delegates will be expected to attend from the Congregational churches near Bexar, and also from Pine Springs in Lamar County.   Mr. J. M. COLEMAN and W. W. OSBIRN returned from the state of Winston on Wednesday last where they claim to have seen the cars smoking through old Marion and Winston.   Mrs. SARAH KEENUM of near Allhill died on last Sunday night after a long protracted illness.   Mr. MIKE LINDSEY and family of Itawamba County, Miss. are visiting friends in the burg this week.   Mr. J. Y. MILLER and A. J. DUNOVEN are digging a well for W. W. OSBIRN. They say according to the teachings of the old folks "always begin at the bottom and go up." They hardly know how to proceed with the work.   GLEANER

Marion Herald, August 11, 1887

HACKLEBURG CHATTER   August 6th 1887   Editor Herald:   A few dots this week.   Rev. THOS. MOORE of Center Point Tenn. preached a funeral sermon of JOSEH GREEN at New Prospect Church on last Sunday.   Rev. H. W. ISBELL of Godfrey is visiting friends in the burg this week. Bro. ISBELL is a good preacher and we extend to him a hearty welcome. He is on the Falls mission this year.   Rev. W. R. PATTERSON and J. M. COLEMAN will preach the funeral sermon of Mrs. RILEY BREWER on the second Sunday in August.   The Congregational Methodist and the M. E. Church South have united together in holding their protracted meeting at Hackleburg. It will begin on Saturday before the second Sunday in September. We most cordially invite all who are disposed to behave themselves to attend.   Mr. B. P. CANTRELL'S family is visiting relatives and friends in the board old state of Miss. this week.   Good refreshing showers have fallen on us again, and health is remarkably good.   W. W. FREDERICK is helping building the Sheffield city.   GLEANER

Marion Herald, August 25, 1887

HACKELBURG, ALA. - August 20th 1887 - Editor Herald:   A few items this week.  The farmers are now pulling fodder.   We are needing rain in this section on potatoes, turnips, and late corn.   Rev. J. M. COLEMAN preached the funeral sermon of Mrs. RILEY BREWER on last Sabbath at Fairview church, and many sad hearts were made to rejoice in the hope of the home beyond.   A number of our town people started this morning for Allhill to attend a protracted meeting near that place.   The Campbellites held a protracted meeting at New Prospect church on last week, conducted by the Revs. WEAVER and PUTTMAN.   Hackleburg has no merchant yet. Wonder if some one will not take pity on us and set up here in the fall just to show the people how much goods they can buy for a small sum of money.   Well, we think I. J. L. received as much as he gave.   ------GLEANER.

Marion Herald, September 1, 1887

Hackelburg, Ala. August 27th, 1887 - The farmers are about done pulling fodder off the early corn. Late corn and potatoes are badly injured by the drouth. Cotton will not yield more than half crop. Some sickness among children in this neighborhood. We are sorry to announce the death of Mr. and Mrs. ISAAC YEALDEN'S little son on last Tuesday night. The bereaved have our heartfelt sympathy. The burg people returned from the protracted meeting at Union Grove on last Monday. Miss ELLIOTT KEY visited the protracted meeting at Allhill this week and enjoyed her trip very much. Mr. G. B. MIXON and family of Hamilton were visiting in town this week. GLEANER

Marion Herald, September 8, 1887

Hackleburg, Ala. - September 3rd, 1887 - Mr. Editor: We again endeavor to rake up a few items for the Herald. News is awfully scarce of late, but notwithstanding all this we can't afford to sit quietly by and see our town slumbering as it were in the realms of oblivion without making some sort of effort toward communicating with the outside world. But for fear lest we occupy too much space we will just hustle around and pick up a few locals this week. Dr. MARTIN of Hamilton passed through out town on last Sunday. Mr. ANDREW DUNCAN left town on Monday last for Mississippi, where he proposes spending the remainder of the year and is then going to Texas. Mr. S. A. WALKER left on last Wednesday morning to attend the North Alabama District conference to be held in Lawrence County. The school at this place presided over by Miss ELLIOTT KEY will close in about three weeks. She will then return to her home near Hamilton. We will close for this week owing to the aforesaid scarcity of news and in so doing will say our best wishes still linger around the Herald Office. -------GLEANER

