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Marion Herald, June 16, 1887

FROM THORN HILL - June 7th 1887 - Editor Herald: It is with pleasure that we endeavor to give your some of the dots of our town as we haven't noticed anything from this point in some time. Well, we are having plenty of rain at the present. S. COLLIER left for Huntsville on last Saturday where he will probably make his home. Mers. HALEY and COATS are off for Hamilton on business this week. F. F. MITCHELL, bailiff of Winston Co. was in town not long since visiting relatives and friends. Col. MCNATT is enjoying himself squirrel hunting. Mr. CALEB HYDE is a real estate agent, the only one in town. Miss MARGRET HYDE is still increasing her list of unsuccessful suitors. We learn that Mr. J. P. CRAFT is very sad, the car ran between him and his girl on last Sunday. Crops are looking fine, and most of the wheat is all ready cut. We hear some of the farmer's ruminating that they expect rain through this month which will delay the completion of their crops. Perhaps it would be prudent to say something about the railroad, though you will please excuse us for this as it is the channel in which the whole country seems animated to gab about, and it is not polite to run every conversation in this way. Well, be still and don't let Trowser bark. The railroad runs within three miles of us (east) and we expect a depot in or near this place. Don't you think there is not so much as one mile of this road but that the people are petitioning to have a depot built, not only to the President of the road, but to the most high and everything else for the favor to b bestowed on "self" in fact they are working for self interest. We presume they will remedy this by consolidating and building one immovable town, or else come out as the two old cats did, which we believe he (President of the road) is monkey enough for them. The boom has increased the value of real-estate in town and the boom stricken people are investing every dime they have in this county and Winston. There is one man that received a letter from Jay Gold, as he pronounced it, which states that he shall have a depot. This seals it for him, still further he has a vast mountain of copper which is valuable in making stills, sorghum pans and etc. These articles will soon be manufactured at this new depot, please don't buy elsewhere as we will have them ready in a short time. There are a number of industries being erected of late, such as saw mills, shoe shops and etc. With all good wishes to editor and paper we desist from saying anymore. JAY

Marion Herald, October 6, 1887

Mr. PAT DUNN gave us a call a few days ago and presented us with a sample of stone salt, or a stone containing salt consisting of metric acid and potass, and called nitrate of potass which eh said was taken from a bed of rock on Mr. MITCHELL'S farm near Thorn Hill. The sample so far as we are able to judge is of the finest quality, and it is reported as being in great quantities.

Mr. W. A. DUNN of near this place but who has been teaching at Thorn Hill returned home on last week.

Marion Herald, October 20, 1887

Thorn Hill, Ala. October 14th 1887 Editor Herald: Not seeing anything from this place of late we will endeavor to give you a few dots this week. Fine weather for gathering and a good deal of it going on now. Health in this vicinity is tolerably good. Mr. C. L. HALEY means to start up his new gin this week. W. W. MCNUTT is off to Fayette visiting friends this week. Our young friend J. B. CRAFT has left for parts unknown W. T. MITCHELL is the best M. D. (Mule Driver). WILLIAM BUTLER is the best road overseer. Mr. W. M. OSLBERT has Mr. BREWER'S folks picking out his cotton this week. Rev. GEORGE WEAVER is off on the S. & B. R. R. getting out cross ties. We were glad to have Mr. W. A. DUNN of near Hamilton with us this week. Mr. LABAN SOUTHERN has just received a new wagon. J. P. CRAFT is the champion cotton picket of his neighborhood. Winston County is still booming. Hope she may yet make a nation. Capt. HALEY has just received a large and complete stock of goods. Well, Mr. Editor, I will now close, and if this does not find the waste basket will write again. SILVESTER