Marion Herald, Sept 22, 1887

Hackleburg, Ala. Sept. 17th, 1887 Dry and dusty. Some sickness in our neighborhood, but none serious. Our protracted meeting closed on Wednesday night. We think the meeting was very profitable as there seven converts and six accessions to the church. There was some little behavior, such as sparking in the dark among the boys and girls, or that is, a few individuals was guilty of the above. Therefore we have set apart the 4th Sabbath in this month as the day for these individuals to meet at the church house and wind up their courting on that day, as they can attend preaching and ay attention to the sermon. There was also a certain young man there on Saturday night very drunk, but cause no disturbance that we know of. GLEANER

Marion Herald, Sept. 29, 1887

Hackelburg, Ala. September 24th, 1887 Mr. Editor: We had a light shower of rain here on yesterday morning, enough to lay the dust and cool the atmosphere. Mr. J. B. HAYNES of Greenville and W. GARDNER of Knoxville, Tenn. are in our town this week. They are agents for the Palmetto Lightning Road Company of Philadelphia, Pa. they met with very good success in this neighborhood, having sold $112.00 worth the first day. Miss ELLIOTT KEY'S school has closed and she has retuned to her home near Hamilton. Miss ELLIOTT has made a good faithful teacher and will be greatly missed, especially in our Sunday School. She is the best teacher we have had in many years. Mr. RILEY BREWER is attending the Sparks Association in Mississippi this week. Revs. J. M. COLEMAN, GEORGE ROWE and W. R. BALLARD are attending a meeting near Bexar, this week. Mr. D. F. CLAY and family are visiting relatives near Hamilton this week. GLEANER

Marion Herald, October 6, 1887

Hackleburg, Ala. - October 1st, 1887 Rain has fallen here at last and cotton picking and sorghum making is the order of the day - among the farmers. Mr. S. WALKER has been quite sick for the past week. Mr. H. C. WALKER left on last week for Sardis, Tennessee where he will make his future home. Success to him. Mr. C. M. ELDRIDGE and one Mr. THOMPSON, of Barton Station, Colbert County, passed through our burg on last Thursday. They were on hunt of a mule which had been stolen from the stable only a few nights before, and supposed to have come in this direction. The mule is described as being a large black mare mule, with white speck in right eye. Rev. W. R. PATTERSON will attend the ordinance of baptism at the ford of Brush Creek near Allen's Factory on 2nd Sunday in October at 9 a. m. On 3rd Sunday Rev. PATTERSON will preach the funeral sermon of Mrs. OWN SWINNEY at a vacant house near the BAILY place on the Hackleburg road. GLEANER

Marion Herald, Oct 13, 1887

Hackelburg, Ala. - October 28th (sic) 1887 Editor Herald: A few dots from our city this week. Well, we are not on a boom yet but are moving long quit nicely without one. I notice in the Herald of Sept. 29th a letter from the factory, signed Snowflake. This fair lily seems greatly surprised that our town is not booming. Is the Factory on a boom? It certainly must be or Snowflake wouldn't think strange because the sister towns boomth not. Our citizens are not so easily excited as those of other towns and when they look around and see their country improving on every hand they never say boom, but console themselves with the knowledge that they are gradually nearing the port of prosperity. Mr. LINDSEY HOWELL of near Pearce's Mill was in town on yesterday and gave your correspondent a call. Rev. J. M. COLEMAN administered the rites of baptism at the ford of Bear River on last Sunday morning after which we all returned to the church and heard a most excellent sermon delivered by Re. ISBELL of Double Springs. Rev. COLEMAN preaches an interesting sermon at the residence of W. W. OSBIRN on last Wednesday night. GLEANER