Marion Herald, Feb. 2, 1888

THORN HILL Editor Herald: Having not written any thing for you in some time and wishing to rene (sic) our correspondence, we will attempt to give you a few dots. Quite a number of buildings of various kinds are going up in our little town. Mr. A. D. MITCHELL has a nice lot of lumber and says he intends to build a new residence. Mr. C. L. HALEY has his new gear-house half-way completed. Uncle LARKIN CRAFT has a brand new chimney. We are sorrow (sic) to say that Rev. GEORGE WEAVER has moved off some six miles from town, but he will continue to preach for us another year.We learn that W. ATKINSON has disposed of his favorite mule, that a strange "catastrophe." Thorn Hill has a Wheeler Lodge, recently organized. "Quite proud of it, eh? - nine members. ANDREW TURNER Esq. and Miss VICTORIA LEGE were married in a few days since. We wish the amiable couple a happy life, etc. We are quite pleased with our school, superintended by Prof. W. T. MITCHELL. The school has an uncommon large attendance. We were glad to meet with some of our pretty cousins who visited our school not long since. Our friend, W. W. MCNUTT spent the other night with us. There are over a hundred hands at work on the S. & B. R. R. not more than three miles from here, we learn they are putting down the steel at a rapid rate. We learn that there will be a depot at MILLERS STAND. We were glad to see Mr. LATORN SOUTH in town this evening. He had a number of bags of cotton on his wagon, suppose the "women folks" at his house are going to work. JAY

Marion Herald, March 15, 1888

FROM THORN HILL Dear Editor: The farmers are most done sowing oats. Messrs. LABAN SOUTHERN and A. D. MITCHELL are off on a business trip to Allen's factory today. Mr. HALEY is shipping some cotton. Grandma MITCHELL of Double Springs is visiting relatives and friends this week. She is very enthusiastic towards Georgians and she has the pleasure of meeting several of them here. Mr. ANDREW THORN, of near Hackelburg, made a business trip to our town on last week Mr. W. W. HALEY and C. E. HALEY are enjoying the Sunday afternoon with their girls. Look out Mr. ED., you will meet them on your streets before long; "speck" they will have business down there. Our school is out, and the teacher, W. T. MITCHELL, is going to return to school at Florence. Our country needs better qualified teachers. Teachers should study the art of teaching. In some of our schools, they have only two text books; the old blue back spelling book and Daves Arithmetic and the schools are urn for only three months in the year. Now say whether we need National aid or not? With all good wishes to you and your papers, we will desist with the promise if this is published to write again. JAY

Marion Herald, March 29, 1888

Thorn Hill, Ala., March 20th, 1888 Editor Herald: I will try by your permission to offer a few dots for your (or our) valuable paper. Some corn is being planted. Weather is fine for plowing. Chaps are beginning to cry: "Ma let me go barefooted, my feet are hot." Health in our town is very good. We are informed that JOHN STAGNER, son of DANIEL STAGNER, who resides four miles northeast of this place, is very sick with pneumonia. Hope to hear of his recovery soon. Mrs. SUSAN MITCHELL has returned home. Capt. C. L. HALEY has just received a full and complete stock of goods. C. E. MITCHELL, who has been teaching in Winston County, has returned home. DAN DODD goes with the girls, and don't you forget it. ROBERT SNOW and family are off on a visiting excursion to Winston County. Prof. W. T. MITCHELL left on 10th inst. for Florence. He spent Sunday evening before starting with his "best girl." The Wheelers are getting very numerous here. They have hazy notions about politics. JIM








Marion County News, March 25, 1897


                We are having a continuous wet spell and the farmers are getting along slowly with their work.

                There is some sickness in our section.  Rev. S. B. GOSEY is suffering a great deal with neuralgia in his head and teeth, also, Mrs. ELVIRIA SCRUGGS has neuralgia.

                Miss NANCY DONALSON, who has been confined to her room for about four months with dropsy, is able to be up most of the time and can walk around about the place.

                Bro. GOSEY was not able to fill his appointment on the 2d Sunday, but after Sunday school was over A. B. SCRUGGS, the class leader, held class meeting and everybody seemed to enjoy the meeting.

                T. H. H. KELLY has got his saw mill in operation.

                JOSEPH BUTLER and family visited relatives near Bear Creek station Saturday and Sunday.

                Miss LIZZIE TELLIS died last Sunday night. The bereaved family has our sympathy.

                Mr. JOHN GUTHRIE’S wife is very sick, beside she has lost her mind.

                Mr. MACK SCRUGGS of Belgreen, was in our neighborhood visiting his parents this week.  We are glad to see him.  MACK is a jolly fellow.

                Success to the News and its many readers








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