Marion Herald, Oct. 20, 1887

Hackelburg, Ala. October 15th 1887 Dry windy days and cool frosty nights. The corn crop is being rapidly gathered Wheat sowing is now the order of the day in our section. Married - On last Wednesday at the residence of the bride father, Mr. MARION HOLCOMB to Miss C. P. MITCHELL. We wish the young couple a happy life and much success. Mr. B. F. HAYNES and W. GARDNER gave us another call on last Tuesday night. Mrs. ELLEN KENEDY died at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. J. T. MITCHELL on yesterday morning after a long and painful illness. The bereaved have our heartfelt sympathy. Judges JONES and SPEAKE passed though our town on yesterday evening. Rev. GEORGE W. ROWE passed through the burg on yesterday en route to Mt. Hope to attend the District Conference. GLEANER

Marion Herald, October 27, 1887

Hackelburg, Ala., Oct. 23, 1887 Considered sickness in this neighborhood. Miss A. E. MIXON is very sick with fever. Mr. LEVI FREDERICK, Mr. W. L. JACKSON, his wife and three children are all sick with fever. We hope they may all recover soon. Mrs. MARGRET GREEN'S child died on last night, aged about one year. Rev. KAISEY will preach at the residence of B. L. LINDSEY, on the 1st Sunday in November and Saturday before. Rev. MAYS preached a 3 hours sermon at New Prospect church on last Sunday concerning the Devil's table which is always set with a tainted shoat upon it. The moonshiners of Franklin Co. are not all dead yet, we saw ore of them the other day reeling on his horse and enquiring for some one to whom he could sell two gallons of "good corn liquor" but failed to find a purchaser in this town. GLEANER

Marion Herald, Nov. 17, 1887

Hackelburg, Ala. Nov. 12, 1887 On account of sickness in my family I have neglected writing the local news for two weeks. There is considerable sickness in this section at present. Two of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. JACKSON'S daughters have died within the past ten days. We extend to the bereaved our heartfelt sympathy. Mr. JACKSON together with four other members of his family have been sick and unable to work for some time, hence his crop remained ungathered. But the kind people of the neighborhood decided to take the matter in hand so about fifty persons met at this house on last Wednesday and while part of them were engaged in picking out the cotton others proceeded to the corn fields and were soon busy pulling and hauling up that important part of the corp. Before the kind visitors departed the cotton was gathered and the last ear of corn cribbed. Dr. MARTIN of Hamilton paid our town several visits on last week. Call again doctor. Mr. R. J. DUNCAN has been visiting friends in and near this place for several days. He leaves this morning for his home near Miston, Mississippi. Mr. LEVI WINSETT, the famous church peddler, passed through town on yesterday. GLEANER

Marion Herald, Feb. 16, 1888

HACKELBURG Editor Herald: I again attempt to write you the news from this locality. The Farmer's are busily engaged sowing oats. We are sorry to note the death of Miss LONIE BALLARD, which occurred on last Wednesday evening. The bereaved family have our heartfelt sympathies. Plenty of seed oats in Hackelburg for sale. Hackelburg is afloat with candidates, some for office and some for matrimony. It is said that some of the candidates in this county will get a good vote down about Fulton and in the suburbs of Aberdeen. We have one candidate, who says he is not running himself, but the people are running him If you want a good watch or a pair of scissors, call on AS. A. ESTIS. GLEANER

Marion Herald, March 15, 1888

FROM HACKELBURG Editor Herald" A few dots this week. BICKERSTAFF has corn planted. Oat sowing about over. All are going to use Commercial Fertilizer this year. Health in the burg very good at present. Messrs. WELLS and BOYETT, Lightning Rod agents, passed through town the first of the week, en route for Lamar County. Miss ELLA HAMILTON of Hamilton was in the burg this week, looking after he school, which she will teach this summer. Mr. JAMES COX and wife and Mr. DANIEL STAGNER, of Allhill, are attending meeting in the burg at present. Mr. MARTIN GANN, of near Bexar, was around to see us the first of the week, with Bibles to sell. GLEANER

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